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Ranking Every Newly Announced Track

Pushing five years now since its release on Nintendo Switch, mario kart 8 is still going strong. Nintendo has just announced the second wave of their DLC tracks, with 8 new courses coming returning to the series from previous games.

Now, it would be difficult to call any track from mario kart 8 “bad”, as they are all pretty fun, but some definitely have risen above the rest of the pack in popularity. These are all of the new tracks, ranked by which are the best of the lot.

SNES Mario Circuit 3

Super Mario Kart Circuit Race

original Mario Kart for the SNES is the one that started it all, and the Mario Circuit 3 was a variation on the basic, classic racetrack. This is great for nostalgia, and mario kart 8 looks to be doing a great job of updating the track for modern play while keeping the aesthetic.


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Unfortunately, it also means that, like other updates of SNES tracks, Mario Circuit 3 is somewhat bland. It still looks great, but there is little in the way of jumps, obstacles, or variation. It is simply a series of turns and item boxes. Mario Circuit 3 is a great nostalgia trip, but is outshined by more exciting courses.

GBA Snowland

Mario prepares a mushroom while racing through Snow Land in Mario Kart 8

Like Mario Circuit 3, Snow Land for the Game Boy Advance release Mario Kart: Super Circuit is held back slightly by the of its original console. The course is still a lot of fun, but is still somewhat basic compared to many of the other tracks in wave 2.

That said, Snow Land has definitely been overhauled since its Game Boy Advance days. More than just being given a fresh coat of paint, the track features several jumps, watery hazards, and penguins. Plus, the snow and ice may make for some varied surfaces for players to race on. With these upgrades, Snow Land could stand up with Mario Kart 8’s best retro courses.

N64 Kalimari Desert

Mario Kart Kalimari Desert

The Kalimari Desert has seen several appearances in the Mario Kart series, but the N64 version remains the original and definitive. The updated version of the track looks to be a faithful and exciting new addition to the mario kart 8 roster.

Featuring a fun old-west style score and some gorgeous desert backgrounds reminiscent of the American Southwest, Kalimari Desert is also a fun and varied track, with plenty of jumps, shortcuts, and even a train to dodge. Kalimari Desert is a blast to race through as all of Mario Kart 8’s best characters.

Sydney Sprint Tour

the Sydney Opera House in Sydney sprint from Mario Kart Tour

Sydney Sprint first appeared in the mobile mario kart tour, and is an impressive and fun recreation of a real city. The course has multiple levels in some areas, giving players the choice of the high or low road, and has some quick turns that players can use for a long drift.

The tour through the famous Australian city takes players through iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, and a lovely glide over the harbor itself. The track itself is not quite as eccentric as some others, but its recreation of the city is a sight to behold.

New York Minute Tour

starting line new york minute in Mario Kart 8

New York Minute made its Mario Kart debut in mario kart tour alongside Sydney Sprint, and is another recreation of an even more famous city. The track takes players through Central Park and past various iconic landmarks, such as the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden.

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Not only will those familiar with the city notice plenty of familiar spots, New York Minute is also full of opportunities for jumps and quick boosts to stay ahead of the competition. Sydney Sprint may also be pretty great, but New York Minute just barely has it beat.

Sky High Sundae

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass Wave 2 Sky-High Sundae

The only new track in the Wave 2 DLC pack, Sky-High Sundae looks to be a thrilling and dangerous course. Set in a floating city made of ice cream and other sweets, Sky-High Sundae is a high-risk, challenging course sure to excite long-time fans.

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The course features sections with multiple pathways, narrow tracks, tight turns, and high-flying gliding sections. Racers will definitely need to be careful not to fall off the precarious confectionaries and can try to outwit their opponents with alternate paths. Sky-High Sundae could be a high-skill course with the potential to be one of the hardest tracks in mario kart 8.

Wii Mushroom Gorge

overview of mushroom gorge in Mario Kart Wii

Mushroom Gorge was one of the best tracks for Mario Kart’s Wii release, so fans should be thrilled that it is returning to the series for mario kart 8‘s second wave. The track was visually stunning, allowed for some clever strategy, and was just a blast to play.

Mushroom Gorge featured a few sections with multiple paths, allowing players to choose their best route, and the titular mushrooms could give players a quick bounce over gaps or other players. Throw in a few obstacles at the end and some breakneck turns, and Mushroom Gorge has the potential to be one the best DLC tracks in mario kart 8.

DS Waluigi Pinball

Waluigi Pinball Mario Kart

As great as all of the other tracks are bound to be, the best of them all has to be the DS’s Waluigi Pinball course. Waluigi Pinball racers have to bolt through a literal pinball machine, dodging flappers and bouncers, launching over gaps, and battling the course just as much as the other racers.

Waluigi Pinball combines all the fun of Pinball with the fun of Mario Kart, and it is definitely a winning combination. Since Waluigi has become such a fan favorite character, traversing such a delightful, wacky course emblazoned with his face he will be a blast. Waluigi Pinball may be one of the series’ most eccentric tracks, and it is all the better for it.

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