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Cricket Australia targets sport’s inclusion at 2032 Olympics

Cricket Australia has targeted the inclusion of the sport at the 2032 Brisbane Olympics as part of a strategic plan to expand participation and maintain the game’s position at the heart of the country’s sporting culture.

The ambitious “Where the Game Grows” plan released on Monday aims to double the number of children aged five to 12 playing the game to 210,000 over the next five years, with girls making up 60,000 of that tally.

Another of the targets is to get cricket back into the Olympics for the first time since 1900 – if that goal has not already been achieved at the 2028 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Cricket has been shortlisted for possible inclusion at the 2028 Olympics along eight other sports and the International Cricket Council (ICC) will make a presentation to organizers later this month.

The host city can include any sport but needs the approval of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Brisbane has plans to rebuild the city’s Gabba cricket ground as a 50,000-seater Olympic Stadium to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2032 Games.

The inclusion of cricket in the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics is part of the “sustainable future” strand of the plan, which also aims to improve fan experience, expand the grassroots and continue Australia’s success on the world stage.

CA has set a target of at least three ICC tournament triumphs over the next five years for both the men’s and women’s national teams.

Elsewhere, it has committed to publishing an action plan related to environmental sustainability.

“Cricket is a quintessential part of the Australian summer. However, recent years have shown how vulnerable our game is to a changing climate,” the document said.

There is also a strong focus on the BBL and WBBL with this season labeled the “Rebound” following the impact of Covid, especially on attendance, before a period that has been called “Reimagine”. The challenges are particularly acute for the BBL given the rapid growth of T20 leagues in the January window.

“This strategy contains both a vision and a clear plan for how we can achieve bold, transformative change while also meeting our core responsibilities,” said CA chief executive Nick Hockley.

“I would like to thank everyone across the game for their passion and commitment as we work to unite and inspire everyone to love and play cricket, and in so doing make cricket a sport for all that makes Australians proud.”



Barista shares text message from boss that made her quit immediately

A US barista has shared a text message exchange with her boss that led to her quitting after more than two years with the business.

Former Starbucks barista, Auralee Smith texted her manager to advise that unfortunately, they were putting their family pet down over the weekend after its lengthy cancer battle, and she would need the day off work.

“I have to put my dog ​​down on Saturday night and I will be an absolute mess. Ella she’s my best friend, ”the 21-year-old said in a text.

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However, Auralee was shocked at her manager’s response when she asked her if she could change the day she put her dog down, out of fear the team would be short-staffed.

“I’m really gonna need you to find coverage. I understand it’s a tough situation, but you have plenty of notice, so it’s not going to be approved if you don’t come in,” the boss replied over text.

“Is there a way you could do it on a night where you don’t work the next day?”

Auralee responded by saying she promised to find someone to cover her shift, however, she was putting in her two weeks’ notice.

“It’s the family dog, she’s very sick, and it’s what my family has decided to do,” she responded.

“I can’t reschedule when I put my dog ​​down for Starbucks.

“This is also putting me in my two weeks officially. I’ve worked for this company for 2.5 years and I appreciate what it’s done for me, but I’m ready to move on.”

When Auralee posted screenshots of the conversation to Twitter, many people were disgusted by the manager’s response, with many saying it should be the manager’s job to fill the roster should such a devastating issue arise.

However, Auralee later told The Insider, while she wasn’t surprised at her manager’s response, she understood it wasn’t entirely her fault.

She said the issue was more that she believes the company had cultivated an environment where employees were overworked.

“To me, this is just the mentality that Starbucks promotes behind the scenes,” Auralee said.

A spokesperson for Starbucks told The Insider the text messages posted by Auralee did not show the full picture.

The spokesperson said the company offered personal and sick leave to staff, but in this case, Auralee did not ask for it, and her manager did not offer it.

“The health and well-being of our partners is and continues to be our top priority. In this instance, we were able to support this partner in getting her work covered at that time, ”a Starbucks spokesperson said in a statement.

It is unknown which Starbucks outlet the woman worked for.

CCTV shows elevator fight months prior to brutal stabbing.

CCTV shows elevator fight months prior to brutal stabbing.



