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Kalyn Ponga kicked out of toilet cubicle, video, Newcastle Knights, investigation, Kurt Mann

Knights superstar Kalyn Ponga looks set to be stripped of the captaincy after a video emerged of him being kicked out of a toilet cubicle with teammate Kurt Mann.

The video came to light on Monday morning, sparking Ponga’s dad, Andre to claim the 24-year-old was “sick in the toilet and his mate went in to help him” while out celebrating “an exciting house purchase.”

Although, Fox League’s James Hooper suggested that wasn’t the real story, telling NRL 360: “You might have to get Pinocchio out again, we aren’t believing that fairytale are we?”

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Newly signed football manager Peter Parr will front the media on Tuesday and News Corp Journalist Phil Rothfield believes it could be the end of Ponga’s reign as captain.

“I think it’s a really, really bad look and I know the Knights are really concerned about the PR side of it and the culture side of it,” he told NRL 360.

“Do you know how serious I think it is, I think he will be stripped of the captaincy over this.”

Ponga was announced as co-captain alongside Jayden Brailey in February, however with the latter missing for a lot of the season Ponga carried the responsibility himself for the first 16 rounds.

Hooper agreed that “it’s a bad scene” and urged the Knights to come down hard on Ponga given prop David Klemmer was stood down for an on-field incident involving a trainer.

“If he’s had concussions, commonsense tells you he should be (on an alcohol ban), certainly Kurt Mann (who is injured) is supposed to be on an alcohol ban,” he said.

Put asked to leave toilet cubicle | 00:16

“They tore strips off David Klemmer for swearing at a trainer on the field, I’d argue that this is far more detrimental in terms of negative headlines for the club and if they’re fair dinkum they’ll read the Riot Act tomorrow morning , Peter Parr will front the media and he will say ‘enough is enough, this is the line in the sand moment, we’re not going to tolerate this sort of jibber anymore.’

“Off the back of that I think both of them are going to have to be issued breach notices and fines. Because if they’re going to breach David Klemmer and fine him for something that was trivial on the field with a trainer, you can’t cop this.”


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However Paul Kent fears stripping the captaincy could have the opposite effect and believes the club should “demand” Put “lifts his standards.”

“I would say to him ‘you’re the only guy at this club that can lead us out of trouble and we’ve paid you the money you deserve, you’re a senior player and an Origin start…’ and I would oblige him to start leading them out of the woods,” he said.

“If you’re going to spend that money on a player you’ve got to get a return out of him. The way to get the best out of Kalyn is not to banish him, not to sack him from the captaincy.

“I’m not excusing it, I would bring him in and give him the Riot Act but I’d say to him ‘you’re the guy mate’ and I would demand that he starts lifting his standards and he takes his teammates with him.

“If he’s got any sense of decency inside of him as a player from a football point of view he will respond to that.”

Lowly Titans embarrass meek Manly | 02:18

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Braith Anasta agreed.

“As much as he’s taken the mickey, this guy holds the key to success… you’ve got to get this blokes in your hip pocket,” he said.

“Kick him in the ass but say ‘this is it mate, this is your last chance.’ They should do some in-house stuff over the next 24 hours, teach him a lesson, scare the you know what out of him and go ‘c’mon mate.’

“If you just sack him as captain you start to lose your key player.”



Todd Payten, Johnathan Thurston, Face-to-face with Matty Johns, Cowboys, Tigers, 2005 grand finale

Watch Todd Payten on Face-to-face with Matty Johns on Tuesday night at 7.30pm on Fox League.

Cowboys coach Todd Payten revealed Johnathan Thurston originally didn’t want him at the club due to the fact he beat him in the 2005 Grand Final, while playing for the Tigers.

Payten’s Tigers beat Thurston’s Cowboys 30-16 in the 2005 decider and the future Immortal took the loss as hard as anyone on the night.

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However, even nearly 10 years later when Payten joined the Cowboys as an assistant, Thurston wasn’t interested in having a player who beat him in a grand final coaching at his club.

“A funny story he (Thurston) didn’t want me at the club,” Payten said on Face-to-face with Matty Johns.

“Obviously we had a history, Tigers vs. Cowboys in the 2005 Grand Final.

“Peter Parr brought it up with Johnno and he said, no way he is not at our club.

“In the end he had to be talked around and I’m grateful that they talked him around.”


