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5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Attain

With the wonderful development of the forex market, you’re going to see an astounding quantity of merchants lose all their money. Unfortunately, they haven’t adopted the straightforward steps I’ve laid out for you. Go by way of these steps and provides your self the best alternative to realize your objectives.
1. Have Faith In yourself you have to be keen to make all of your trading selections, as a substitute for counting on another person’s ideas or skill (or lack of)
2. Accept Your Learning Curve
Unless you’re a veteran dealer, you’ll lose money trading the Forex market. This is a close to certainty. In truth, fairly the alternative. You can be trading towards others that fall to this actuality day in and day trip. You, nonetheless, is not going to threaten a dime till you will have realized the abilities it’s essential to make money trading the forex.
3. Decide What Type of Trader You Are
There are some ways to commerce the forex. They vary from very lively to very affected people. You should resolve which model fits your finest.
4. Get Educated. Regardless of your final objectives, you’ll attain them faster with a fantastic forex trading education. A forex seminar will assist shorten your learning curve drastically.
5. Continue to Get Educated
In order to realize and retain elite forex trading abilities, you have to always be included to your database. Your education ought to by no means be finish. It’s good to have an ongoing relationship with the individual/folks serving you to realize your objectives.
What separates an elite forex dealer from all others is their need and talent to be impartial. Many merchants are keen to comply with alerts, programs, methods, or anything chances are you’ll name them. By taking this strategy, nonetheless, these merchants are solely nearly as good because of the folks they comply with.
An elite forex dealer will lead. They will make selections with no hesitation, and deal with the expansion of their account in a predetermined, clever style. Take your trading to their stage and you’ll by no means look again.
If you may think about 3 concentric circles that appear like a taking pictures goal, this represents our visitors. This represents the visitors to our website. The interior circles represent these in our niche, the center these not in our niche however comprise related pursuits to these in our niche. The outer ring is much less focused and the client has a much less likelihood of being concerned with your niche. If we use Rapidforex for example, this website promotes a Foreign Exchange Trading Course, arguably the most effective and accessible. Targeted visitors could be concerned with materials about Forex. Less focused within the middle ring could be after shares, choices and bonds kind of investments and the outer ring may characterize these after any type of money-making website.
The first kind is simpler to promote to as a result they’re already after data on this matter.
The center ring might not know a lot about Forex however nonetheless have the interest to be taught. In this case, accessing the free materials after which frequent emailing will construct up rapport till they could be prepared to purchase. The outer ring is visitors which may be however there’s a lot much less likely so we don’t concentrate on attracting them in any respect. People outdoors the outer ring are random visitors and though chances are you’ll make the occasional sale, it’s not valued placing effort into attracting extra random visitors.
It’s a good suggestion to have a sequel to your product to maximize the income potential of your e-mail lists. Choose from the interior ring if doable after which you may select a product from the same niche so that you just entice prospects out of your niche as well as new prospects. There are methods to widen your goal.
For instance, if we take the institution of the website, it’s about making worthwhile web advertising and marketing websites, the center ring may characterize residence-based mostly enterprise alternatives, and the outer ring any money-making websites. An effective way to widen the goal. Its all about including worth to your prospects. Widening your goal helps do this.


Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max drops to $40 in new streaming sale

If you’re looking for a new streaming device for your home, or for your college-aged kid who’s heading back to campus soon, a bunch of Amazon’s Fire TV sticks are on sale right now. You’ll find the best deal on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, the company’s most powerful streaming dongle, which is $15 off and down to $40. That’s only $5 more than it was on Prime Day last month. Also $15 off is the Fire TV Stick, which is down to $25, and you can get $10 off the Fire TV Stick Lite and pick it up for only $20.

Buy Fire TV Stick 4K Max at Amazon – $40 Buy Fire TV Stick at Amazon – $25 Buy Fire TV Stick Lite at Amazon – $20

Aside from the Fire TV Cube set-top box, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the most capable of Amazon’s streaming devices. It supports 4K HDR content with Dolby Vision and Atmos, plus WiFi 6 and voice commands using the included Alexa remote. The remote also has a few preset buttons for Netflix, Prime Video and other services, making it easy to access the platforms you use the most. And for those that have compatible security cameras around their home, the Fire TV stick 4K Max also supports live picture-in-picture view, so you can see your video camera’s feed right on your TV without pausing what you’re watching.

