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Sodapoppin regrets not moving to Mixer in 2019

During a recent OTK livestream, popular Twitch streamer Thomas Chance “Sodapoppin” expressed his regrets for not moving to Microsoft’s Mixer when it was scouring platforms for talent.

Mixer gained immense popularity in 2019 and also signed massive exclusive deals with streaming phenomena Tyler “Ninja” and Michael “Shroud.”

Expressing his frustration, the Twitch streamer revealed that he missed out on an unbelievable amount of money that other streamers received for joining the interactive streaming platform. With that being said, Mixer’s acquisitions didn’t amount to much as it was shut down in 2020.

The streamer lamented nonetheless:

“I f**king wish I went to Mixer.

Sodapoppin reveals why he is jealous of Ninja and Shroud for moving from Twitch to Mixer

Sodapoppin has been among the top Twitch streamers for over a decade, boasting over 8.8 million followers on the platform. This figure makes him the 10th biggest channel on the Amazon-owned medium, behind high-profile streamers such as Ninja, xQc, and Pokimane.

The 28-year-old is mainly known for his IRL and gaming streams, which include various top titles such as World of WarCraft.

Sodapoppin recently joined the One True King Twitch channel for a livestream of their new PC building service Starforge. However, during the August 11, 2022 broadcast, the Twitch powerhouse revealed why he was willing to ditch the purple platform for the now defunct Mixer in 2019.


The streamer even explained why he was jealous of Ninja and Shroud, both of whom accrued a massive fortune in their deals with Mixer. Furthermore, following the platform’s downfall, both streamers were able to return to Twitch, much to Sodapoppin’s annoyance. The clip has already crossed over 63k views on Twitch alone.

Regretting his decision, the American streamer lamented:

“I f**king wish I went to Mixer, I’m so jealous. These f**k-sticks signed these contracts for tens of millions of dollars, and then they got to come back! They shut down, and they get to keep the f**king money.”

I have further added:

“Do you know how that feels, to like get a contract and be like ‘Hmm, morals?! And I keep getting f**ked! I’m just gonna start doing shady sh*t. It hurts. Goddammit. The Mixer deal, f**k man, I wish I’d signed that s**t, I really do.”

About Mixer

Emphasizing on interaction between streamers, viewers and low stream latency, the start-up was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 for an undisclosed amount. It quickly entered the limelight with incredible features such as faster-than-light technology and multiple highly synchronized feeds.

Due to its increasing prominence, many reckoned Mixers could dominate the streaming industry and compete against Twitch. However, that wasn’t the case as it egregiously failed to replicate its rival’s follower count.

Millions invested in securing top creators didn’t translate to significant viewership as their overall growth on the platform was painfully poor. Following much scrutiny, it was shut down by Microsoft in July 2020.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul