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Play with your iPhone like never before with this controller that is licensed by Sony

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If one of the things you like to do most with your iPhone is to play and, in addition, you are a lover of everything that Sony does in this regard, there is good news for you. This is because Sony puts on the market an officially licensed controller that is designed to be used with Apple phones.

The name of the accessory is Backbone One – PlayStation Edition and it has a completely recognizable design compared to the rest of the controls that are compatible with Sony consoles. An example of what we say is the placement and drawings of the buttons and, also, additional options such as the finish and the triggers. By the way, it is possible to get the new controller both in color white like in black (the first exclusive to iPhones), so you may select what works best for you.

back bone

How Sony’s new iPhone remote works

Obviously, the use has no mystery: you have to use the joysticks and buttons to control what you do in the games. And, to place the iPhone on the controller, there is a hollow The central one in which the terminal is placed fits perfectly -so there is no risk of falling-. In addition, there is a port of Connectionwhich supplies the necessary energy for the accessory to work with all its options.

But what is really interesting, and taking into account that Sony’s cloud service is becoming difficult, what this device offers is the possibility of running the application PS Remote Play to access the games you own on PS4 and PS5. In this way, and if they are compatible, you can use them with the iPhone easily and anywhere (but yes, to do this you have to access the Internet, so you consume data or you will have to be connected to a WiFi).

back bone

Something that is quite interesting is that the new Sony controller has a fairly wide compatibility, since according to the manufacturer itself you will not have any problem to be able to use other services that exist in the market -such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Call of Duty: Mobile-. By the way, also App Store games from Apple may be used. Therefore, we speak of great possibilities.

Controller options and prices

Bearing in mind that the new command is compatible with all iPhones on the market, you may be wondering if this device will come to Android. And the truth is that it will. But, yes, we will have to wait until November for this to happen. When it comes to price, this is about 100 euroswhich is not exactly the cheapest that can be found, but taking into account what this accessory offers and being official from Sony… More than one will surely believe that it is well worth spending a little more.


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