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Johnathan Thurston was shattered after the Cowboys lost the 2005 decider.Source: News Limited

Johns asked if the rivalry between the Tigers and the Cowboys was that strong to last nearly a decade after the 2005 Grand Final.

“Was the rivalry that bitter?” Johns asked.

“No, it wasn’t bitter,” Payten said.

“It just typifies the type of competitor Johnno is. He doesn’t like to lose.

“I’d run across Johnno at different times in different places and he was always a decent fella to talk to, but losing grand finals is hard to get over.”

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Cowboys coach Todd Payten.Source: News Corp Australia

However, Thurston welcomed Payten to the club and they made two grand finals and won the 2015 decider together 10 years after that fateful 2005 match.

“It was enjoyable,” Payten said of coaching Thurston and the Cowboys of that era.

“I was a little bit gun shy with Johnno (Thurston) at first. He was one of the best players in the world and my thought process was, how am I going to tell him what to do?

Wests Tigers opt not to take legal action | 00:47

“But after a while he pulled me aside and said, mate tell me the truth, I want to know.

“That’s when I worked out that the elite players want to be coached and they want some information.

“He put me at ease with that.”



Newcastle Knights, Adam O’Brien, squad, roster, management, players, David Klemmer

The Newcastle Knights and their coach Adam O’Brien are at a crossroads after a horror season that could see them go from the finals to the wooden spoon in one year.

The Knights have the worst defensive record in the NRL and their attack is not much better with the pressure ramping up on O’Brien to keep his job amid turmoil and player unrest at the club.

Paul Kent believes the recent changes to the club’s football department is evidence that the Knights desperately need to change the way they operate in time for next season.

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“This is a touchstone moment for Adam O’Brien,” Kent said on NRL 360.

“His career now is at a tipping point. After the season they have had where they have shown no improvement on the two previous seasons. In fact they have gone backwards.

“You have got player unrest. You have got a club that is trying to turn things around.

“Phil Gardner has moved himself away from much of the football operation, which he needed to do because he was inexperienced and after putting his toe in the water for 18 months he failed to come up with what they need.

“They have got a rookie football manager in Danny Buderus, who has suddenly been pushed sideways to bring in Peter Parr. They are trying to start the turnaround.

“Adam O’Brien has realized that he is either part of the solution or part of the problem and it starts now.”


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Knights coach Adam O’Brien.Source: Supplied

Phil Rothfield revealed O’Brien admitted he has eight weeks next season to turn things around, but Kent believes that might be generous, given their current predicament.

“Buzz said he has six to eight weeks next year,” Kent said.

“I don’t think he has got that because if the Knights find out eight weeks into next season that they have made a blue, then next season has gone as well.

“Adam O’Brien touched on in that press conference that their summer training was not up to speed this year as it should have been.

“He said, that is the one thing he would like to get in order going into next season. That’s where it starts for them next season. It begins for him now.”

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Klemmer sanctioned for abusing trainer | 02:55

Kent accused the Knights of being too soft on their players in the wake of the decision to reprimand David Klemmer.

“It began it appears today with David Klemmer and let’s talk about player discipline and how players buy into what is going on at teams,” Kent said.

“David Klemmer is known for not wanting to go off the field. Let’s cop that. It happened at Canterbury. It has happened before.

“But we talk about Brandon Smith and what Melbourne have done to him since he got sin-binned and suspended a couple of weeks back and how they drive their discipline, which Adam O’Brien has been aware of.

“I think for too long up there he has been running a soft ship and they basically have been taking the mickey out of him, so I think that is where it starts.”

Is O’Brien under pressure at Knights? | 05:59

The Daily Telegraph’s Dave Riccio agreed O’Brien’s future is on thin ice, given they are unlikely to win another game in 2022, with the wooden spoon a real possibility.

“I think Adam’s coaching career is right on the precipice,” Riccio said.

“Don’t forget this Newcastle Knights side can still get the wooden spoon. They play the Tigers this weekend.

“If they lose to the Tigers you can bet your bottom dollar the heat will be turned up.

“They then play the Broncos away. They play the Raiders at home. The Titans away and they finish with the Sharks at home.

“I haven’t got the Knights winning any of those games.”

Kent believes the introduction of Parr as the club’s director of football means that Phil Gardner will no longer have the final say on O’Brien’s future.

Inside Klemmer’s failed move to the Eels | 02:08

“Gardner has no longer got the say,” Kent said.

“Parr will have the say. Parr will sit there over summer and if he decides things aren’t looking the way they need to look, he can still find himself a coach.

