David King and Gerard Whateley’s top 4 seeds after Round 21, 2022 – Michmutters

David King and Gerard Whateley’s top 4 seeds after Round 21, 2022

David King and Gerard Whateley have named their top four seeds after Round 21 of the 2022 AFL season.

King and Whateley have ranked the four teams they have the most confidence in, coupled with what they have shown so far.

The seedings will be updated on a weekly basis on SEN’s Whateley throughout the year.

See their seeds below:



“There’s a bit of a gap now.”


“I thought Melbourne’s first half was still enough to say, ‘Hey, don’t forget us’.”


“All that will happen is those two (Collingwood) will reverse depending on which way the result goes.

“I think Sydney have got strike power to cause some damage.”

4. Collingwood

“Nothing to do with numbers, just all on heart and effort and a preparedness to support teammates.

“It’s infectious, I love the story, and I want them to be there.”

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“Geelong stays one.”

2. Collingwood

“I’ve put Collingwood back to two.”


“I’ve got Melbourne at three because they lost to Collingwood, so I’ve got to flip them around.”


“If they do beat Collingwood, then they can climb.”


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