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Location chosen for new Aboriginal cultural center to be built in central Perth

An Aboriginal cultural center will be built on a site between the Derbarl Yerrigan, also known as the Swan River, and the Perth Concert Hall to showcase Western Australia’s indigenous culture.

The location was chosen by the Whadjuk Aboriginal Cultural Center Cultural Authority, a body set up to provide advice on the cultural center and a best possible site.

The committee’s Barry Winmar said the center would give Aboriginal people a strong voice and show Aboriginal culture in its best light.

“It gives us an opportunity to tell our stories, to tell our songlines and showcase what our culture looks like through art, dance and through print and media,” Mr Winmar said.

The site was culturally significant as the location of watering holes and tributaries of the river.

A man in a suit speaks at a lecture while others watch on.
Barry Winmar says the site has a special significance for WA’s Indigenous people. (ABC News: James Carmody)

“There were walking trails along there. We had a really strong connection with the water and the land,” Mr Winmar said.

It was also close to where Whadjuk Noongar leader Yellagonga, who died in 1843, was buried.

The Commonwealth government has previously provided $50 million seed funding for the project, and the WA government $54 million, as part of an election commitment.

A carpark pictured in front of the Duxton Hotel
The Terrace Road carpark, located between the Swan River and the Perth Concert Hall, has been chosen as the site to build the Aboriginal Cultural Centre. (ABC News: James Carmody)

Premier Mark McGowan said the cultural center was due to be finished by 2028 and will likely include major private sector and philanthropic contributions to create a “world-standard facility”.

“We want tourists from Australia and around the world to come and visit and understand and enjoy that experience,” Mr McGowan said.

“It’s a great opportunity for understanding and for creating jobs and also for that great sense of identity that will come with it.

“So we’re very excited about this location.”

A man dressed in a suit bends down to be covered in smoke produced by an Aboriginal man.
Patrick Gorman, seen here at a smoking ceremony during the announcement, believes the site could become an iconic attraction. (ABC News: James Carmody)

Federal minister and WA MP Patrick Gorman thought it could be WA’s answer to the Opera House in Sydney.

“This is about giving Western Australia something that expresses the full breadth of Aboriginal culture,” Mr Gorman said.

City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said he was excited the cultural center would be located in the city.

“It’s hard to believe that in 2022 our nation does not have an Aboriginal cultural center and museum of this size and shape and standing, that we are anticipating will now be built,” Mr Zempilas said.

“So I’m absolutely thrilled that the City of Perth is likely to be home to this facility. It’s very important for our country, for our state and in particular for our city.”



UWA law graduate Luigi Rayapen pleads guilty to sexually assaulting woman on Rottnest Island

A former law student at the University of Western Australia has been told he is facing a possible jail term after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a woman during post exam celebrations at Rottnest Island.

Luigi Ignace Rayapen, 26, admitted abusing the woman, who was in her 20s, as she tried to sleep in a bed in a bungalow on the holiday island in the early hours of July 1, 2020.

The District Court was told the woman, who cannot be identified, did not know Rayapen, but said he could stay the night at the accommodation she was sharing with others after they had been out drinking.

Three other people were in the room when the abuse happened, including a friend of the woman who was in the same bed.

A close up of Luigi wearing graduation robes
The court heard Rayapen assaulted the woman as she tried to sleep.(Facebook)

State Prosecutor Rebekah Sleeth said the woman woke up to Rayapen rolling her over and groping her but she pretended to remain asleep in the hope he would stop what he was doing.

However, Rayapen did not and so she repeatedly told him to stop and kept pushing his hand away from her body.

She also tried to kick her friend who was sleeping nearby.

The court heard Rayapen also squeezed her breast so hard it left a bruise and he also bit her on the face while trying to kiss her.

A headshot of Luigi who has olive skin and dark hair
Raya pen only backed off when the woman grabbed him around the throat, the court heard.(Facebook)

It was not until the woman grabbed Rayapen around the throat that he eventually backed away.

Ms Sleeth said the woman then woke up her friend and told them what happened.

Rayapen was told to leave but he would not and ended up staying the night at the bungalow.

Guilty pleas entered for two charges

The court heard Rayapen later said to the woman he was “sorry” and that he hoped she could forgive him.

However, when she saw a police car driving past the bungalow, she flagged it down and reported what happened.

Aerial of Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island lies 18km off the coast of Perth. (Supplied: Rottnest Island Authority)

Rayapen was originally facing four charges, but he pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault causing bodily harm and one count of [digital] sexual penetration without consent.