“He has got trainers and strength and conditioning coaches in from the Roosters and the Panthers and everywhere else. They are in good hands there.”

Riccio agreed the board will decide who the long-term coach will be based on a recommendation from Parr.

“I think it will come down to the board,” Riccio said.

“I think Peter Parr has been put there for a reason. Not only for his experience and know how, but I believe he can make a tough call.

“And Gardner can remove himself from what has been a car crash since he got there.”

In light of O’Brien’s comments that he has seen what success looks like at the Storm and the Roosters, Kent believes it is time for less talk and more action at the Knights.

“At some point you have got to start living the standard and not talking the standard,” Kent said.

“I think for too long at Newcastle they talk about what they want to do.

“It has been going on for too long where they just basically pull the shades down over everybody’s eyes and say, don’t worry about us we are going OK, when in fact they are not doing what Newcastle are known for, which is playing tough, hard football and being constantly competitive.”



Knights coach under pressure, Adam O’Brien, sacked, press conference, Buzz Rothfield, coach fired, news, highlights, NRL 360

Knights coach Adam O’Brien has reportedly conceded the club’s 2022 campaign is over — putting a timeline on his own tenure as the man to lead Newcastle forward.

The Knights have struggled this season, recording only five wins from 19 games, with pressure mounting on the men from the Hunter to turn their fortunes around.

O’Brien’s future as the club’s head coach has been firmly thrust into the spotlight, and now the 44-year-old has admitted he may have “six to eight weeks” at the start of the 2023 season to save his job.

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“I spoke to Adam O’Brien this morning, he asked me ‘how are the punters seeing it from outside’,” The Daily Telegraph’s Buzz Rothfield said on NRL360.

“I said I think everyone is happy that you are safe for the rest of the year, I then said I think you have six to eight weeks at the start of next year.

“I have agreed, 100% I have agreed.”

But NRL360 co-host Paul Kent disagreed, questioning why the club would take a gamble on a coach that has failed to meet expectations in 2022.

Meanwhile, Newcastle have signed Peter Parr as the director of football, handing over control of the Knights’ football operations.

How long will Carrigan get for hip drop? | 03:22

Kent believes that Parr won’t be willing to gamble at the start of next season as beginning each year strong is crucial to slotting into the top eight.

“If that is the case, I would now shorten that, Peter Parr has now come into the club, why would Newcastle take a gamble on the start of next year?” Kent asked.

“If you gamble the first six to eight weeks next year, after that it is all over.”

“What he is saying is this season is over, what he is saying is that the patience and the loyalty that he expects from the board will go for six to eight weeks next year,” Rothfield said.

NRL360 host Braith Anasta likened O’Brien’s situation to that of embattled Titans coach Justin Holbrook — who is also facing the ax after a tumultuous 2022 campaign.

Both made the decision to dump experienced halfbacks in Mitchell Pearce and Jamal Fogarty, and both are paying the price.

“The start of next year is just everything for both coaches,” Anasta said.

“The six weeks to start next year is going to be everything.”


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“The halfback, Mitchell Pearce going, he took them to finals two years in a row and he walked,” Rothfield added.

Meanwhile, O’Brien came under fire for referencing his resume as an assistant after the club’s poor performance against the Bulldogs.

O’Brien worked under Craig Bellamy during a successful period for the Melbourne Storm, explaining he knows how to win premierships.

“Previous to getting this job here I was involved in four grand finals,” O’Brien said.

“I know how those teams prepared. I know the systems they used defensively.

“You don’t unlearn that knowledge. Applying it and getting it ingrained is clearly going to take some time.”

Kent slammed O’Brien’s claims, explaining there is a major difference between watching someone else teach a system and implementing it in your own team.

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Inside Klemmer’s failed move to the Eels | 02:08

“If Adam O’Brien had his chance again he would have shut up and said nothing,” Kent said.

“And what he said there is irrelevant because it doesn’t matter if you have seen it… you have got to start being the head coach and making decisions.

“There is a big difference between being the assistant and the head coach, to know what it looks like doesn’t mean you can teach it.

“Everyone just looks at what everyone is doing, okay we will start coaching that.

“We spoke about it earlier in the year when Trent Barrett was trying to integrate Penrith’s style of attack into Canterbury.

“They are two different playing groups and sometimes you can’t just sit down and teach a fifth grader four-unit maths, you need to take the stepping stones to get there.”