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Perth Airport power outage causes flight delays and cancellations

All flights out of Perth Airport have been canceled after a power outage sparked chaos.

All flights scheduled to depart after 7.30pm were initially delayed, but passengers have now been told to go home for the night.

Plans that were already on the way to Perth were able to land.

Footage taken at the airport showed the terminal plunged into darkness as the lights failed.

Some passengers reported being stuck on planes that had landed, because air bridges could not work without electricity.

Others who had landed were having trouble collecting the luggage, with disgruntled travelers complaining of “massive crowds”.

Some people appeared to be locked out of the airport altogether.

The outage was caused by wild weather which lashed Perth on Tuesday. Winds with speeds of up to 70km/h battered the west coast on Tuesday, and the Bureau of Meteorology expects the turbulent weather to continue until Thursday.

It is not known how long the damage will take to fix.

“Perth Airport will be delaying all outbound services scheduled to depart before 7.30pm,” the airport tweeted.

“All inbound flights currently in the air will be able to arrive safely. All scheduled flights into Perth which have not yet departed will be delayed until further notice.

“Passengers should expect delays/cancellations. The safety of everyone who works in or is traveling through our airport remains our highest priority. We apologize to passengers and customers for any inconvenience.”

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