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TikTok: US woman makes surprising claim about Aussie driver

An American woman living in Sydney has divided the internet after claiming that she did not use a handbrake on her car.

The woman, known as Brit, claimed in a now viral TikTok post that there was no need to use the handbrake except in certain circumstances because cars weren’t “rolling away”.

“If you’re American, do you use the parking brake when you drive?” she said in the video which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times and attracted over 2000 comments.

“Because I’ve never used one in my entire life but I think everyone uses them in Australia.

“And my boyfriend asks me to drive and I have to look at it and say ‘Is it on? I don’t know’.”

In a later video, Brit, who describes herself as a “Midwest girl living in Sydney”, clarified that there was only one circumstance in which she used the parking brake.

“I don’t know if the cars are built differently or something. A few people have commented and said that American cars have some sort of anti-roll s*** that Australian cars don’t,” she said.

“But the cars aren’t just f***ing rolling away guys. When you put it in park you can lean on it, you can push, it doesn’t just roll anywhere.

“We don’t need to put the parking brake on unless you’re on a really steep hill, that’s what we’re taught.”

Her post split the comments section in half, with some questioning how she was able to drive safely’.

“Que?!?! I’m American and I use them EVERYTIME! How did y’all pass your exam?,” one user said.

“This is why we see so many videos of parked cars rolling into traffic in the US,” another added.

Another user added: “Using the park break not only is a failsafe it’s to take away stress and strain from your gearbox/transmission.”

However some users from the US said that Brit was correct.

“These comments are killing me… we only use them on hills. IDK if our cars are different or what but I would never just use it,” one said.

Another added: “ONLY when i’m parked in an incline. idk why people just use them to use them. it’s not necessary.”

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