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YouTube Shorts can now be easily created from existing long-form videos

Short format media has been dominating lately, with bite-sized and easily digestible clips gaining a resurgence thanks to apps like TikTok. Because of this, YouTube introduced its take on short-form videos called Shorts, encouraging users to experiment with shorter media on its platform. From now on, YouTube will make it easier for creators to make Shorts, allowing them to take existing content in their library, edit it, and upload their new creations to YouTube.

Creators can head to the YouTube Studio app and choose from any long-form video in their library, select up to 60 seconds, and create Shorts. Users will have access to all of the same tools found in the web-based version of YouTube Studio, like the timeline editor, filters, music, and more. Furthermore, creators can add additional footage as needed from their gallery if it does not meet the 60-second requirement. Creators will also be able to fill in content by using the Shorts camera. Best of all, Shorts created using existing videos on YouTube will have links to the original videos. The feature is currently rolling out to iOS and Android devices.

While short-form videos are having a moment, flourishing on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, other platforms like Instagram are struggling to capitalize. Recently, Instagram released a new change to its feed, displaying full-screen images and videos. Unfortunately, this change didn’t go down well, as users began to complain en masse, requiring Instagram’s CEO to address the changes. As a result, the company eventually back-peddled, reverting the feed to its previous incarnation. Despite this, Instagram has committed itself to evolving and pursuing a future that is leaning more toward videos and away from its roots of still images. It’s hard to tell how this will all pan out, but one thing is sure, today’s trend could quickly and abruptly end as soon as tomorrow.

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