The remaining two charges were discontinued on what Ms Sleeth said were “public interest” grounds.

Luigi pictured with two other men wearing old-school suits pictured in a ballroom
Luigi Rayapen was a law student at the University of Western Australia. (Facebook)

Rayapen’s barrister, Julie Condon QC, requested the matter be adjourned, telling the court the defense needed more time to prepare its submissions.

Rayapen had ‘mental health issues’

She said they may include a psychiatric report on Rayapen whom she said had “some mental health issues.”

Ms Condon also said her client had recently completed his degree.

Luigi pictured in front of canals while overseas
Rayapen was on the committee of the Blackstone Society at UWA.(Facebook)

Judge Laurie Levy agreed to release Rayapen on bail until the sentencing hearing, but he told him not to take that as an indication of the penalty he may receive.

“I don’t want you to think because you’ve been granted bail you are not going to jail,” Judge Levy said.

Judge Levy said people “commonly” go to jail for these types of offenses.

Rayapen is due back in court next month.

While studying law at UWA, Rayapen was on the committee of the Blackstone Society which describes itself as the peak representative body for students in the law faculty.



Police take man into custody in hunt for gunman after shooting at Barra Close home in Leeming

Police have taken a man into custody in their hunt for a gunman after a shooting at Leeming.

The 37-year-old is assisting officers as they investigate the incident that took place at a Barra Close home about 1.20am on Monday.

Police raced to the property after a weapon, believed to be a shotgun, was fired.

A neighbor said they heard two shots in the night.

It is believed a young family lives at the property which was targeted.

No one was hurt and those involved were known to each other. It is not known whether the incident is bikie linked.

Investigators are yet to confirm if it was a drive-by shooting but more information is expected from a police press conference at 11am.

Police are hunting a gunman.
Camera IconPolice are hunting a gunman. Credit: simon santi/The West Australian
Police on the scene in Leeming.
Camera IconPolice on the scene in Leeming. Credit: 7NEWS/7NEWS

As of 10am, there was still a big police presence at the home, with officers knocking on the doors of nearby homes and forensic officers combing the area for clues.

Forensics officers had started moving their attention from the home to a patch of grass about 150m from where the shooting took place.

Other officers were seen taking photographs and putting items into bags.

The home is across the road from a bus stop in the quiet, apparently family-friendly street. Toys are stretched across several front lawns.

An officer outside the home.
Camera IconAn officer outside the home. Credit: simon santi/The West Australian
Police on the scene in Leeming.
Camera IconPolice on the scene in Leeming. Credit: 7NEWS/7NEWS



Channel 10’s breakfast show didn’t get a viewer in one major city

More embarrassment for Ten: Channel 10’s beleaguered breakfast show fails to get a SINGLE VIEWER in one major city – after setting a new record for the worst rating program ever

Channel 10’s struggling new breakfast program 10 News First: Breakfast has hit an all-time ratings low.

The 30-minute broadcast, hosted by Lachlan Kennedy and Natasha Exelby, took a huge nosedive last Wednesday when it failed to attract a single viewer in the major city of Perth.

Perth, which has a population of 2.1 million, is one of the five key metro demographics used to measure the popularity of Australian programs.

Channel 10's beleaguered breakfast show failed to get a single viewer in Perth - which has a population of 2.1 million - during its broadcast last Wednesday.  (Pictured: hosts Natasha Exelby and Lachlan Kennedy)

Channel 10’s beleaguered breakfast show failed to get a single viewer in Perth – which has a population of 2.1 million – during its broadcast last Wednesday. (Pictured: hosts Natasha Exelby and Lachlan Kennedy)

10 News First: Breakfast has struggled to gain momentum since its launch on June 27, having recently set a new record for the worst rating program in Australian TV history

Despite the crushingly low ratings, Ten has remained optimistic, telling The Australian on Monday: ’10 News First: Breakfast edition is maintaining its audience and increasing engagement as viewers become more familiar with the timeslot.’

An OzTAM spokesperson also told The Australian the disastrous result could be attributed to the use of ‘small underlying viewing samples’.

The struggling program took another dive last Wednesday when it failed to attract a single viewer in the major city of Perth, according to OzTAM figures. (Pictured left: Lachlan Kennedy; right: Natasha Exelby)

It’s the latest in a series of crushing blows for Ten’s new breakfast offering.

