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Canberra Raiders vs St George Illawarra Dragons finish, Corey Harawira-Naera tackle on Mat Fegai, penalty, video

Dragons fans will tell you the finish to Sunday’s game against the Raiders was a square-up after what happened in Wollongong earlier in the year, but the NRL is adamant the officials got the call right to not award St George Illawarra a penalty from 15m out which would have sent the match to golden point.

The Dragons were down 24-22 when Mathew Feagai broke into the clear, only to be chopped down close to the line as time was about to expire.

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The winger tried to get to his feet, but was held down by Corey Harawira-Naera and the ball then came free just as the referee blew his whistle, leaving the Red V with virtually no chance of making the finals.

Players were incensed that they weren’t given a penalty, and they were left to rue a shocking captain’s challenge at the start of the second half which meant they couldn’t send the play to the Bunker to have it reviewed.

Put asked to leave toilet cubicle | 00:16

The Dragons’ Jack Bird was furious with the decision. Picture: Mark Nolan/Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

It brought back memories of the farcical finish to the game at WIN Stadium when the Green Machine weren’t given a penalty when down 12-10 because the referee had called full-time.

However, NRL head of football Graham Annesley said the decision on Sunday was the correct one and that the Dragons would’ve been doubly disappointed even if they still had a challenge up their sleeve, because time had expired before the second movement by Harawira-Naera which pushed Feagai off his feet.

“The ball is not in play,” he said.

“There’s no possibility for the ball carrier to get up and play the ball in order to get another tackle.

“Regardless of any infringement that might take place by the defender – other than foul play – it’s irrelevant because the ball hasn’t been brought back into play and the referee can’t extend the play for a technical infringement to award a penalty.

Lowly Titans embarrass meek Manly | 02:18

“They could’ve mounted a challenge had they had one left because the game is not finished at this point, even though time has expired and the referee has blown his whistle to indicate that he’s stopping play.

“He hasn’t at this point blown his whistle to say it’s full-time, so although the game could not have continued because of that technical infringement, it would not have prevented the Dragons from asking for a captain’s challenge.

“However, they would have lost the captain’s challenge because time had expired and we couldn’t restart the game for a technical infringement.

“It’s all very, very precise in terms of what can and can’t happen, and it needs to be that way because you can’t have another tackle after time has expired if the ball’s not already in play.”


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The incident was similar to the wild finish in Townsville a few weeks ago in that the Dragons would have technically been challenging the decision to end the game, just as the Cowboys did to snatch victory from the Wests Tigers.

“Not only could we not have restarted play because the tackle had been complete and hadn’t restarted, but we also couldn’t have restarted play because they’d knocked on in the ruck,” Annesley said.

“They would’ve been challenging the referee’s decision to stop the game in order to call full-time, similar to what happened with the Wests Tigers.

“They would’ve effectively been saying, ‘No, you can’t call full-time because we want to challenge what’s just happened.’

“But had they had a challenge and had it taken place, the Bunker would’ve had no choice but to deny the challenge because of not only the lost ball, but also play had not recommenced before time had expired.”

It was one of those weekends in the NRL, with a number of murky decisions.

Annesley said the Bunker made the right call to award a try to Bradman Best because the contact on Adam Reynolds wasn’t enough to prevent the try.

But he did concede the bunker got it horribly wrong at the SCG when Sam Verrills strolled over even though teammate Matt Lodge clearly held Griffin Neame back in the scrum.

Matty nails Buzz impersonation | 00:51

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Sam Verrills celebrates a try which shouldn’t have been awarded. Picture; Cameron Spencer/Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

“The contact caused Neame to do a 360, and Verrills has gone past,” Annesley said.

“It happens very quickly in real time, but I think there’s enough on this in replay that the Bunker had the opportunity to look at.

“There’s enough of a hold after the ball is out of the scrum to say that that would be a breach of the rules, and in normal circumstances, would result in a penalty to the Cowboys.

“However, in this particular case, it wouldn’t have resulted in a penalty to the Cowboys because of the off-side at the scrum, which was the first offence.”



Raiders Dragons finish, Matt Feagai, Corey Harawira-Naera, penalty, no call, referee Andrew Gee, Round 22, Round 16

Rugby league has a funny way of balancing itself out.

The Dragons and Raiders have now been handed wins against each other this season in “almost identical” controversial fashion.

Canberra led 24-22 on Sunday afternoon when St George Illawarra winger Matt Feagai made a 70-metre break with just 10 seconds left in the game.

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Feagai was tackled 15 meters out from the Raiders’ line when Corey Harawira-Naera laid on top of him as time expired.

“They’re told to get up, penalty brewing, but referee (Adam Gee) says that will do us, oh it’s almost identical,” Brenton Speed ​​said on Fox League.

“Round 16 all over again in reverse. The Dragons are thinking ‘where’s our penalty’ that the Raiders did not get in Wollongong but Adam Gee says that is full-time and Canberra’s season is still alive and the Dragons are done.”

Back in July, the Raiders were robbed of an opportunity to kick a penalty goal to send their clash with the Dragons to golden point.

