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Struggling To Keep Your Plants Alive? LEGO Has The Solution.

Everyone knows the pain. Buying a beautiful plant…only for it to die within a couple of weeks or even days. Yes, there are ways to extend the life of indoor plants. However, with our busy lives, sometimes we simply forget to tend to them.

We all want a luscious home garden that’s still easy to maintain. Well, we’ve found a solution to this conundrum.

LEGO has recently added two new additions to its Botanical Collection, now including orchids, succulents, a flower bouquet and a bonsai tree, all beautifully designed and will survive at the hands of even the worst plant carer.


Since launch, the collection has been gaining popularity on TikTok with people excited that they’ve finally found the solution to keeping their flowers alive.

Check out these videos from popular TikTok creators:

@raposo.rafaella arranges her LEGO flowers

Check out @raposo.rafaella arranging her new LEGO flowers in a beautiful vase. Paired with other trinkets, this is definitely the best bedside table arrangement.

@vtnat showcases this super cute LEGO bonsai tree

Amassing over 315K likes and 1.6M views, this video gives us a closer look at the cute bonsai tree.

@soft.pinec0ne creates a photo-worthy bouquet

This video gives us another look at how the LEGO bouquet can be displayed to enhance the interior design of any home.

@plumsoju demonstrates how to set up the orchid

Like us, @plumsoju has trouble keeping his plants alive. Take a look at how fun and easy it is to assemble the orchid!

The Botanical Collection is available on LEGO’s website or at any LEGO stockist!

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