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Mizkif reveals that his Discord server with more than 55,000 members was hacked

Twitch star Matthew “Mizkif” shared the harrowing news that his Discord server with more than 55,000 members was hacked recently, which led to thousands of fans’ accounts getting compromised.

The streamer uploaded a 12-minute video on YouTube titled i got hacked. In the video, I explained the matter in-depth and requested that his fans of him on the Discord server immediately reset their passwords and credentials to secure their accounts.


Mizkif explains how his Discord server was hacked


The streaming sensation revealed that he received an urgent call from his manager Nick “syn4ack” stating that “something terrible” had happened. Nick told him that Twitch content creator Lacari’s Discord account had been hacked.

Matthew mentioned that Lacari owned the entire Discord server and had administrative privileges:

“So Lacari had Mizkif role, which means he could do absolutely everything, and he was ahead of all the admins, and I never thought Lacari of all people would possibly ruin my entire career.”

One True King’s co-founder spoke about what the hacker ended up doing to his Discord server and added:

“A few hours before I wake up, the person who hacked Lacari’s account starts to go on my Discord and starts changing a bunch of roles around, and my mods were kind of suspicious. They were thinking Lacari’s maybe drunk. They were thinking that someone was messing with it, some friend of his, and he (the hacker) adds a bot!”

Matthew said that the bot spammed hundreds of messages about another Discord server:

“The admin gives this bot full admin privilege and basically says, ‘You can do whatever the f**k you want. You control the entire server.’ That bot unleashed on my server and spammed hundreds and hundreds of times, letting everyone know about a new server that you can join called Night Bar, which got 1,000 additional people in it once they spammed it in my Discord.”

The hacker on the other server known as Night Bar claimed that they had partnered with Mizkif and would be gifting Discord Nitro Classic subscriptions to their members upon reaching more than 55,000 members.

The Austin, Texas native pleaded with his fans to change their password if they had clicked on the malicious link, since the link apparently stole a unique Discord token from any account that clicked on it.

To resolve the issue, Mizkif’s manager told him to ban Lacari from the Discord server and continued the conversation further and said:

“And I was like, I got to ban Lacari. Boom, banned the guy. Next, I banned the bot, and we were able to fix the server. I’ve been non-stop trying to call Lacari at this point because Syn4ack’s like, “Dude, please get him on the phone. He needs to change his password immediately.” Because if your token gets taken, you essentially need to change your password to reset the token.”

In the end, Mizkif was able to get in touch with Lacari and told him to change his password immediately. Lacari then changed his password from him, and everything went back to normal as the Discord server was reset by the moderators.

Fans react to streamer’s Discord server getting hacked

More than 850 fans were present in the YouTube comment section, with several viewers praising the streamer for addressing and resolving the matter. Here is a snippet of some fan reactions:

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's statement (Image via Mizkif/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer’s statement (Image via Mizkif/YouTube)

Mizkif is one of the most prominent figures in the streaming world. He began streaming on Twitch back in 2017. He currently has more than two million followers and garners a viewership of 38k concurrent fans per stream.

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