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For The Love Of Zelda, Give Me Your Breath Of The Wild Beginner’s Tips

Hello, hello, hello, welcome back to another installation of Baby’s First Switch! As you would (hopefully) know by now, I am selecting different games to play on my Nintendo Switch each month which includes me asking all of you for advice. This month’s game I need your beginner’s tips for is none other than the iconic Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Yes, that’s right. I’ve finally caved and decided to play what I know will challenge me more than any other Switch game I’ve played so far.

The reason for my initial hesitation is that I’m not great with logic. Like, at there. My brain doesn’t think rationally and when too many things are happening I get overwhelmed. Basically, I have the same logic skillset as a 4th grader, actually they might be smarter than me.

I also struggle immensely with puzzles that require ANY form of maths, reasoning or science. This is why I’m a writer.

So, for this Baby’s First Switch, I need you all more than ever, and your beginner’s tips even more so. Por favor, help me get along with Breath of the Wild. I cannot have this purchase linger over me for the rest of my life knowing I couldn’t finish it because of how many time’s I’ll most likely cry over a puzzle I can’t figure out. Or how many times I keep dying in battle, or in the fields, or by those purple lava-looking things.

We did a community review way back when and you all had lots of thoughts, feelings and emotions about Breath of the Wild. So now, give me that same energy with your beginner’s tips.

the Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild beginner’s tips I need from you

Baby's First Switch: For The Love Of Zelda, Give Me Your Breath Of The Wild Beginner's Tips
Image: Nintendo/Zelda. Captioning by Kotaku Australia

I already know this is a hard game filled with puzzles my small, smooth brain cannot figure out so you best believe I need every single one of the tips and tricks you might possibly have for a simple beginner like me.

And if you don’t give me any of your beginner’s tips for Breath of the Wild I will simply cease to function. I will be stuck, frozen in time, glued to this keyboard I currently type from.

It will, not to be dramatic or anything, break my heart.

Look, I know I’m getting desperate here. I don’t want to say I’ve been ghosted by you all, Kotaku Australia community, but I’m starting to have doubts about our relationship. Is it me? Am I the villain? Why haven’t you responded to our texts? (By texts I mean comment section. It’s literally right below this article and you can jot down all the things you wish to say, we all know how much you love that. It’s free too!)

Anyways, the last time I asked for beginner’s tips the only person who came to my rescue was Louie. Even after my threats of sending our Ruby’s goblins! I hope you are all enjoying being covered in slime by them.

This time, I won’t be threatening you for tips. I will just be disappointed. Not mad, disappointed.

Yeah, try living with that.

If you want to give me some other gaming suggestions or tips, give me a shout on Twitter (@kystewart_) or chuck us an email.

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