Air Fryer scam: Kmart shoppers embroiled in a sophisticated con involving $3 air fryers

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Kmart shoppers have been warned after a sophisticated new scam involving air fryers was uncovered last week.

The ruse involves a deceiving post from a page called “Mega Sale” that purports to advertise the Philips 4.1L air fryer for $3 at Kmart stores.

In reality, that model of air fryer retails for $199 at the department chain.

At first glance, the Facebook post looks believable, including an official-looking Kmart price tag that reads: “Philips 4.1L air fryer Black with warranty $3.”

Additionally, the post tells shoppers they have a limited amount of time to snap up the deal because of high demand and the closure of Philips’ warehouse in Russia.

“Due to the closure of their warehouses with household goods in Russia. Philips company makes mega sale on the goods and Philips Air Fryer [is] one of them, promotional price till August 15 only $3,” the caption on the scam post reads.

“Hurry up, freebie will end soon!”

The elaborate scam used to con shoppers into buying more than they bargained for.
Camera IconThe elaborate scam used to con shoppers into buying more than they bargained for. Credit: Supplied (Facebook)

There was a mixed response online as some people identified the post as a scam straight away, however, others bought into it.

One of those who realized what it was tried to warn others in a Kmart shoppers Facebook group.

“Just saw this, please tell friends and family to be careful,” she wrote.

“I know many will look at this photo and see it’s a scam, but there are many people with disabilities or people who are elderly who aren’t as savvy.”

Despite her efforts, one-by-one disappointed shoppers admitted that they had been scammed.

“I fell for it and lost $500 – I pray others don’t do the same,” said one.

Another said: “My elderly mum fell for it, she felt it to me last night. Am now on the phone on the phone to the bank trying to help her.”

Kmart shoppers are being told to keep their money close to their chest after a sophisticated new scam involving air fryers was uncovered last week.
Camera IconKmart shoppers are being told to keep their money close to their chest after a sophisticated new scam involving air fryers was uncovered last week. Credit: Brent Lewis/Bloomberg

PerthNow understands that once an unwitting customer signs up for the air fryer, “Mega Sale” use customer credit card details to make more unauthorized payments.

Shockingly, some users claimed in the comment section that the scam was genuine and they were enjoying the use of their $3 air fryer — likely part of the scam.

“Thought that it was not the original, some kind of fake,” said one.

“But after I printed it out I was pleasantly surprised, it is the original. I advise everyone to take part, and I went to cook my husband dinner!”

This isn’t the first scam involving Kmart products this year. In July scammers claimed Kmart was selling the Nintendo Switch for just $2.95.

The ACCC’s Scamwatch says phishing scams – like this fake Kmart Facebook post – work by fooling consumers into believing they’re dealing with a genuine retailer.

“Phishing messages are designed to look genuine, and often copy the format used by the organization the scammer is pretending to represent, including their branding and logo,” it said.

“They will take you to a fake website that looks like the real deal but has a slightly different address. For example, if the legitimate site is ‘’, the scammer may use an address like ‘’.

“If you provide the scammer with your details online or over the phone, they will use them to carry out fraudulent activities, such as using your credit cards and stealing your money.”

Scamwatch encourages consumers to report scams here.



Backyard dog breeder reveals the HUGE profits he makes from selling Cavoodle pups

A backyard dog breeder has been flaunting his wealth after selling dogs online for massive profits as animal rights groups push for a ban on the practice and call on Aussies to adopt a dog from a shelter instead.

The breeder, named Anthony, has films himself spreading literally thousands of dollars in $50 notes across a bed, before showing himself in designer clothes, all while encouraging others to start a dog breeding businesses.

He claims to be making enough money selling Cavoodle puppies to fuel a $20,000-per-month lifestyle, which includes luxury cars, flashy overseas holidays and fancy dinners at expensive restaurants.

‘This is your sign to start dog breeding,’ the backyard breeder writes in a post flaunting his wealth to social media followers.