Canberra had the ball in front of the goalposts on the fifth tackle, when Ben Hunt and Jack Bird intentionally slowed the play-the-ball.

The Raiders were awarded a six again before Hunt charged from market to tackle dummy-half Tom Starling — a play which NRL head of football Graham Annesley later admitted should have been awarded a penalty.

Annesley also conceded a penalty could have been awarded for the flop and an off-side call in the lead-up to the fifth tackle.

Broncos make light work of Knights | 02:15


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The scenes reversed on Sunday afternoon as a stunned Dragons coach Anthony Griffin looked on in disbelief.

“He should have been penalized at the very least for a professional foul,” Braith Anasta said on Fox League.

“There was just one last shove from (Harawira-Naera), because as Feagai was getting tackled the clock was ticking down… but there was a little shove,” Greg Alexander said.

“It’s incredible that we’ve had both teams win games in very similar circumstances.”

But speaking in the post-game press conference, Griffin wasn’t too upset about what he had played out — he even conceded it was “a little bit ironic” given what had happened in Round 16.

Asked if I found the ending frustrating Griffin said: “Nah, it’s probably a little bit ironic compared to the first game.

“We just ran out of time, it was a fantastic linebreak at that time of the game and the captain did everything he could with his kicking game to get us into field position and put Matty away,” he added.

“We just needed one more play the ball but that’s the way the world works.”



transfer news, contracts, re-signings, Siosifa Talakai, Will Kennedy, Ronaldo Mulitalo, Jesse Ramien, Sharks

The Sharks “have got a challenge in front of them” with five stars from their backline all free to talk to rivals since November 1.

Fullback Will Kennedy, wingers Ronaldo Mulitalo and Sione Katoa as well as centers Jesse Ramien and Siosifa Talakai come off contract at the end of 2023.

That means they can field offers from rivals in just under three months time which is why news corp journalist Brent Read pointed out on Triple M that the Sharks have “a huge month coming up” if they want to lock in all five players before the November 1 feeding frenzy.

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“I reckon Cronulla have got a huge month coming up,” Read said.

“I was talking to them this morning about Siosifa Talakai because they’ve been trying to re-sign him — he’s one of the November 1 guys.

Wests Tigers opt not to take legal action | 00:47

“The Sharks have been talking to him ages about trying to get a new deal done, they put it off during Origin but they’ve ramped them up again.

“What makes this really interesting is that if you look at the Cronulla backline — Will Kennedy, Ronaldo Mulitalo, Jesse Ramien, Siosifa Talakai and Sione Katoa — can all sign with another club since November 1. Basically their entire backline, the club’s got about three months to tie those guys down.


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“They’ve got a challenge in front of them in terms of keeping that squad together and you’ve got to hope that it doesn’t become a bit of a distraction during finals time.

Read also highlighted how Talakai’s value has undoubtedly increased since the Sharks began talks with him given the 25-year-old has made his State of Origin debut since then.

Eels tired of ’embarrassment’ by Souths | 01:22

“I would have thought his price has gone gangbusters since then,” he said.

Kennedy is also in line for a pay rise after claiming the Sharks’ Player of the Year honors last season, while Ronaldo Mulitalo became a Kiwi international this year and Jesse Ramien has been in red-hot form, as was Sione Katoa before his season- ending shoulder injury.

“It’s going to cost them a lot of money to keep all of those guys,” Read said.

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Here’s when and how you can access the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta

Here’s when and how you can access the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta – The AU Review

Activision has recently announced exactly how and when fans can get their hands on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta. And the best news? It’s only a few weeks away.

The beta itself will be available at an earlier date for those who have pre-ordered the game, with two separate weekends providing access to the beta over a couple of days. We’ve outlined them for you below:

  • weekend 1
    • Saturday September 17th, 3am AEST until Tuesday September 20th, for both PS5 and PS4 owners who have pre-ordered the game.
    • Monday September 19th, 3am until Tuesday September 20th, for all PS5 and PS4 owners.
  • weekend 2
    • Friday September 23rd, 3am AEST until Monday September 26th for all PS5 and PS4 owners, and for Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC owners who have pre-ordered the game.
    • Sunday September 25th, 3am until Monday, September 26th, for all console and PC owners.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will launch on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows PC on the 28th of October, 2022.

Matthew Arcari

Matthew Arcari is the games and technology editor at The AU Review. You can find him on Twitter at @sirchunkee, or at the Dagobah System, chilling with Luke and Yoda.



D-Link R15 AX1500 Smart Router Review: A solid entry-level option

D-Link’s new Eagle Pro AI series of routers is looking to shake things on both sides of the market, from entry-level routers-to premium mesh systems. The R15 AX1500 Eagle Pro AI stands as the entry-level option, but provides some nifty value through its compact design, Wi-Fi 6 functionality and various smart features including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control commands, that this side of the market have been missing as of late. It might not jump out at users in any particular way, but still serves as a worthy upgrade for those looking for Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, or as a basic upgrade for those rather bare-bones routers provided by most internet and telco providers.


