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NINA Synth Available For Pre-Order

Melbourne Instruments tells us that after the overwhelming response received at NAMM 2022, they have decided to offer Pre-orders for their LITTLE GIRL synth directly from their website, rather than a Kickstarter. Pre-orders will launch via Melbourne Instruments webstore from 10am, Tuesday, August 9, 2022 (Melbourne, Australia GMT+10). Here’s the details that they have sent us…

Price information
The full retail price for NINA is $US3500.00 plus taxes. A special first-edition run of 500 units will be individually badged and numbered. The first 100 units ordered will receive an Early Bird Discount of $500.00. After this, all units ordered before October 30, 2022 will have an Early Adopter Discount of $250.00. From November 1, 2022, any remaining units will be priced at $3500.00.

Updated NINA overview
Melbourne Instruments have pushed Nina’s capabilities, picking the best technology in analog and digital domains, but staying true to the simple operation of this type of instrument.

Key Features
• 12 Voices. Multitimbral and layering possible.
• Fully analog signal path.
• Discrete analog circuitry for the VCOs and VCFs, not off-the-shelf synth chips.

• Digital oscillators, wavetables and samples.
• Stereo output from each voice and a unique unison stereo spin effect..
• Patch morphing between 2 sounds of all settings including the mod matrix.
• A powerful modulation matrix that gets very close to the anything-to-anything ideal,
with unlimited bus connections.
• Interactive mod matrix setup mode using the motorized controls.
• Large amount of overdrive possible.
• Useful and expressive haptic feedback when using the knobs.
• Hackable open source software.

Melbourne Instruments are working closely with several renowned patch designers across the world, and promise a solid set of hundreds of patches on release. Some clips have already been put up on Soundcloud and Melbourne Instruments will be uploading more previews of the sound library in the coming weeks.

The first edition run of NINA is exclusively available direct from Melbourne Instruments. Pre-orders will commence on August 9, with delivery available to most locations. Nina is expected to ship in December this year.

NINA’s motorized controllers
Melbourne Instruments have developed our own motorized controller* to replace the potentiometers in a traditional synth. The design is based on a brushless drone motor with a custom own ultra-hires optical sensor. The brushless motor and contactless optical sensor are extremely robust with a lifetime rating in excess of 50 million cycles, which is 500 times more than conventional pots.
The result is the feel, subtlety and precision of a real analog potentiometer, while having instant recall and haptics. With haptics, the knobs can change dynamically from smooth to detained to multi-position switches. The end experience is far more useful and engaging than a standard analog pot.
*Patent Pending


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