Kyle Sandilands speaks out from hospital following birth of son Otto – Michmutters

Kyle Sandilands speaks out from hospital following birth of son Otto

Kyle Sandilands has offered a first glimpse of his newborn son Otto.

The baby was born shortly after the radio host frantically left his show, mid-program, when he learned fiancée Tegan Kynaston had gone into labor on Thursday morning.

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“The baby is perfect. Everything is wonderful. He was just under three kilos,” the new dad said from the hospital live on KIIS radio on Friday.

He said he did not cry when Otto was born but he “felt the need to cry, like when you’re catching your breath, but thought, I can’t pull this off in front of medical professionals”.

Speaking about the birth, the radio host revealed Otto was born via C-section.

Kyle Sandilands wheels in his new baby. Credit: Supplied

As his son came into the world, Sandilands described a “big fountain of urine that sprayed across the theatre”.

Kyle said he cut the umbilical cord, “but blood shot out – they don’t tell you there’s blood in it”.

“Tegan’s just gone to sleep, I’m planning on running next door and stealing the baby to show you,” the new dad said.

As Sandilands wheeled his new son in, Jackie Henderson and the rest of the KIIS team yelled out, “Aw look at him!”

Kyle Sandilands shows off baby Otto. Credit: Supplied

“Here he is,” an excited Sandilands said.

“My mum said, ‘Oh he looks exactly like you’.”

Henderson agreed, “I think it does look like you, Kyle.”

Sandilands said the nurses told him the baby will “change his appearance every day.”

“I think he’s absolutely gorgeous now,” the radio host sweetly said.

Kyle Sandilands speaks live on air. Credit: Supplied

“Do you think you’re producing a supermodel here, mate?” one of the producers joked.

“That love (that everyone talks about) is really immense anxiety and having no idea – I am out of my depth,” the new dad admitted.

“It’s the greatest day of my life, she’s like a super mum,” he said of his fiancée Kynaston.

On Thursday, the 51-year-old quickly said his goodbyes to the KIIS team before removing his headphones – as he rushed out the door to be by Kynaston’s side in hospital.

Kyle Sandilands leaves the radio show. Credit: Supplied

‘It’s time!’

Shortly after, co-host Henderson confirmed on the show the couple had welcomed their baby boy after receiving a text message from Sandilands’ manager Bruno Bouchet.

“Little Otto was born this morning. Mum and bub both doing well,” the text from Bouchet read.

“Kyle’s beyond excited.”

Earlier on Thursday, Sandilands said he was broadcasting from home when he received the best personal news.

“I might have to leave the show and go to the hospital,” he abruptly said during the radio show.

Jackie O Henderson reacts to the news. Credit: Supplied

Kyle leaves mid-broadcast for the arrival of his baby.

Kyle leaves mid-broadcast for the arrival of his baby.

“It’s time? Oh, it’s time!” co-host Jackie O Henderson was heard saying from the studio.

“It’s time,” Sandilands confirmed.

The studio broke out in applause as the dad-to-be prepared to leave.

“Calm down, we don’t want the kid coming out too soon,” Sandilands joked.

Kyle and Tegan, who began dating in 2019, have already decided on names for both genders. Credit: Kyle and Jackie O

“You ready?” he was heard saying ‘off mic’ before telling the team, “Guys I’m so sorry, I feel very unprepared – I don’t even know if…”

“It’s okay,” Henderson reassured him, asking “Have you got your bag packed and everything?”.

“Yes, I’ve got my bag,” he replied.

“I’ve got to run, I feel like I’m abandoning you,” Sandilands added, before rushing off.

Kyle and Tegan find out they’re having a boy. Credit: kyleandjackieoshow/Instagram

Boy or girl?

After announcing the pregnancy news in February, Sandilands and Kynaston celebrated by throwing a gender reveal party on a boat in the middle of Sydney Harbour.

Courtesy of the Kyle and Jackie O Show’s Instagram, the excited couple was seen arriving on the boat as a live band played.

Pictures were shared of the four-tier gender reveal cake, ‘baby Sandilands’ decor, an elaborate candy bar – all in shades of blue and pink.

Kyle and Tegan before the gender reveal. Credit: kyleandjackieoshow/Instagram

The parents-to-be found out live on air that they were expecting a little boy.

The gender was announced by plans that flew over their boat spewing blue smoke.

Live on air, you could hear the crowd cheer as the plans flew past.

“We did expect a girl but we’re very, very happy,” Sandilands said after the plans flew past.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: Kyle Sandilands announces the birth of his unborn child

Kyle Sandilands announces the birth of his unborn child.

Kyle Sandilands announces the birth of his unborn child.
Some snapshots from the gender reveal party. Credit: kyleandjackieoshow/Instagram

Sandilands and Kynaston, who began dating in 2019, shared that they had decided on potential baby names.

Announcing to his listeners on February 13, Sandilands said: “We’re having a baby!” prompting the entire KIIS FM studio team to cheer.

“We are having a friggin’ baby. I couldn’t be happier,” he added.

Co-host Henderson – who’s a mother to daughter Kitty, aged 10 – told the couple she was “so happy”, and told them their lives would soon change forever.

Kyle Sandilands announces his baby’s gender in Sydney harbour.

Kyle Sandilands announces his baby’s gender in Sydney harbour.

‘He’s very emotional about it’

Speaking on air, Kynaston said Sandilands had been “excellent” since she’s fallen pregnant.

“He’s been very emotional… very happy about it,” she said.

Sandilands said his manager Bruno found it challenging to deflect questions from the media after Kynaston was spotted on February 2 with a “slight bump”.

Announcing to his listeners, Kyle said: “We’re having a baby!” prompting the entire KIIS FM studio team to cheer. Credit: KIIS

The couple announced their engagement live on air in January after he proposed in Port Douglas.

“I apologize to the women of the world, as I am officially off the market,” Sandilands said at the time.

He told his listeners Kynaston had “no clue” the proposal was coming.

The 50-year-old went into detail about his elaborate proposal plans that were set to feature fireworks, live music, an array of candles and a lavish meal.

However, not everything went according to plan.

A still from the proposal video posted to Instagram. Credit: kyleandjackieoshow/Instagram

The KIIS FM host had organized for singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell to fly in from overseas and perform the couple’s favorite song while Sandilands got down on one knee.

The radio host shared that “two days before the proposal, Conrad rang and he was very upset because he had caught COVID.”

“I couldn’t postpone it because there were chefs, fireworks and I had hired a venue,” Sandilands said.

Despite the complications, Sandilands told listeners the proposal went ahead without live music, explaining to then-girlfriend Kynaston that they were attending a pop-up art show.

Kyle Sandilands, left, and Tegan Kynaston, right. Credit: Getty Images/Facebook

“When we got there, we got out, I swung the door open and they played the Conrad song. There were candles and soft lighting,” Sandilands said.

Following the romantic proposal, the couple watched the fireworks display alongside close family and friends.

Kynaston, who is 15 years younger than her fiancé, met Sandilands as his personal assistant in 2019.

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