Both the Fire TV Stick and the TV Stick Lite are more basic models that provide streaming essentials at low prices. The standard dongle supports HD content and Dolby Atmos audio, while the Lite version lacks Dolby Atmos capabilities. Also, the standard stick has buttons on its voice remote to control your TV’s power and volume, whereas the Lite model does not. We’d recommend springing for the Fire TV Stick since those few extra features go a long way in daily use, but the Fire TV Stick Lite will still be a good choice for those on tight budgets.

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Sex question women always ask strippers revealed

You’d be forgiven for thinking Melbourne-based stripper Will Parfitt was Hollywood heart-throb Channing Tatum.

Parfitt, originally from London, has gained millions of followers on social media through his uncanny resemblance to the magic mike star – and he’s made a fortune along the way.

With nearly six million followers on TikTok, the British-born performer is now Australia’s most-requested male entertainer, revealing to podcast I’ve Got News For You he makes between $700 and $1000 per show, “depending on how long they want me to stay”.

The Magic Men co-owner has been performing since 2015, and shared with host Andrew Bucklow the sex question “every girl” asks male strippers – whether they get “excited” during a show.

“We always get this question. But it’s so different – ​​when you’ve got the adrenaline and you’re nervous, and you’re obviously performing in front of sometimes up to 1000, 2000 girls in the crowd, it’s the last thing you’re thinking of,” Parfitt said.

“Even though you’re doing sexual movements or you’re grinding on the girls, you’re not in that mind frame. You don’t think of it as sexual. Because it’s like, I guess, dancing on stage – so you’re just thinking about your choreography.

“But every time we get asked this question. The girls are like, ‘How do you not get turned onstage?’ But every guy I’ve ever performed with says the same thing – we just don’t think of it.”

Asked whether women get handsy, Parfitt admitted that “they sometimes do.”

“Because I always go on at the end of the show, I always get the drunk girls, and they’re always the hardest to deal with,” he explained.

“We do pick girls out of the crowd, so you’re trying to communicate with them while you’re on stage, or try and give them little instructions so they know what’s going on, but they do get a bit handsy. I’ve definitely left the stage with a few scratch marks.

“But some girls don’t care. If they’re wearing dresses – sometimes I try and pick a girl who’s wearing pants because I’m like, if you’re wearing a dress, there’s a high chance it could go above your head when we’re doing like different moves and stuff – but they just don’t care.

“They’re like, ‘I don’t care, I just want to go on stage’. They’re on stage in their underwear – they’re stripping more than us on that stage sometimes.”

As for whether women request him to perform “other services” after a show, Parfitt said it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

“They do sometimes. I think with the industry we’re in, obviously, they put us in the same category as doing more than just performing,” he said.

“I’ve definitely had a few offers for that, especially at private events that you go to. But no, I’m just a performer.”

You can listen to the full chat with Will Parfitt here.

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Fantasy Grand Final, last round trades, HiLux chasing – Ep. 540 – DT TALK

Get set for AFL Fantasy Grand Final week with The Traders. If you’re in Melbourne on Saturday 20 August, catch up with Roy, Calvin and Warnie at the London Tavern Hotel, Richmond from midday as they set up to watch the footy that afternoon and cheer on their players in the GF. They’ll present a show from 1pm. Click here to RSVP.

Click here to download.

Episode Guide

1:30 – Warnie and Calvin have made the Grand Finals in the Bacon Cup Classic and Draft competitions.

6 o’clock – Callum Mills‘129 was a great captain score after roy laird‘s first sub-100 score for quite some time.

9:00 – Warnie is unhappy with Roy’s advice to get Sam Walsh and Calvin’s suggestion to make Andrew Brayshaw his captain.

13:50 – sam docherty scored well in Carlton’s midfield.

19:00 – There are some ‘tag flags’ for this weekend with harry perryman and Marcus Windhager doing jobs in recent weeks.

24:10 – Roy names his Rollin’ 22 for the last round.

28:30 – Rowan Marshall is the pick as top ruck, but who sits beside him?

33:25 – Popular players who could trade out this week, led by Tim English in a dual ruck set up.

39:00 – There are just three different players between the top two teams.

42:20 – Roy suggests Matt trades Jack Crisp to Aaron Hall to match James.