During its first five days on air, the 8am broadcast drew an average of 17,000 viewers across the five major cities, but this dropped to just 15,000 a day in week two.

The show managed to deliver the lowest ever ratings in Australian TV history on its second day, after just 44 viewers tuned in from Sydney.

During its first five days on air, the 8am broadcast drew an average of 17,000 viewers across the five major cities, but this dropped to just 15,000 a day in week two

During its first five days on air, the 8am broadcast drew an average of 17,000 viewers across the five major cities, but this dropped to just 15,000 a day in week two

On the same day, the national broadcast attracted just 224 viewers in Perth.

During another day in week two, the program clocked in just 43 viewers in Perth and 557 in Melbourne.

A Channel 10 spokesperson however told The Australian last month the network was happy with the results.

It comes after Channel 10 categorically denied rumors Studio 10 was on the chopping block.  (Pictured: hosts Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus)

It comes after Channel 10 categorically denied rumors Studio 10 was on the chopping block. (Pictured: hosts Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus)

‘Network 10 is happy with the launch of the 10 News First: Breakfast. It has lifted the 2022 timeslot average by 13 per cent in its first week.’

Ten dropped the first half hour of Studio 10 and replaced it with the new morning bulletin last month.

It comes after Channel 10 denied rumors Studio 10 was on the chopping block.

But a 10 spokesperson rubbished the speculation, telling Daily Mail Australia the program remains profitable and isn't going anywhere

But a 10 spokesperson rubbished the speculation, telling Daily Mail Australia the program remains profitable and isn’t going anywhere

The morning show has been struggling in the ratings for years, with The Australian reporting there are now fears within the network it could soon face the axe.

But a 10 spokesperson rubbished the speculation, telling Daily Mail Australia the program remains profitable and isn’t going anywhere.

This isn’t the first time Channel 10 has gone into damage control after a breakfast TV show spectacularly flopped.

The station’s last attempt at a breakfast program, Wake Up, was axed in 2014 after just six months on the air.

The program was launched in November 2013 to compete with Channel Seven’s Sunrise and Channel Nine’s Today show, but it failed miserably.

Channel 10's last attempt at a breakfast program, Wake Up, was axed in 2014 after six months on the air.  Pictured: James Mathison (left), Natarsha Belling (centre) and Natasha Exelby (right)

Channel 10’s last attempt at a breakfast program, Wake Up, was axed in 2014 after six months on the air. Pictured: James Mathison (left), Natarsha Belling (centre) and Natasha Exelby (right)




WA Premier Mark McGowan and MPs caught speeding in Perth despite warning of crash perils

Mark McGowan and more than half of his ministers have been caught speeding, incurring thousands of dollars in fines and hefty demerit points.

Some of the high-profile MPs who fell foul of the law are the Premier’s closest allies, including Attorney-General John Quigley, Police and Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia, and Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson.

Mr McGowan admitted to speeding twice in four months in 2021 — including during a double demerit period for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend last September.

Despite strong government public messaging about the dangers of speeding — especially during double demerit crackdowns — Mr McGowan exceeded the speed limit by between 10 and 19km/h, copping four demerit points and a $400 fine.

In April last year, Mr McGowan’s lead foot saw him handed another $100 fine for exceeding the speed limit by not more than 9kmh.

Mr McGowan’s speeding ends came as WA recorded its highest road toll in five years in 2021 — 166 people losing their lives. So far this year there have been 87 fatalities, including a horror period when young drivers and passengers died or were seriously injured.



West Australians embrace clothes swaps, dress hiring and upcycling amid concerns about fast fashion

In a world of mass-produced fast fashion, West Australians are increasingly turning to new initiatives to give their clothes a second life.

With each Australian throwing out more than 20kg of textile waste a year, some individuals, councils and companies in Western Australia are trying to reduce the amount of clothes being sent to local landfills.

Among the initiatives taking off in WA is trading garments through community clothes swaps, hiring outfits rather than buying them and upcycling or re-fashioning old clothes.

WA style counselor Ciara Lowe-Thiedeman said the second hand economy was booming.

“The number of people interested in these kinds of initiatives, in second-hand, in understanding how to get the best garments at the best price and how to keep things in circulation and how to earn money from your bad decisions as well – is hugely on the rise,” she said

A woman in a green dress sorts through a suitcase of clothes
Councils and communities are holding clothes swaps to cut back on textile waste.(ABC News: Jacqueline Lynch)

“Teenagers and young people are hiring much more often because hiring is also much more affordable.