Owners of backyard dog breeding businesses have been overtly flaunting their wealth online - with animal rights groups concerned over their practices

Owners of backyard dog breeding businesses have been overtly flaunting their wealth online – with animal rights groups concerned over their practices

A Cavoodle 'breeder' named Anthony has been posting a series of pictures and images on his private social media pages bragging about the money he's earned from selling puppies

A Cavoodle ‘breeder’ named Anthony has been posting a series of pictures and images on his private social media pages bragging about the money he’s earned from selling puppies

He claims to be earning enough from selling the popular breed of dog (pictured) to fuel a $20,000-per-month lifestyle

He claims to be earning enough from selling the popular breed of dog (pictured) to fuel a $20,000-per-month lifestyle

Anthony (pictured) claims to be earning enough money from selling Cavoodle puppies to fuel a $20,000-per-month lifestyle

Anthony (pictured) claims to be earning enough money from selling Cavoodle puppies to fuel a $20,000-per-month lifestyle

The 'breeder' has bragged about his sneaker collection social media

Other posts show the breeder driving an expensive European sports car

The ‘breeder’ has bragged about his sneaker collection and luxury cars in other videos


A backyard breeder is an amateur and unlicensed animal breeder whose breeding is considered substandard, with little or misguided effort towards ethical, selective breeding.

Puppy mills and other animal mill operations, backyard breeders breed on a small scale, usually at home with their own pets (hence the ‘backyard’ description), and may be motivated by monetary profit.

His profile is filled with comments from dissenting members of the public, with many sharing the ‘adopt don’t shop’ mantra while others called his behaviour’ unethical’.

‘Only do this if you actually care about the puppies, and you are going to do it safely. It’s not just an easy way to make money, ‘one person replied to his brazen videos of him.

‘You shouldn’t encourage people to do this. It’s a horrible trade, ‘another commented, before the man replied his work was’ not unethical ‘.

‘If it’s done properly, it is not unethical. It is natural for dogs,’ he said.

Others lamented overcrowded pounds, which are reporting record numbers with dogs and cats being handed back in after the pandemic.

‘How can you want to make a profit breeding dogs when so many dogs need rescue? You are the problem and don’t love dogs,’ a woman wrote.

‘And this is why there are so many dogs in the pound,’ another woman commented.

The man replied to one of his critics, attempting to separate himself from ‘backyard breeders’ and saying his dogs had a better life than he did – despite overtly bragging about his income on several posts.

‘No, there are dogs in pounds because of backyard breeders. When done in the professional manner we do it, the dogs go on to live better lives than me,’ he claimed.

The business page doesn’t feature any of his unabashed behaviour, instead attempting to present itself as a legitimate operation.

It’s described as selling ‘exclusive high-end Cavoodles’, and is ’24/7 operated’.

In Sydney, Cavoodle puppies sell for up to $6,000 each.

The breed, which is a mix between Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, has become hugely popular because the dogs are hypoallergenic (don’t shed fur), are cute and have a generally friendly demeanor.

The man claims to be spending up to $19,000 per month on his high-flying lifestyle as a result of selling Cavoodles, posting images of his bank account

The man claims to be spending up to $19,000 per month on his high-flying lifestyle as a result of selling Cavoodles, posting images of his bank account

Videos show Anthony bragging about his wealth and eating at lavish restaurants

He regularly posts clips buying designer brands

Videos show Anthony bragging about his wealth, eating at lavish restaurants and buying designer brands

Animal welfare groups are concerned about rising cases of Australians breeding expensive dogs, usually poodle-crosses, and selling them through Instagram, with no way to monitor the treatment of the dogs and breeder’s practices.

They say the trend skyrocketed during the pandemic, and called for a ban on ‘backyard breeding’ in NSW.

Emma Hurst, MP for the Animal Justice Party in the NSW Legislative Council, told Daily Mail Australia an investigation from her office had found these types of pages could make more than $50,000 from a single litter.

‘Breeding animals can be a very lucrative business, which is problematic when there is no real legislation to protect animals that are used for breeding,’ Ms Hurts said.

‘Backyard breeders are breeders that are not skilled or qualified, and could risk breeding heritable defects into animals that will cause the animal to suffer their whole life.

‘As long as puppy farming and backyard breeding remains legal in NSW this is a system that will continue to be easily exploited, harming dogs and members of the public alike.

‘There is no proper system to ensure dog welfare in breeding establishments, meaning thousands of dogs are being used for profit.’

She said the ‘breeder’ who has been flaunting his wealth as a result of his Cavoodle business shows the ease in which anyone can make money off puppy ventures.