45:25 – The Traders reveal their early moves.

47:00 – Questions from social media – follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

51:50 – How do you feel about trading in bench cover this week?

55:20 – Is Daniel Rich a cheap option?

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Audi Q6 Pickup Envisioned As Premium Sibling To The Ford Ranger And VW Amarok

This story contains independent speculative illustrations of a fictional Audi Q6 pickup created by Theottle that are neither related to nor endorsed by Audi.

We already know that Audi is considering to enter the pickup segment, but we have yet to come across any signs of the upcoming concept. While the German brand hasn’t given us any clues, independent digital artist Theottle envisioned an ICE-powered Audi Q6 pickup using the Ford Ranger as a base.

The Ford Ranger is not a randomly chosen single-tonne pickup, as it is sharing its underpinnings with the VW Amarok. Thus, we guess that if it wanted, Audi would be given access to Ford’s Australian-developed ladder-frame architecture which has proven its credentials in the regular pickup as well as the powerful Ranger Raptor.

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For the exterior, Theottle used the body panels of the Audi Q6, a China-only SUV that premiered last month based on the VW Atlas. This is the latest example of Audi design when it comes to non-EV offerings, with its sporty yet rugged characteristics making it the perfect starting point for a pickup.

As highlighted in the video, the digital artist made all the necessary adjustments to the Q6 in order to make it compatible with the pickup’s platform. The hardpoints of the Ford Ranger / VW Amarok were left unchanged, something that is evident from the proportions and the shared greenhouse. However, the surfacing and styling cues are sourced from the Q6, including the muscular front and rear fenders, the large bumper intakes, the singleframe grille, and the full-width lighting units with fancy LED graphics.

With the VW Amarok already being positioned as a premium pickup, at least in its flagship trims, an Audi-branded sibling sounds quite obsolete. This makes us believe that Audi would aim for the EV pickup segment, targeting the likes of the Rivian R1T and the Tesla Cybertruck. Still, if the Audi Q6 pickup came to life it would need to bring a premium and tech-filled interior and a powerful engine. Does this sound appealing to you?

more photos…

Renderings created by Theottle


How To Delete the Data Your Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker Has on You

The smartwatches and fitness trackers that we strap to our wrists are intended to log our activity in minute detail — but there might also be times when you’d rather records weren’t collected. Whether you want a fresh start with your fitness regimen, you’re apprehensive about your watch having too much data on you, or for any other reason, deleting data from your wearable isn’t difficult to do.

Apple Watch

If you’ve got an Apple Watch strapped to your wrist, then all of the data that it logs gets synced to the Health app on your iPhone. Most synced data and activity can be deleted in part or entirely; it’s just a question of digging deep enough. Open up the Health app and pick Browseselect the data you want to work with, then choose Show All Data.

Up in the top right corner, you’ll see an Edit button: Tap on this and you can delete individual entries in the list by tapping the red icons on the left-hand side. You can also get rid of everything in one go by tapping Edit and then the Delete All button. Whether you’re erasing individual entries or the whole lot, you’ll be shown a confirmation prompt to make sure that’s what you want to do.

Editing data logged by an Apple Watch.  (Screenshot: Apple Health)Editing data logged by an Apple Watch. (Screenshot: Apple Health)

It’s also possible to control the data that’s synced from your Apple Watch, so certain information — like your heart rate, for example — won’t be logged by the wearable. To manage this from the Health app, tap Summarythen your profile picture (top right), then devices. Choose your Apple Watch from the list and select Privacy Settings.

You also have the option of resetting your Apple Watch and returning it to the condition it was in when you got it. This will wipe everything logged on the device, but it won’t affect any data that’s already been synced to your iPhone. From the Apple Watch, open the Settings app and choose General, Resetand Erase All Content and Settings.


Fitbit makes a multitude of trackers and smartwatches, but they’re all managed via the Fitbit app for Android or iOS; and you can also get at your data dashboard on the web. A whole host of different types of information is gathered up, and you can edit and remove a lot of it if you tap (or click) around.

From the mobile app, for example, open the Today tab and tap on any exercise tile that you see (such as the one for daily walks). If you then tap through to an individual activity, you can tap the three dots (top right) and choose Delete to remove it from the record. It’s very much the same for sleep tiles: Pick an individual sleep record, tap the three dots, then Delete Log.