“Lots of people are doing it, it’s becoming rife and I applaud it.”

Ms Lowe-Thiedeman said she was glad to see people moving towards greener fashion choices at a time when many were still embracing mass-produced, low-cost clothes known as fast-fashion.

“I think slowly but surely we are becoming more aware. [But] we’re not becoming aware fast enough,” she said.

“We’ve got this rise of little industries, you know, your clothes swaps, your second-hand shops and your op shops – because they’re making money off peoples excess or people’s bad mistakes.”

WA councils lend a hand

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council, which handles waste for several Perth councils, started holding community clothes swaps in an attempt to stop textiles ending up in landfill and recycling bins.

Vintage clothing on a rack.
Community clothes swaps are becoming increasingly popular.(ABC News: Kerrin Thomas)

Waste education coordinator Isabelle Marie said it was about getting more people interested in re-using garments and breaking down the stigma of second hand clothes

“People always proudly tell us when they’re wearing something that has come from the swap,” Ms Marie said.

She said the swaps were becoming more popular.

“From the very first swap, when we’re looking at our numbers, we have started to see them increase,” she said.

“More people are aware and more people are attending.”

It’s ‘cool’ to thrift and upcycle

However, the rise in popularity of these new thrifty initiatives had not dimmed visitation to local op shops.

Good Sammy chief executive Kane Blackman said stores were full of people buying clothes for themselves and even re-working them for a profit.

“It’s very cool to thrift right now,” he said.

“We’re seeing about 30,000 Western Australians coming into our stores every week.

“People come in and they see opportunities in some clothing, to make a small amendment, to make it into something new – we’re seeing a great demand for that.

A man in a blue jacket stands between two clothes racks
Good Sammy CEO Kane Blackman says customers often bought clothes and upcycled them into something new.(ABC News: Ashleigh Davis)

“Some of them do upcycle it and a number of people do sell those items online. So we’re creating secondary employment for people across the state.”

Mr Blackman said people were becoming more socially aware of the impacts of textile waste.

Textile waste rotting away in landfill

Data from Australia’s Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water showed the average Australian bought 27kg of new clothes each year and discarded about 23kg into landfill.

Curtin University School of Design researcher Dr Anne Farren said that it was “a massive amount” of textile waste to deal with locally.

“If we are all producing that level of waste and we just look at the WA situation, we’re getting up to around 60 million tonnes of garment waste produced in WA,” she said.

A woman in a green jacket at an opp shop
Experts say people are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of fast fashion.(ABC News: Ashleigh Davis)

Dr Farren said anything that could be done to stop textile waste going to landfill was fantastic.

“A lot of the textile waste unfortunately doesn’t break down … synthetic material often has a plastic component to it and they just take forever to break down,” she said.

“It’s as bad as and similar to a plastic.”



Perth petrol prices: How much WA drivers are paying for fuel every year revealed in new transport data

Drivers are bracing for the looming end to the fuel excise cut next month as new figures show Bunbury is the nation’s most expensive regional center for petroleum, with the average household shelling out an eye-watering $122.70 each week.

According to the Australian Automobile Association’s latest Transport Affordability Index covering the June quarter, that’s $20 per week higher than the national regional average and amounts to $6,381 per year.

Bunbury took out the unenviable gong because research showed its residents tended to drive longer distances than people in other regional centers, the association said.

Perth motorists are far better off for fuel costs despite getting fleeced at the bowser, ranking the second cheapest capital city behind Adelaide, with the average household now forking out $95.71 per week or almost $4977 per year.

How many WA families are paying for fuel.
Camera IconHow many WA families are paying for fuel. Credit: The West Australian

Hobart is the nation’s most expensive capital city with fuel costing residents $102.63 per week on average.

This is followed by Darwin ($99.84), Sydney ($99.13), Canberra ($98.92), Brisbane ($98.15) and Melbourne ($97.29).

Scarborough woman Taylor Donovan, 30, says a full tank of fuel for her Kia Sportage is costing her on average $130 a week.

Before recent fuel price surges, it cost her about $65 a week, and Mr Donovan says it’s now “ridiculous”.

Taylor Jade Donovan says current prices are “ridiculous”.
Camera IconTaylor Jade Donovan says current prices are “ridiculous”. Credit: daniel wilkins/The West Australian

“Are we not paying enough? Expensive fuel on top of car registration, insurance, licensing … it’s just full on,” she told The Sunday Times.

“It needs to be paid. It’s affecting me, everyone.

