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Elon Musk scalls Instagram a ‘thirst trap,’ confesses to ‘selfie’ problem

Elon Musk has called Instagram a “next-level thirst trap” full of attractive women, and admitted that he stopped using the photo-sharing app after he found himself taking too many selfies.

“I was on Instagram for a while but I mean, so the problem is Instagram, man, it’s just a thirst trap, you know?” Musk said on an episode of the full send podcast last week, the new york post reports.

“Instagram is a next-level thirst trap.”

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A co-host then asked Musk to clarify, “On the women side, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, totally,” replied Musk, who has fathered 10 children with three different women.

“But the thing is I found myself taking like a lot of selfies and sh*t and I’m like, what the f**k man. Why am I doing this?

Musk then said that he realized that he was wasting his time with the app and decided to delete his account.

“I’m like, oh I’m trying to get more likes and do selfies, I’m not gonna – I gotta stop,” he said.

Musk said that he now maintains a “secret Instagram account” that he uses to look at posts.

He said he prefers using Twitter to communicate with the public.

“Whatever message I’m trying to get across I can just post on Twitter,” Musk said.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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