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Audi Q6 Pickup Envisioned As Premium Sibling To The Ford Ranger And VW Amarok

This story contains independent speculative illustrations of a fictional Audi Q6 pickup created by Theottle that are neither related to nor endorsed by Audi.

We already know that Audi is considering to enter the pickup segment, but we have yet to come across any signs of the upcoming concept. While the German brand hasn’t given us any clues, independent digital artist Theottle envisioned an ICE-powered Audi Q6 pickup using the Ford Ranger as a base.

The Ford Ranger is not a randomly chosen single-tonne pickup, as it is sharing its underpinnings with the VW Amarok. Thus, we guess that if it wanted, Audi would be given access to Ford’s Australian-developed ladder-frame architecture which has proven its credentials in the regular pickup as well as the powerful Ranger Raptor.

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For the exterior, Theottle used the body panels of the Audi Q6, a China-only SUV that premiered last month based on the VW Atlas. This is the latest example of Audi design when it comes to non-EV offerings, with its sporty yet rugged characteristics making it the perfect starting point for a pickup.

As highlighted in the video, the digital artist made all the necessary adjustments to the Q6 in order to make it compatible with the pickup’s platform. The hardpoints of the Ford Ranger / VW Amarok were left unchanged, something that is evident from the proportions and the shared greenhouse. However, the surfacing and styling cues are sourced from the Q6, including the muscular front and rear fenders, the large bumper intakes, the singleframe grille, and the full-width lighting units with fancy LED graphics.

With the VW Amarok already being positioned as a premium pickup, at least in its flagship trims, an Audi-branded sibling sounds quite obsolete. This makes us believe that Audi would aim for the EV pickup segment, targeting the likes of the Rivian R1T and the Tesla Cybertruck. Still, if the Audi Q6 pickup came to life it would need to bring a premium and tech-filled interior and a powerful engine. Does this sound appealing to you?

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