League of Legends player discovers fake Q animation for Space Groove Blitzcrank, calls it “pay-to-win abuse” – Michmutters

League of Legends player discovers fake Q animation for Space Groove Blitzcrank, calls it “pay-to-win abuse”

League of Legends might be having a bit of an issue with its competitive health as a player seems to have discovered a game-breaking exploit on one of Blitzcrank’s skins.

The cosmetic in question is the Space Groove skin. A Blitzcrank player has found an exploit where it has a fake Q animation, and opponents seem to be getting “juked” because of it.

Blitzcrank’s Q is one of the most powerful support abilities in the game, and grabbing the intended champion with it can easily turn the tides in his favor.

The ability also grants him a fair bit of lane presence and pressure. Hence, during the early stages of the game, players are quite weary of the grab and seek to avoid it at all costs.

However, as seen in a recent Reddit post, the Space Groove Blitzcrank seems to have a game-breaking exploit. The player is able to fake the animation with it, making the opponent juke the ability and waste resources like mana and Flash in the process.

Is Space Groove Blitzcrank a “pay-to-win” cosmetic in League of Legends?


Over the years, the League of Legends community has found many cosmetic exploits that made this particular skin have a “pay-to-win” gimmick built into it, even though it was not something Riot Games intended.

One such notorious skin was another Blitzcrank cosmetic called iBlitz, whose Q grab animation was visually one of the hardest to deal with.

In the case of Space Groove, however, the player was able to fake the animation start-up itself by using the Ctrl-4 hotkey to perform the action. The animation showed him stretching his left hand, while the Q ability made him stretch his right.

To a player who is unaware, the fake would look like Blitzcrank is actually going to use the grab ability, making them juke it as soon as they see the animation begin.


In the Reddit upload, one can clearly see how the Blitzcrank player was able to get a flash out of the enemy Ezreal by continuously faking the Q animation.

Many in the post have called out Riot Games, telling them that players’ ability to exploit the Space Groove skin like this hampers the competitive integrity of the game.

Animation fakes should not be allowed in a title like League of Legends, and it seems the exploit just makes the skin a “pay-to-win” cosmetic. Hopefully, Riot Games will be looking to add a fix to this issue in future updates.

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