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This Small Computer Is A Great First Step Into PC Gaming For Families

I’m often on the look out for new computer solutions for the family. Whether it’s gaming, homework or socializing there’s always something to get tech ready for.

In particular my son has wanted to dip his toe into the world of PC gaming. More specifically, indie games. He likes the idea of ​​getting access to the big new thing all his friends are talking about in the playground (most recently Loop Hero and Vampire Survivors). I like the idea of ​​him playing a wider range of games, and also having a way to do his homework without tying up the main computer.

For the past couple of months we have been trying out the Geekom Mini IT8. It’s a small footprint device that promises to punch above its weight in terms of performance. Getting it out of the box and seeing how small it was, I was a little skeptical it would be up to the gaming spec he needed.

There are a few configurations. We went for the 16GB/256GB that comes in around $519. The device itself is, as I mentioned, pretty small. But it has all the ports and connectors a larger computer would have. We plugged in a keyboard, mouse, HDMI monitor and power, and were all set.

By the time my son had started to download some games I had read a few other reviews decrying the performance for gaming. This is true if you are going to be running a high spec game that is graphically intensive. But the games my son wanted to play were actually pretty light on the visuals.

Working through a range of games from a list he had compiled, most of them ran fine. It’s worth saying that it did mean the fan revved up to maximum and emitted a dull hum. I asked him about this and he said it wasn’t a problem as he played with a headset.

The most graphically intensive game we ran was Counter-Strike. We did need to fiddle with the settings a bit, but soon had it running smoothly. It was great to see him be able to give this a go. Not only on a machine that didn’t cost the earth, but also didn’t take up a huge amount of desk space.

Since then the Geekom Mini IT8 has meant that we have explore loads of PC games. In fact it’s become a regular father-son thing. He’ll appear at the living room door clutching the little computer, ready to plug it into the TV for an hour of playing together.

If you don’t have a PC and are looking for a way to step into some light PC gaming, the Geekom Mini IT8 is a great way to do it. It’s also pretty good for homework too.



5 best games to buy from ongoing Steam Survival Fest 2022

Survival games sit right atop the mountain in popularity and niche appeal. Their freeform nature assets players looking for meaningful exploration and adventure.

However, the core mechanics themselves can still be a turn-off for many, particularly if they are grindy or challenging.

Welcome to Steam Survival Fest! From now until August 8th, join us for a Festival of Fortitude celebrating the struggle to beat the elements with discounts and demos on current and upcoming survival games of all kinds.store.steampowered.com/category/survi… https://t. co/weQGOuiOtc

With the ongoing Steam Survival Fest, users can check out some of the best the genre has to offer. From 3D open worlds to 2D entries with horror elements, there is something for everyone here.

The sale will end on August 8, 2022, at 10 am PT, so ensure to make the most of whatever time is left.

These are some of the best games to buy from Steam Survival Fest 2022

1) Subnautica (50% off)


One of the best survival games of all time, Subnautica from Unknown Worlds is a must-own for fans of the genre. After their spaceship crashlands onto uncharted alien planet 4546B, gamers must brave its aquatic ecosystem in search of a way out.

Explore the vast open world, harvest the planet’s resources for crafting tools and equipment to progress and uncover the mystery behind ancient alien ruins. This game is a thalassophobe’s nightmare come true simply due to how immersive the atmosphere is despite having a sci-fi setting.

Fans can expect more support for Subnautica and its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero (also 50% off), in the future.

2) Darkwood (70% off)


Acid Wizard Studio’s 2017 isometric survival horror whisks players away to a heavily forested area in the Polish People’s Republic while following a non-linear storyline with an oddball cast of NPCs.

During the day, resource gathering, crafting, and exploration is needed to survive because Darkwood turns into tower defense during nighttime. With monsters out on the prowl when dusk falls, users must barricade their houses and strategically keep track of potential intruders.

Elements like a cone of vision, punishing difficulty, and sound cues also ensure this is an experience only targeted toward the hardcore crowd.

3) Chernobylite (30% off)


From the developers behind the underrated psychological thriller FPS Get Even, Chernobylite takes heavy inspiration from the STALKER series. It similarly takes place in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Igor Khymynuk, a former Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant physicist, must explore the radioactive wasteland in search of his fiancée. The gameplay is first-person, as gamers explore the sandbox searching for resources, crafting, and encountering anomalies and alien foes.

With a heavy focus on narrative, they must also make tough choices as they contend with forces beyond their understanding in The Farm 51’s 2021 FPS game.

4) Barotrauma (75% off)


Another underwater terror-fest, Barotrauma from Undertow Games goes for a unique spin. Firstly, the setting is Europa, one of planet Jupiter’s moons. Users are crew members of a submarine that navigates the alien waters of the moon.

Yet that is not enough, as they must also contend with different challenges, from parasitic outbreaks and submarine maintenance to exploring the ocean and side missions.

With upgrades, crafting, combat (both against threats in and outside the submarine), and more, survival fans will spend hours submerged in this 2D sidescroller.

5) This War of Mine (80% off)


One of the most popular survival games of all time, This War of Mine from 11-bit Studios perfectly captures the horrors of war into a gripping strategic experience. Set during a war in a fictional country, players control different civilians holed up inside a safehouse as they struggle to survive by scavenging for resources and negotiating with NPCs.

Each character comes from different backgrounds and, as such, specializes in various things, from combat to cooking. With the game’s core pillar revolving around managing each character’s health, hunger, and mood levels until a ceasefire is declared, This War of Mine is bound to leave a strong impression on gamers.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author’s opinion.