“I feel for the families.

“If I had kids, I’d become best friends with the mums and carpool to and from school and sports.”

Bunbury resident Claudia Stiglmayer, 23, said she is spending at least an average of $80 to $100 on fuel every week and is fed up with the “disruptive” changes to her budget.

“It gives you whiplash, honestly. Prices will be quite high then they’ll go low again,” she said.

“People get comfortable and complacent and then it will spike.

“It interferes with my budget and I can’t get into a solid routine financially…it’s very disruptive.”

Nationally, the average weekly fuel cost jumped to $100.39 – the first time it has passed $100 since the index’s inception in 2016.

“Despite the temporary excise cut, fuel prices are rising and continue to be a significant contributor to cost of living pressures across both regional and metropolitan Australia,” managing director Michael Bradley said.

The excise cut finishes at the end of next month.

Drivers are bracing for the looming end to the fuel excise cut next month as new figures show Bunbury is the nation's most expensive regional center for petroleum, with the average household shelling out an eye-watering $122.70 each week.
Camera IconDrivers are bracing for the looming end to the fuel excise cut next month as new figures show Bunbury is the nation’s most expensive regional center for petroleum, with the average household shelling out an eye-watering $122.70 each week.

Credit: Kelsey Reid/The West Australian

The index also showed that total transport costs – covering everything from car loan repayments to servicing, tires and public transport – for the average Perth household was just over $380 per week or $19,782 annually.

That compares to the national capital city average of just over $412 per week or $21,435 annually.

Bunbury stood out again, with total transport costs of almost $363 per week or $18,868 annually compared to a regional average of nearly $343 per week or $17,835 annually.

Sydney is still Australia’s most expensive capital city for transport costs averaging $486.18 per week, followed by Melbourne at $461.01 per week and Brisbane at $454.52 per week.

RAC general manager of external relations Will Golsby noted the change in Perth’s fuel price cycle from weekly to fortnightly in October was making it harder for motorists to save money by filling up on the cheapest days.



Perth’s public hospitals declare more than 500 code yellows as capacity issues plague WA health system

Perth’s public hospitals have been forced to declare more than 500 code yellows in the past year as capacity issues continue to plague the health system.

Worst impacted was Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, which went into code yellow 144 times in 2021-22 – an average of eleven every two and a half days.

That was followed by Perth Children’s Hospital (89 code yellows), Fiona Stanley Hospital (74) and Royal Perth Hospital (68).

Your local paper, whenever you want it.

The city’s biggest maternity hospital, King Edward Memorial, declared 36 code yellows in the year to July.

A code yellow refers to an infrastructure or other internal emergency that is impacting service delivery – including a lack of available beds.

Shadow Health Minister Libby Mettam said the “shocking” figures – contained in answers to questions in Parliament – ​​pointed to a health system that was “significantly under-resourced and lurching from crisis to crisis”.



OliveX : expands its WEB3 with investment in breathonics and partnership with Parasol

OliveX Holdings Limited

AMP Tower,

Level 28,

140 St Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000

ACN 631 675 986

Media Release




  • OliveX further commits to its strategy to build an open and fully interoperable fitness metaverse with strategic investment in its fifth move-to-earn fitness company Breathonics
  • Investing in and incubating up-and-coming Web3 fitness games is a pillar of the expansion of OliveX’s fitness metaverse
  • Three-yearagreement with Parasol Corp for three new fitness games to be rolled into the fitness metaverse
  • The Parasol development team specializes in combining fitness and interactive experiences with storytelling in a fun and approachable manner

August 12, 2022 – OliveX Holdings Limited (OliveX or the Company) (NSX:OLX), through its wholly-owned subsidiary OliveX (HK) Limited, is pleased to announce two partnerships as part of its committed strategy to build a diverse portfolio for its interoperable fitness metaverse. The Company entered an agreement with Hong Kong-based Silentmode Limited (Silentmode), a health technology startup that owns the mental health training app Breathonics, pursuant to which OliveX has committed to participate in a strategic equity investment in Silentmode as well as provide advisory services in connection with their proposed digital utility token launch. As part of the proposed strategic investment, OliveX Founder and CEO Mr Keith Rumjahn will take up a position as a non-executive director, providing Silentmode with advice and expertise with regards to coin pairings, marketing, exchange relationships and more.

Figure 1 – OliveX’s Fitness Metaverse

This investment is a further step towards the Company realizing its vision to invest in, and assist in developing, a number of move-to-earn titles in order to contribute to creating a fully interoperable metaverse, and follows the Company’s existing investments in DEFY Labs Pte. Ltd and Genopets, as previously announced.