‘While the videos on this TikTok page don’t show animals in distress, the account exposes how easy it is for anyone to set up a breeding business with the end goal to make profit from animals,’ Ms Hurst told Daily Mail Australia.

‘The real risk occurs when profit is given more weight than animal protection,’

‘The public will never accept dodgy backyard breeding or the intensive factory farming of dogs – both need to be outlawed in NSW so dogs can be protected from exploitation.’

Animal rights groups have slammed the growing trend of unlicensed and unregulated breeders appearing online, which skyrocketed during the pandemic

Animal rights groups have slammed the growing trend of unlicensed and unregulated breeders appearing online, which skyrocketed during the pandemic

Anthony's page says he breeds 'exclusive high end Cavoodles' and is operating '24/7'

Anthony’s page says he breeds ‘exclusive high end Cavoodles’ and is operating ’24/7′

Voiceless, a non-profit animal protection charity, said practices like backyard ‘puppy farms’ were leading to thousands of extra pets in shelters.

‘We support responsible guardianship of companion animals which attends to all of the animals’ needs and we encourage adopting not shopping animals,’ a spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We are opposed to commercial breeding of cats and dogs in “puppy farm” situations, to the breeding of companion animals for pet shops and are concerned by the increasing demand from Australians purchasing dogs online, largely driven by the COVID pandemic.

‘These are unnecessary practices when hundreds of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs are in need of homes.’

Daily Mail Australia has approached the dog breeder for comment.


Animal welfare groups say backyard breeders are likely to exhibit one of the following characteristics:

Ignorance of selective breeding goals and techniques, and lack of familiarity with the breed standard of the type of animal being bred.

Exclusive focus on the breed standard involving little genetic screening or co-efficient of Inbreeding calculations.

Breeding of a working breed for appearance rather than working ability. This is a criticism also leveled at ‘reputable’ breeders who breed for the show ring – in some cases distinct working and show strains have emerged.

Lack of adequate veterinary care and maintenance.

Excessive breeding from individual females, to the detriment of their health.

Sale of animals with genetic disorders or undisclosed illnesses before they become evident to buyers.

Lack of screening of potential owners or the provision of suitable information to prevent buyers from purchasing an animal that may be inappropriate for them or their lifestyle.

Cavoodles are Australia’s most popular pup


Oodles of cavoodles are living across the country, with the dog breed named Australia’s most popular pup.

Petbarn’s new Pet Pulse report looked at the breeds of more than 750,000 puppies to determine which was most popular.

It found cavoodles, a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, was the top choice for Australians between 2016 and 2021.

Labradoodles and groodles also made the top 20, with another five poodle crossbreeds listed in the top 100.

‘All the data confirms it is a real thing because it’s definitely the impression I’ve had as a practicing vet,’ Michael Yazbeck of Greencross Vets told AAP.

‘The obvious thing is they’re really cute dogs. A lot of people are looking for something with that puppy look and a generally friendly demeanour.’

With more people keeping their dogs inside during the pandemic, Dr Yazbeck said ‘oodle’ breeds proved to be a more allergy and family-friendly option.

People only started breeding oodles in the late 1980s but the Pet Pulse report found they now account for one in five dog births in Australia.

That’s not expected to change any time soon, according to Dr Yazbeck.

‘It’s like a designer crossbreed. You’ve got a group of dogs but such variation in colour, size and look that really appeals to people,’ he said.



Notorious Greek restaurant with reputation for ripping off customers cops huge fine

An infamous restaurant notorious for ripping off and intimidating its customers on a popular tourist island in Greece has been found tens of thousands of dollars.

DK Oyster bar in Mykonos has been forced to cough up $44,740 after being found to be in violation of several codes.

The country’s Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias instructed the Cyclades Regional Tourism Agency to conduct a thorough investigation of the restaurant after an incident involving American tourists who were charged a staggering $866 for two drinks and a portion of crab legs.

During the probe, the agency found the eatery had breached several codes, for which it was slapped with the fine.

It came after Brenda Moulton and her daughter Kaylea hit DK Oyster with a lawsuit after being strong-armed into paying the astronomical tab.

Brenda Moulton and her daughter Kaylea.
Camera IconBrenda Moulton and her daughter Kaylea. Credit: Youtube

The pair were on holiday and enjoying the idyllic Platys Gialos beach when they were given the scare of their lives.