Erasing step data from the Fitbit dashboard on the web.  (Screenshot: Fitbit)Erasing step data from the Fitbit dashboard on the web. (Screenshot: Fitbit)

On the Fitbit website, you can choose Log and then food, Activities, Weight or sleeping. Every item will come with a trash can icon next to it that lets you erase it, though in some cases you might have to click through to the individual record. Use the time navigation tool up in the top right corner to look back through time.

If you still can’t figure out how to delete something, Fitbit has a comprehensive guide: You can’t delete steps, for example, but you can override them by manually logging a non-walking activity over the same time. You also have the option to delete your account completely, which you can get to from the Today tab in the app by tapping your profile picture, then Account Settings and Delete Account.

Samsung galaxy

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, all of your synced data is going to be in the Samsung Health app for Android or iOS. You can control which information gets sent back to the Samsung Health app from the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone: From the main device screen, choose watchsettings, then Samsung Healthcare.

Certain bits of information can be deleted from Samsung Health while others can’t. In the case of specific exercises, for example, you need to select exercise from the home tab, then pick the exercise you want to remove. Tap the three dots (top right), then choose Delete and confirm your choice to wipe it from the record.

Deleting sleep logs in Samsung Health.  (Screenshot: Samsung Health)Deleting sleep logs in Samsung Health. (Screenshot: Samsung Health)

It’s a similar process when it comes to blocks of sleep. If you tap sleeping from the home tab, you can then navigate to the individual night that you want to work with. Select it, tap on the three dots in the top-right corner, then choose Delete and Delete again to erase it. Data on food and water intake can be wiped like this as well.

There are a couple of more drastic actions you can take. You can factory reset your watch, which is done from the Settings app on the wearable itself: Tap General, then Reset. You can also wipe everything in Samsung Health from inside that app on your mobile, by tapping the three lines (top right), the cog icon, and then Erase personal dates.


If you own a Garmin smartwatch, then you’ll be making use of the Connect app on your phone, and you can also get at the same data on the web. Starting with timed activities on the mobile app, open up the menu (it’s top left on Android and bottom right on iOS), then select Activities and All Activities. Pick the activity to delete, tap the three dots, then choose Delete Activity.

It’s a similar process if you want to erase custom workouts (choose Training, then workouts from the app menu) or weigh-ins (choose Health Stats, then Weight from the app menu). When you’ve got to whatever it is you want to delete, you can again tap the three dots in the top right corner and choose Delete. Some of these records can be edited if that works better than deleting them completely.

Wiping data inside the Garmin Connect app.  (Screenshot: Garmin Connect)Wiping data inside the Garmin Connect app. (Screenshot: Garmin Connect)

Other bits of your Garmin data log have to be deleted on the website, including full days of wellness data and training segments. For the former, pick Activities and steps on the left, navigate to the day to delete, click the cog icon and choose Delete. For the latter, pick Training and Segments from the menu on the left, choose a segment, then click the trash can icon and Delete.

That’s about as much as Garmin enables you to do in terms of deleting data — there’s not much in the way of granular control. If you want to remove everything (and perhaps start again from scratch), you can delete your entire Garmin account: Head to this webpage, sign in, click the Delete Your Data option and follow the instructions on the screen.


A League of Their Own TV reboot is both the same and vastly different

The streaming reboot to Penny Marshall’s beloved 1992 film A League of Their Own is both the same and vastly different.

It is that special sauce of reboots in which it keeps the vibe of the original alive while updating it for a modern audience – and it actually has something to say.

That’s a hard balance to straddle and most reboots and revivals fall over because they tilt too much in either direction, and usually by clinging on to something that no longer works outside of its original context.

A League of Their Ownthe new version, is a sharp and delightful series, which takes the defiant spirit of Marshall’s film and elevates it by expanding its universe to tell more inclusive stories about sexuality and race in 1940s America.

Set during World War II, the series is about the establishment of the women’s professional baseball league while the men are serving in Europe and the Pacific. The league is the brainchild of the confectionary tycoon who needs to fill the stands of his stadiums.

Recruited from around the US and Canada, the women are told to fit into a standard of what constitutes being a lady while copping horrendous sexism from all quarters, including their own supposed fans.

