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Sex question women always ask strippers revealed

You’d be forgiven for thinking Melbourne-based stripper Will Parfitt was Hollywood heart-throb Channing Tatum.

Parfitt, originally from London, has gained millions of followers on social media through his uncanny resemblance to the magic mike star – and he’s made a fortune along the way.

With nearly six million followers on TikTok, the British-born performer is now Australia’s most-requested male entertainer, revealing to podcast I’ve Got News For You he makes between $700 and $1000 per show, “depending on how long they want me to stay”.

The Magic Men co-owner has been performing since 2015, and shared with host Andrew Bucklow the sex question “every girl” asks male strippers – whether they get “excited” during a show.

“We always get this question. But it’s so different – ​​when you’ve got the adrenaline and you’re nervous, and you’re obviously performing in front of sometimes up to 1000, 2000 girls in the crowd, it’s the last thing you’re thinking of,” Parfitt said.

“Even though you’re doing sexual movements or you’re grinding on the girls, you’re not in that mind frame. You don’t think of it as sexual. Because it’s like, I guess, dancing on stage – so you’re just thinking about your choreography.

“But every time we get asked this question. The girls are like, ‘How do you not get turned onstage?’ But every guy I’ve ever performed with says the same thing – we just don’t think of it.”

Asked whether women get handsy, Parfitt admitted that “they sometimes do.”

“Because I always go on at the end of the show, I always get the drunk girls, and they’re always the hardest to deal with,” he explained.

“We do pick girls out of the crowd, so you’re trying to communicate with them while you’re on stage, or try and give them little instructions so they know what’s going on, but they do get a bit handsy. I’ve definitely left the stage with a few scratch marks.

“But some girls don’t care. If they’re wearing dresses – sometimes I try and pick a girl who’s wearing pants because I’m like, if you’re wearing a dress, there’s a high chance it could go above your head when we’re doing like different moves and stuff – but they just don’t care.

“They’re like, ‘I don’t care, I just want to go on stage’. They’re on stage in their underwear – they’re stripping more than us on that stage sometimes.”

As for whether women request him to perform “other services” after a show, Parfitt said it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

“They do sometimes. I think with the industry we’re in, obviously, they put us in the same category as doing more than just performing,” he said.

“I’ve definitely had a few offers for that, especially at private events that you go to. But no, I’m just a performer.”

You can listen to the full chat with Will Parfitt here.

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Larry Emdur reveals measly pay he received for The Castle cameo

Larry Emdur has spilled on the shockingly low pay he received for appearing in cult Aussie classic The Castle.

the Morning Show presenter, 57, made a small cameo as himself hosting The Price Is Right in the 1997 comedy, during a scene where Tracey (played by actress Sophie Lee) appears on the game show.

“45,000 worth of prizes, the luggage needs to be more than $640, it needs to be less than $740 … Go!” he is heard saying as Dale Kerrigan (Stephen Curry) narrates the family’s highlights over the years.

The Seven host’s appearance was small but iconic – but, as he told podcast I’ve Got News For Youhe only pocketed a tiny amount for it.

“It was only like $123 or something like that, because it was just going to be a little indie film, no one had any idea where that was going,” Emdur explained to host Andrew Bucklow.

“They came in and shot the thing, we did it in a commercial break, and then they sent me a poster and a check for $123 dollars. (The Castle) went on to make tens of millions of dollars.”

During his interview with IGNFYEmdue also opened up about his beef with “sneaky” Karl Stefanovic over former Seven host Lisa Wilkinson.

He explained that plans were in place for then-Weekend Sunrise host Wilkinson to become his co-host, but that Stefanovic had instead lured her over to the Today Show.

“In the weeks after that audition, I introduced Lisa to Karl Stefanovic at the Logies,” Emdur revealed.

“And then he went about his sneaky little ways, which he does, and he somehow dragged Lisa over to the Today show.”

However, Emdur explained that there were no hard feelings, as it was the “right move” for Wilkinson.

“I think Lisa had different things to do other than The Morning Show at the time, so it was a reasonable move and actually made sense, so we went back to audition a few more people and eventually landed with Kylie (Gillies) on the couch. , which was just a magnificent result.”

The situation could have made for some awkward run-ins over the years, but instead, Emdur said he and Wilkinson now “laugh about it all the time.”

It’s not the only juicy Logies-related incident revealed by Emdur in the podcast – he also lifted the lid on his wild Logies afterparty with friends star Matt LeBlanc in 1998.

According to Emdur, the American actor had been looking “so bored” during the lengthy evening that he’d felt compelled to try and turn his night around.

“I was standing at the bar and in walks Matt LeBlanc with an entourage around him, and he just looked so bored,” Emdur told I’ve Got News For You.

“So I convinced the barman to give me a bottle of Sambucca for Matt, and I went over to him and I said, ‘Hey, do you want a Sambucca? You look so bored’, and he went, ‘Are you Italian?’ and I said, ‘No, does it matter?’ and he went, ‘No, let’s go!’

The result, Emdur explained, was that they ended up drinking “every bottle of Sambucca in Crown Casino” that evening.

“It was a very, very funny night … We were like two very, very naughty little schoolboys,” the TV host said.

He then revealed that LeBlanc had left a note under the door of the hotel room he was sharing with his wife Sylvie, which read: “Dear Sylvie, your husband got me very drunk. Love Matt.”

During his interview with IGNFYEmdur also



Manu Feildel opens up about ‘missing’ MKR co-star Pete Evans

Manu Feildel has opened up about his friendship with former My Kitchen Rules co-star Pete Evans, and revealed his feelings about working alongside a new celebrity chef in the upcoming season.

The pair appeared together as judges on the Channel 7 cooking show for 10 years before it was announced in 2020 that the show was being “rested” amid dismal ratings for its eleventh season.

It was also announced at around the same time that Channel 7 and Pete Evans had “parted ways”, after a series of controversial comments and social media posts by the TV personality.

This Sunday, My Kitchen Rules will finally return with Feildel, 48, back in the judges’ seat – but this time, he’s joined by popular British chef Nigella Lawson.

Speaking on’s podcast I’ve Got News For YouFeildel was asked if he missed Evans while shooting the new season.

“Of course, Pete and I have known each other for a long time, we’re still good friends today, so yeah – missing that,” he told host Andrew Bucklow.

“At the same token, you know, it was nice to work with someone new and someone different. The show has been on the shelf for a couple of years, so it was exciting to be working with someone else.”

Evans has been embroiled in controversies in recent years, including being slapped with $25,000 in fines in 2020 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration over magical coronavirus eradication properties he claimed about a “BioCharger” device in a Facebook livestream promotion.

Evans, a prominent paleo diet advocate, has also attracted condemnation for a number of other dubious health claims over the years.

In 2021, the outspoken anti-vaxxer was even kicked off Instagram after sharing misinformation and dangerous claims about Covid-19, just months after being banned from Facebook for the same reason.

Meanwhile, during MKR‘s rest period, Feildel appeared in short-lived Seven cooking series Plate of Originbefore it was announced his original show would be returning in 2022.

Ahead of this week’s premiere, the French TV star also revealed on IGNFY a surprising fact about his famous new co-star.

“(Nigella) can’t use chopsticks,” Feildel said.

“I remember sitting at the table. We had just had chopsticks placed next to the plate and she turned around to me and she whispered in my ear, ‘I don’t know how to use chopsticks’. And I thought it was hilarious!”

My Kitchen Rules returns to Seven on Sunday at 7pm.