On refusing to pay the bill, they were surrounded by three waiters and the manager and told they would not be allowed to return to the US.

“I told them that two mojitos and two crab legs cannot make 600 euros. I will not pay you,” Brenda said.

The manager then allegedly threatened them: ”I will call the police. They will keep you here and you will not return to your homeland. We can easily find where you live.”



Asmongold encounters hilarious glitch in Tower of Fantasy as NPCs become literal giants

Zack “Asmongold” has been playing Tower of Fantasy on his secondary Twitch channel since it was released. Known for his MMORPG streams, the OTK founder has already spent a lot of money on the game. Zack came across the bizarre sight of gigantic in-game mobs while roaming the world and was stunned.


A direct competitor to Hoyoverse’s Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy was touted by many as the Genshin killer. With its recent launch for Western audiences, the game is being played by many streamers and has made a spot for itself in the top most-watched games list on Twitch in the last week.

Unfortunately, the game has had quite a rocky launch, with stability issues and multiple instances of bugs and disconnections. The apparent glitch of gigantic characters, however, is probably a hack. Asmongold was flabbergasted at encountering the phenomenon and expressed his disappointment by saying:

“How’s this so bad?”

Asmongold encounters bizarre bug in Tower of Fantasy and has to change channel lines to avoid it

Like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMO gacha game with tons to do. Released to Western audiences on August 11, the game has garnered a lot of attention from both gamers and streamers. Being a popular MMO streamer, Asmongold has been playing it extensively on his alternate channel titled zackrawrr.

While roaming the vast world Tower of Fantasy, the streamer was making his way to a world boss called Lady Lucia when the giant NPCs happened to attack him. The absurdly disproportionate size took the Texan by surprise and the only way he could express his astonishment was to repeatedly ask the rhetorical question:

“What? Why? Why?”

(Timestamp 1:22:57)

The streamer, however, was not determined from trying to kill the mobs. As the towering NPCs gathered to fight, Asmongold declared that he would fight them no matter their size:

“I mean, I’ll take care of all these guys. This is no big deal to me. You think I’m afraid of them just ’cause they’re big?”

After making short work of the monkeys, the streamer made his way to boss Lucia, but being starkly underleveled, could not put a dent in her health bar. Despite the fact that her huge character model of her had clipped through the ground and she could not attack him back.

Suspecting foul play, I tried restarting the game. Even that wasn’t enough to fix the issue, and the streamer had to change his channel lines to get rid of the funny but irritating bug.

fan reactions

His chat clearly found it hilarious as NPCs around him started to appear as behemoths compared to his character model. They flooded his stream with laughing emoticons:

Chat reactions to the bug(Image via zackrawrr/Twitch)
Chat reactions to the bug(Image via zackrawrr/Twitch)

A YouTube commenter by the moniker “A Boy Lost in Thoughts” had a theory about the bug being a hacker trying to mess with the streamer’s game:

“Think its not a bug but somebody hacked amd [sic] changed the code in that server. Because it doesn’t happen in my server or region”

YouTube comments about the glitch (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)
YouTube comments about the glitch (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)

Tower of Fantasy is far from a polished game, and while it does have features such as customization, many streamers and gamers still feel that Genshin Impact is the superior game.

Edited by Siddharth Satish



Police take man into custody in hunt for gunman after shooting at Barra Close home in Leeming

Police have taken a man into custody in their hunt for a gunman after a shooting at Leeming.

The 37-year-old is assisting officers as they investigate the incident that took place at a Barra Close home about 1.20am on Monday.

Police raced to the property after a weapon, believed to be a shotgun, was fired.

A neighbor said they heard two shots in the night.

It is believed a young family lives at the property which was targeted.

No one was hurt and those involved were known to each other. It is not known whether the incident is bikie linked.

Investigators are yet to confirm if it was a drive-by shooting but more information is expected from a police press conference at 11am.

Police are hunting a gunman.
Camera IconPolice are hunting a gunman. Credit: simon santi/The West Australian
Police on the scene in Leeming.
Camera IconPolice on the scene in Leeming. Credit: 7NEWS/7NEWS

As of 10am, there was still a big police presence at the home, with officers knocking on the doors of nearby homes and forensic officers combing the area for clues.

