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Republicans leading midterm race for House: CBS poll

New CBS News Battleground Tracker polling shows Republicans in the lead for control of the House ahead of this year’s midterm elections, with 230 seats projected for the GOP and 205 for Democrats.

GOP wins in 230 districts would give Republicans 12 seats more than the 218 needed to control the chamber.

Democrats currently claim a slim majority of 220 seats to Republicans’ 211.

The poll’s margin of error for the parties’ projections is 12 seats.

The survey also found that Democrats are disenchanted with current affairs and less likely to show up to vote than their Republican counterparts.

Sixteen percent of Democrats and 43 percent of Republicans, meanwhile, said that they feel that congressional Democrats have not delivered on promises made in their last campaign cycle.

Sixty-seven percent of Democratic voters say congressional Democrats have delivered on “some” of those promises, and 17 percent believe they’ve delivered on “most or all.”

Sixty-eight percent of Republicans and a mere 7 percent of Democrats feel that congressional Republicans are fighting for them on the Hill.

Just half of surveyed voters felt enthusiastic about turning out for the vote in November.

And more Democrats reported being spurred to vote by former President Trump than by their own party leader.

Just 39 percent of Democrats say their midterm congressional vote is “a lot” about President Biden, compared to 62 percent of Republicans. By comparison, 46 percent of Democrats say their midterm vote is “a lot” about Trump, as did 47 percent of Republicans.

Conducted July 27-29, the tracker surveyed 1,743 registered voters weighted for gender, age, race, education and 2020 presidential vote. The margin of error is 3 points.

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