In those elements, the TV reboot and the movie version are similar. They share the same DNA and hit many of the same story beats.

But when it comes to the characters, the series created by Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham sprints away from the confines of the original film.

Rosie O’Donnell, who played Doris Murphy in the 1992 movie, famously said she played her character as a lesbian, even when Marshall explicitly told her she wasn’t. Jacobson and Graham doesn’t just correct the exclusion of queer characters from the story but made them the stars.

There are two leads in the 2022 series, Jacobson as Carson Shaw and Chante Adams as Max Chapman – two characters whose narratives could not have been centered 30 years ago.

Carson is a married woman who joins the team because she wants to play ball. Ella’s husband Charlie (J. Patrick Adams) is serving overseas so she sees this as her shot from her. After meeting the vivacious Greta (D’Arcy Carden), a seductive dance reveals that Carson’s desires for her are more than just athletic success.

Carson’s discovery of her queerness is both wonderful and full of risk. The judgment and repression of the era is a constant threat.

What’s great about Carson’s side of A League of Their Own is that it’s not a case of, “And here’s the token queer girl, we’ve checked that box”, but a commitment to exploring many queer characters and their experiences.

And it’s not just about their sexualities. It’s one facet of each character, they’re not defined by it. They really also, really love baseball. The series intersects all the different aspects of their lives and ambitions for fuller portrayals.

For her part, O’Donnell returns for an emotionally resonant guest role in a later episode in the season in which she plays the owner of an underground gay bar.

The other story strand follows Max, a young black woman who is denied even a tryout despite her indisputably superior throw.

Max is champing to play baseball however she can and contrives a job at the screw factory just for a chance to be considered for the company team. Max’s raw and unappealing appetite for her butts up against the “realities” of the day, which includes her mother for her who expects her to take over the family business. That her mother de ella boasts the first black-owned business in the neighbors does n’t mean nothing.

Max is a richly textured character whose experience intersects race and queerness, contextualized in a vividly drawn side of Rockford that takes place in black spaces.

If there’s any quibble, it’s that the series takes its time to weave the two plotlines together and sometimes the intercutting between the two can drag the pace.

It’s a small thing in a series that is pumped full of fantastic performances from Jacobson, Adams and Carden but also the likes of Dale Dickey as the team’s empathetic chaperone, Gbemisola Ikumelo as Max’s friend Clance, and Rockford Peaches Melanie Field, Kate Berlant, Molly Ephraim, Kelly McCormack and Roberta Colindrez.

Marshall’s film will always have a place in cinema history – and deservedly so – but it’s stirring that a movie which couldn’t include other stories is now the launchpad for a fresh, terrific and inclusive series. It really is a league of their own.

A League of Their Own is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video



Cats superstar suffers hamstring injury in Suns clash

Geelong superstar Jeremy Cameron has suffered a hamstring injury.

The Cats confirmed late on Monday Cameron would miss the club’s Round 23 game against West Coast and he will now have the next three weeks off ahead of a qualifying final.

The Cats are the only side locked into the top four.

Cameron suffered the strain in the dying minutes of Geelong’s big win over Gold Coast in Round 22, and head of medical and conditioning services Harry Taylor has provided an update.

“Jeremy came to bench late in the final quarter of Saturday’s game against the Gold Coast after reporting some low-level hamstring symptoms,” Taylor said in a club statement.

“We chose to take a no risk policy and decided not to have him return to the field.

“Jeremy has assessed well, and scans today have confirmed low level fluid consistent with a minor strain.

“We will track his progress through the week and he will be managed according to benchmark measures. We expect Jeremy to be ready for our first ending.”

The news means Charlie Curnow is set to win this year’s Coleman Medal, with the Blue seven goals clear of Tom Hawkins in third.

Meanwhile, Rhys Stanley will also miss the last home and away game with an adductor strain.

“Rhys experienced some adductor tightness during the game against the Gold Coast,” Taylor said.

“He has had a scan post this game which shows a low-grade adductor strain. Rhys will begin a reconditioning program that we expect will have him available for selection for the first final.”



Pilot reveals secret hatch on A380 where flight attendants sleep under passengers on TikTok

The next time you’re flying and notice a bump under your shoe, it might be a human.

A viral social media video has revealed a secret compartment on planes where flight attendants sleep underneath passengers.