Forensics officers had started moving their attention from the home to a patch of grass about 150m from where the shooting took place.

Other officers were seen taking photographs and putting items into bags.

The home is across the road from a bus stop in the quiet, apparently family-friendly street. Toys are stretched across several front lawns.

An officer outside the home.
Camera IconAn officer outside the home. Credit: simon santi/The West Australian
Police on the scene in Leeming.
Camera IconPolice on the scene in Leeming. Credit: 7NEWS/7NEWS



WA Premier Mark McGowan and MPs caught speeding in Perth despite warning of crash perils

Mark McGowan and more than half of his ministers have been caught speeding, incurring thousands of dollars in fines and hefty demerit points.

Some of the high-profile MPs who fell foul of the law are the Premier’s closest allies, including Attorney-General John Quigley, Police and Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia, and Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson.

Mr McGowan admitted to speeding twice in four months in 2021 — including during a double demerit period for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend last September.

Despite strong government public messaging about the dangers of speeding — especially during double demerit crackdowns — Mr McGowan exceeded the speed limit by between 10 and 19km/h, copping four demerit points and a $400 fine.

In April last year, Mr McGowan’s lead foot saw him handed another $100 fine for exceeding the speed limit by not more than 9kmh.

Mr McGowan’s speeding ends came as WA recorded its highest road toll in five years in 2021 — 166 people losing their lives. So far this year there have been 87 fatalities, including a horror period when young drivers and passengers died or were seriously injured.



Sydney shooting: More details emerge after double murder of Lametta Fadlallah and Amner ‘Amy’ Al Hazouri in Revesby on Saturday

Police say the “rule books have been thrown out the window” after the deadly double shooting of two women in suburban Sydney on Saturday night.

Lametta Fadlallah, 49, and Amner ‘Amy’ Al Hazouri, 39, were killed after a hail of bullets were fired into a car in Panania, just before 9pm.

Watch the video above for the latest on the Sydney shooting

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Police believe the shooting occurred at Hendy Avenue, Panania, before the vehicle traveled to Weston Street, Revesby, where emergency services were contacted.

Local woman Rebecca, who was preparing her young kids for bed, said there was no mistaking the sound that rang out in the quiet street just before 9pm.

“My kids heard it; we all did,” Rebecca told The Daily Telegraph.

“Like bang bang bang, yeah, we knew straight away it was a gun.”

Lametta Fadlallah was likely the intended target, police said. Credit: 7NEWS

The vehicle with four people inside it then sped away for about a kilometer before coming to a stop in nearby Revesby.

Peter Aitkin was sitting on his veranda when the victims’ car pulled up directly outside.

“There was a lot of yelling, but I had no idea what it was all about,” the retired firefighter told The Daily Telegraph.

“I thought at first the woman in the back might have had a heart attack and that’s why the car has pulled up.”

The same commotion prompted a neighbor to call triple-0.

“The man was yelling at the woman to get back in the car,” the neighbor said.

“She was screaming, I couldn’t really understand what she was saying but she was hysterical, so I called the police.”

Emergency services arrived at the scene to find Fadlallah and Al Hazouri inside the car with gunshot wounds.

Two women were shot dead in Sydney. Credit: 7NEWS
Two other people were in the car at the time of the shooting. Credit: 7NEWS
Police canvassed several locations on Sunday. Credit: 7NEWS

Fadlallah, identified as a mother of two, could not be revived and died at the scene.

Al Hazouri was taken in a critical condition to Liverpool Hospital, where she later died.

A girl, 16, and man, 20, were also in the car at the time and were left shaken but physically unhurt, Homicide Squad commander Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said.

He said the other occupants were incredibly lucky not to have been killed or seriously injured.

“This is an appalling attack on two women, who lost their lives in a planned murder and assassination that’s happened in a public street in Sydney,” Doherty said on Sunday.

“It’s not acceptable by any standards. It’s unprecedented, really, and we’re determined to get the answers for the family.”

Crime editor of The Daily Telegraph, Mark Morri, told Sunrise there was a big difference between this murder and other gangland shootings in Sydney.

“To actually kill a female in public like this, like they are a gangland figure, I’ve never seen it in the 40 years I’ve been here,” he said.

