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WA Supreme Court hears man allegedly attempted to kill partner of 35 years

A 58-year-old Perth man armed himself with a large knife and tried to kill his wife after becoming angry at her for ending their 35-year relationship and taking out a restraining order against him, the WA Supreme Court has been told.

The man, who the ABC has chosen not to name, is on trial accused of attempting to murder his wife as she lay sleeping the room of her Beeliar home, with her four-year-old granddaughter beside her, just after midnight on September 25 , 2020.

The court was told the couple’s adult son, who was staying with his mother to protect her, heard his mother’s cries for help and rushed into the bedroom.

He managed to grab his father in a bear hug and eventually forced him to drop the knife, while the woman called the police.

She had suffered injuries to her hands, including a ruptured tendon, because she grabbed the knife when her husband jumped on top of her, after entering the bedroom and turning on the light.

State Prosecutor Brett Tooker said the man had been holding the weapon at his wife’s chest while yelling things like “you’re dead, I’m going to kill you.”

A silhouette of a woman as she looks out of a window
The woman ended the relationship with her husband after he started drinking and psychologically verbally abusing her.(ABC Far North: Holly Richardson)

Mr Tooker said the problems in the relationship started in about 2017, when the accused man started drinking alcohol heavily and mixing it with prescription medication.

The court heard the man first physically assaulted his wife in early 2018, when he put his hands around her neck, but she decided not to call the police because he promised not to do it again.

‘You better sleep with one eye open’, wife told

However, Mr Tooker said the man continued to verbally and psychologically abuse his wife who, by mid-September 2020, decided to end their relationship.


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