The video, which has been viewed more than 550,000 times, was posted by the pilot of an A380, the world’s largest passenger plane.

It starts by looking down a hatch in the floor, with a set of steep heading into darkness.

After heading below, the video reveals a series of bunk beds in a large compartment that extends under passengers.

The beds are stacked two high and is where around half the crew rest for approximately three to four hours on longer flights, before swapping over with the on-duty flight attendants.

The pilot also reveals the crew rest area has an emergency exit, so flight attendants can get out of the aircraft directly from their sleeping quarters if needed.

One viewer asked if the crew wear pajamas, to which the pilot replied: “We do! They have ‘CREW’ written on the back. This is so that if there is an emergency it is easy to tell who is a crew or not.”

Another viewer asked why the airline doesn’t make the crew rest available for passengers. The pilot replied: “First and Business class have seats that fully recline into beds. They are a lot more comfortable and a lot less claustrophobic than this.”

The pilot also explained there are no toilets or showers below deck, meaning crew must climb back up and use passenger toilets when they need to go.

Another viewer comments: “mortuary”, to which the pilot replies: “Haha, hopefully not. We do have a body bag on board though – in case someone passes away during flight.”

While many found the video fascinating, one left the comment: “that looks awful.” The pilot replied, “Definitely a struggle for tall crew and a little claustrophobic, but when you’re jetlagged and exhausted a bed is a bed!”

Other aircraft types have crew rest areas in the tail of the plane, or even above passengers.

The pilot remains unnamed on his account and doesn’t reveal which airline he flies for – as some crew have got in trouble for posting on their accounts.

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Sony Xperia PRO/PRO-I Update – Live Streaming, Monitoring Tools and Camera Control

Sony Xperia PRO/PRO-I Update – Live Streaming, Monitoring Tools and Camera Control

A new update for the Sony Xperia PRO and PRO-I smartphones is out of the oven. the externalmonitor app now comes with interesting new features for Sony Alpha series camera users. These include live-streaming, image monitoring tools, as well as camera control capabilities for the Alpha series of cameras.

First announced in January last year, the Sony Xperia PRO was the company’s first smartphone to feature a Micro HDMI port that allows for professional monitoring with Sony mirrorless cameras. My colleague Nino put the phone thought its peace to test out its monitoring and live-streaming capabilities. Make sure to check out his review of it here.

The PRO model was followed shortly after by the PRO-I, which is equipped with a 1-inch image sensor, but lacks the HDMI input connector. Now, both smartphones are getting a fresh update that introduces support for some of those features that Nino was missing during his experience with the Xperia PRO. Let’s take a closer look.

Sony Xperia PRO and PRO-I External monitor app: new features

With this update, users can take advantage of the 5G network capabilities of their Xperia PRO, PRO-I, or Xperia 1 IV to set up a direct live stream from their Alpha camera to YouTube or other popular platforms. The camera must be connected to the smart device using HDMI on the Xperia PRO or USB-C on the PRO-I and Xperia 1 IV. The list of Sony cameras that support UVC (USB Video Capture) technology includes the a7 IV, a7C, RX-0 II, ZV-1, and ZV-E10.

Sony Xperia PRO. Source: CineD

Moreover, the PRO and PRO-I models finally get some of the most popular image monitoring tools that videographers are used to. These include two fundamental tools for evaluating exposure – a waveform monitor and a false color function. The former can display luminance data, individual RGB channels, or both at the same time. On the other hand, the latter assigns a color to each area of ​​the image, depending on its exposure level.

Sony Xperia PRO/PRO-I’s new RGB parade function. Source: Sony

Lastly, the Xperia PRO now gains camera control capabilities over a selected range of Sony mirrorless cameras, including the a1, a7S III, and a7 IV. Both the HDMI and USB cables must be connected to both devices, thus allowing users to start/stop recording with a simple tap on the smartphone’s touchscreen. Also, this setup allows for a larger full-screen view of the image with camera settings overlaid.

Sony Xperia PRO-I. Source: Sony

Price and availability

All Sony Xperia PRO and PRO-I users should now be able to update their smartphones for free. Both devices are available for purchase from B&H and currently retail for $1,998 and $1,598 (512GB) respectively.

Are you a Sony Xperia user? How do you like using your smartphone as an external on-camera monitor? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!