“Not to say that women haven’t been killed, they have… but the big difference we have seen with this one is where the rule book has been thrown out.”

Burnt-out cars were found in nearby suburbs in the hours following the attack and police are investigating if the vehicles are linked to the shooting.

Security vision seized by police shows attackers in dark clothing pouring petrol on the cars before making off.

“These are the hallmarks of a planned attack,” Doherty said.

“It was methodical, it was planned.”

At least two burnt-out cars were found nearby. Credit: 7NEWS
Two burnt-out cars were found nearby. Credit: 7NEWS

Police were familiar with Fadlallah for having past connections to underworld figures, and one theory is that she was the intended target of the attack.

She had been in a long-term relationship with Halal Safi, a standover man and drug dealer found dead earlier this year.

Doherty said the three other people in the vehicle had no links to organized crime.

Al Hazzouri, a hairdresser known as Amy to her friends, is considered to have been an innocent bystander caught up in a barrage of deadly gunfire.

Amner ‘Amy’ Al Hazouri was caught in the crossfire and died in hospital. Credit: 7NEWS

He urged the public to come forward with information about the attack.

“The time is now. This is unprecedented,” Doherty said.

“We should be asking questions, how could this happen? How did we get to this point, where two women have lost their lives in Sydney, in a public street?”

Doherty said underworld figures used to operate by “unwritten laws” under which women and children were protected from being attacked – but it appeared these rules no longer applied.

“I think this has just demonstrated how low they’ve got at this point, where any person that may be associated with someone who they want to target … they don’t discriminate, whether you’re male or female,” he said.

“The rule books have been thrown out the window.”

Strike Force Laurantus has been established to investigate the incident.

Anyone who may have information, or dashcam or CCTV footage from the surrounding areas, is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Van owner confronts would-be thief.

Van owner confronts would-be thief.



Ian Foster has ‘no idea’ if he will remain as head coach

New Zealand head coach Ian Foster concedes that his future remains uncertain, despite their momentous victory over South Africa on Saturday.

Following a dreadful run of five defeats in six, including a 26-10 reversal at the hands of the Springboks last weekend, Foster has been a man under significant pressure.

There were reports that another loss to the Boks would pretty much guarantee his departure, but he has perhaps kept himself in the role until the end of the competition following Saturday’s success.

That is not guaranteed, however, with suggestions before the game that even a victory at Ellis Park might not save the beleaguered head coach.

enjoying the win

And asked by Sky Sports if he would still be in charge for the Argentina games, Foster responded: “I have no idea, I am just going to enjoy tonight.

“It’s never easy when you are coming off a couple of losses, but so proud. Just so proud of the effort. It’s swings and roundabouts… they hung in and finished strong.”

Foster also felt a certain amount of vindication after saying their performance last week was the ‘best of the year’ as they built on aspects of that display to emerge triumphant in Johannesburg.

“I know I got a little bit mocked for saying that last week, after the loss, but we made a big shift last week through our forward pack,” he added.

“The work (forwards coach) Jason Ryan has done out there was strong, and I really felt we were creating a few opportunities. We wanted it so much we were rushing things. Whereas today, we were just more patient.”

‘Pride’ was the watchword for the All Blacks, who overcame a series of poor results and the stinging criticism that has come with it to defeat their great rivals at the hostile Ellis Park.

“Proud is an understatement, mate,” captain Sam Cane told SuperSport.

“Through adversity, it really challenges your character and this group has got plenty of character. It’s never been a question of how much we care or how much we want it.

“We just needed to get a few parts of our game right and yeah, a massive challenge coming here, one of the toughest places in the world to play and the group stepped up massively.

Hugely proud. I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been supporting us, particularly the last month which has been pretty challenging. We feel all that support and jeez, it means a lot.”

Key facets in the victory

Cane also identified several areas which were key to their huge triumph over the Springboks, which put them in Rugby Championship contention.

“Look, we were a lot better at the breakdown tonight and we dealt with the box kicks, the contestables, a lot better,” he added.

“Set-piece was good, we defended the maul really well so lots of little parts of our game which is what Test footy is about, getting little parts of your game right time and time angina so you can build some pressure. Massively stoked.”

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