Additionally, the Company finalized a partnership agreement with development studio Parasol Corp Pty Ltd for the development of three new games over three years, each of which will be underpinned by the ecosystem-wide DOSE utility token. The first game, tentatively titled ‘We Fight Monsters’, is for lovers of bodyweight workouts as well as fitness gaming.

Mr Rumjahncommented:

“From the very first day we began building the fitness metaverse OliveX’s business ethos was to be inclusive and collaborative. Building a great game is equally important as finding the right Move-and-Earn partners to invest in and incubate in order to create a fully interoperable metaverse.The investment in Breathonics gives us an entry point on a fitness tool with tremendous potential for creativity in collaboration with Silentmode, and another element with which to enhance our wider metaverse offering.”

“Creating games that are fun is our first priority and the design of ‘We Fight Monsters’ has it all: a captivating narrative gives players reason to move through HIIT-based movements to progress through the game. To effectively expand the ecosystem, OliveX is actively widening its gamified fitness offerings to focus on fitness, fun and inclusion for players of all ages, abilities and interests so as to further broaden its game options.”

About Silentmode

Silentmode is a Hong Kong-based private company with a business focus on creating breathing exercise products and applications, including its Breathonics app as well as associated hardware products.

The Breathonics app is designed to control and improve breathing quality through eight breathing protocols organized as practical solutions that help manage mental and physical health. As an underappreciated element of fitness, Breathonics’ 40+ science-based exercises are an ideal addition to the movement encouraged in OliveX’s Dustland games.

Silentmode will also enter the Web3 arena through the creation and public launch of its own digital utility token within 24 months, to be integrated with the existing Breathonics app.

About Parasol

Parasol Corp Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based indie game development studio with a business focus on the creation and development of fitness and augmented reality games. Parasol is best known for its guided audiobook HIIT adventure ‘Warlocks and Workouts’, which combines propulsive chapter-based fantasy storytelling with interval training.

Parasol’s first game for OliveX, ‘We Fight Monsters’ will be set in the gothic wilds of a fallen empire known as the Vault of Kings. Users will step into a rich tapestry of lore and visual exploration as they explore the land, hunting for the Eldar vampire who destroyed their home. ‘We Fight Monsters’ will take fitness gaming to the next level, with unique gameplay, bosses and loot to personalize the game experience, further enhanced with NPCs and NFT rewards.

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Figure 2 – ‘We Fight Monsters’ is currently in development and is expected to roll out

its Alpha phase in Q4 22/23. Breathonics is currently available for download.

About OliveX

OliveX is a digital health and fitness company delivering unique user experiences through fitness gamification, augmented reality, and move-and-earn experiences. The OliveX fitness metaverse provides platforms that merge the real-world and the digital universe to connect consumers exercising at home, the gym, or outdoors with brands, influencers, and coaches in over 170 countries.

As part of its long term strategy to expand the fitness metaverse, OliveX is committed to its core development principles of building blockchain fitness games, investing in and incubating emerging blockchain titles, and partnering with global brands on the Sandbox. The Metaverse will ultimately be underpinned by OliveX’s bespoke cross-platform DOSE token, an ERC-20-compatible fungible token.


For further information, photography or interview requests, please contact:

Keith Rumjahn

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer [email protected]

Restrictions on our Games, Fitness Metaverse, and $DOSE

Restrictions due to compliance regulations for different jurisdictions apply. Residents from certain jurisdictions may not earn

$DOSE or participate in NFT sales and/or campaigns in our fitness metaverse. Additional restrictions may apply depending on the type of game or experience you are attempting to access.

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Perth family take home unique prize after being crowned one-millionth WA Museum Boola Bardip visitors

Heading to WA Museum Boola Bardip on a gloomy Saturday afternoon to escape the rain has resulted in one Perth family scoring a unique prize.

Olivia Pizzale-Bryce, Jack Mcauliffe, and baby Pia had the shock of their lives when they went to the museum only to be greeted by the waiting media and Housing Minister John Carey as they became the one-millionth visitors.

The family has visited the museum five times and said they were heading there to see the Dinosaurs of Patagonia exhibition as it’s little Pia’s favorite.

“It’s really nice, we love coming here… it’s a place we can come for her, which is really nice,” mum Olivia said.

“We both support creative industries and museums and the gallery,” dad Jack added.