Much like its sibling, the G415 4G Smart Router, the R15 is rather compact an unassuming, sporting a flat white paint job and four side antennas. Unlike the G415, the R15 does sit flat on its back rather than standing upright, meaning it might take up a little more room in some spaces. That being said, the R15 is one of the smallest routers I’ve ever used, so I can’t imagine both the size and orientation being too much of an issue for most users.

The back of the router also sports three Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and a single Gigabit Ethernet port for even faster transfer speeds, the latter of which is now becoming a standard for all levels and tiers of internet routers. Beyond this, there’s admittedly not much going on with the router, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Its smaller size allows it to be tucked away, while the only thing I can truly point out regarding the overall appearance and design of such a router, is that the flat white colourway may stand out, particularly if your internet setup is located in a central position in the home.


In terms of performance, the R15 plays things relatively straight. With the ability to hit speeds of up to 1,201Mbps on 5GHz band and 300Mbps on the traditional 2.4GHz, most Australian users will find the router capable of transmitting the fastest speeds our internet companies and telco providers have to offer. Unlike most entry-level routers and routers provided by the aforementioned internet and telco companies, the the R15 can cover a whopping 230 square meters, making it a no-brainer for both smaller and larger households alike, without the need to purchase any external or additional extenders.

That being said, the R15 does play friendly with the Eagle Pro AI range, meaning such extenders and even additional routers can easily be paired to the R15 via the Eagle Pro AI app. Much like the G415 4G Smart Router, the Eagle Pro AI Engine also keeps users tuned to the most reliable band at any given time, be it the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band, allowing multiple uses to consistently access the most efficient and reliable method of connectivity .


Thankfully, the Eagle Pro AI app is incredibly friendly and easy to use. As we’ve covered most of the apps functionality and features in our D-Link G415 AX1500 4G Smart Router Review, we have included the relevant excerpt below, outlining a nearly identical experience in relation to the R15:

“It’s incredibly easy to navigate, and is responsible for additional features, including the aforementioned AI Mesh Optimiser and the handy AI Parental Control. As the name suggests, AI Parental Control allows users to monitor and manage their children’s online activities. From here, you can create a profile for individual users to block and minimize access to the internet. Aside from the rampant virus exposure that may be a cause for concern for some parents, certain sites can even be curbed thanks to a web filter.”

“The Eagle Pro AI App also allows for voice control through multiple platforms including the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This might feel unnecessary for some, but is a welcome inclusion for those looking to turn their home into a smart, interconnected haven. The included AI Assistant can also whip up weekly reports for you incusing user activity and general internet traffic, with recommendations on how to solve the issues that may arise as a result. Overall, the app is incredibly easy to navigate and continuously informative at every step.”

Verdict & Value

Overall, the D-Link R15 AX1500 Smart Router is a reliable router for the entry-level price tag. Thanks to the Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, Eagle Pro AI app and compact design, it’s admittedly hard to pass this one up, should you be upgrading from a basic router provided by your internet provider, or imply looking to the future for Wi-Fi 6 support, which is arguably provided here at one of the cheapest price points in the market today. Impressive range will negate the need for extenders in most homes, while such a solution is incredibly easy to set up given the seamless functionality of the Eagle Pro AI app. If you’re looking for a solid all-rounder for an entry-level price tag, you might not need to look any further.


lowlights: White coloring can stand out, particularly if internet setup is in a central location
manufacturer: D Link
Price: A$199

Review based on unit supplied by D-Link.



Electrify 2515 plan to subsidize renewable energy, EV car lease in Illawarra suburb

Low carbon emission enthusiasts have launched a scheme to create a fully electrified community, located in the northern Illawarra south of Sydney.

A call has gone out for homes in the postcode 2515 — covering Thirroul, Austinmer, Coledale, Wombarra Scarborough and Clifton — to sign up and potentially receive financial subsidies to convert to solar panels and install a battery, electric cooking, heating, and hot water. lease an electric car.

The scheme was the brainchild of Dr Saul Griffith, engineer and founder of Rewiring Australia and Rewiring America, who has been a climate adviser to US president Joe Biden and now lives locally.

Trent Janson from Electrify 2515 said the aim initially was to get 500 households to go fully electric.

“So taking your energy from the sun with solar panels, storing it in a battery then transitioning your cooking, space heating and water heating to fully electric and then last of all the big one is transitioning to an electric vehicle,” Mr Janson said.

“We chose this community because we are from this community.

“We know people here, we feel like we have the ability to mobilize this community and to bring them along.

“We also know there is a really high Greens vote here and there is a really large appetite for a project like this.”

He said Mr Griffith had already calculated the potential reduction in emissions.

“As Saul says, if we were to fully electrify all the homes in Australia we would cut our carbon footprint, he says from 28 to 42 per cent and if you include small businesses it’s between like 45 and 72 per cent.”

Saul Griffith standing in front of white background with arms crossed
Dr Saul Griffith says Australia is well placed to lead the world in electrification.(Supplied: Rewiring Australia)

Saul Griffith on his website said Electrify 2515 would potentially be the first of many areas to adopt the program.

“This would be a world first demonstration of full electrification that brings to light the abundant future available if Australia invests in the decarbonisation of its household infrastructure,” he said.