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“For every weapon class to have a purpose”

One of the major sources of constraint among Call of Duty Warzone players has always been the severely unbalanced meta of the game. But with the upcoming release of Warzone 2, fans hope that the developers will bring a balanced meta to the game where every weapon category will have a proper purpose.

The main problem with the current meta of Call of Duty Warzone is the disparity between time-to-kill (TTK) and the lack of effectiveness of certain categories of weapons.

The mainstream meta of Warzone is more partial towards assault rifles and sub-machine guns (SMGs). Why would a player equip a sniper when a long-range AR does the job better, or why would they choose a shotgun when an SMG kills faster at close range?

The game’s current meta is such that the entire category of snipers and shotguns have become ineffective in players’ eyes.


Reddit fans want the meta of Call of Duty Warzone 2 to have a bit more variety

The mainstream meta of Call of Duty Warzone heavily favors ARs as the primary long-range weapon and SMGs as the preferred close-range gun. The low recoil meta allows players to wreck their opponents at long range with just assault rifles.

As such, this category has mostly replaced snipers as the go-to long-range weapon among the operators.

Similar cases can also be observed in close-range engagements where SMGs outperform the shotguns even when the distance is as close as 5-7 meters. Due to these reasons, a severe drop in the pick rate of snipers and shotguns among players has been observed in the Call of Duty Warzone.

The disparity between the performances of certain categories of weapons has been a source of frustration among the players. They hope the meta will be much more balanced and diverse in the upcoming Warzone 2.

Redditor, u/Juken- feels that Call of Duty Warzone has been an excellent experimental board for the developers. They have collected a lot of data on how to nerf or buff the weapons. The Redditor hopes the developers will use this data to deliver more viable mets in Warzone 2.

Reddit user u/Youssef-Elsayed has posted an excellent way to nerf the extreme long-range potential of the ARs and improve the viability of the snipers. He stated that if a second damage drop-off is added to assault rifles at extreme ranges, players must use snipers to engage enemies at that range.

Redditor u/caksut1905 feels streamers mainly determine the meta with a much broader audience. The user thinks that the developers should also emphasize the feedback from the casual players in Warzone 2, who will make up the majority of the playerbase of the game.

Another user has provided a viable way to balance the shotguns so that they can also have a place in the mainstream meta of the game rather than being a niche weapon. He feels that shotguns should have a viable TTK up to 10 meters to perform well in that super-close range. This will improve the weapon’s usability for players willing to take the risk of engaging enemies at such a close range.

Another player feels that if the balancing of weapons is separated for multiplayer and battle royale mode, then the developers will have a much easier time balancing the weapon according to the playstyle and environment of the game.

As of right now, the meta of Call of Duty Warzone is a mess. Since Warzone 2 is being developed from the ground up as a proper battle royale rather than a separate game mode, players hope they will enjoy a balanced and diverse meta in the upcoming title.