Overwatch 2 skins could be as pricey as $45 USD – Michmutters

Overwatch 2 skins could be as pricey as $45 USD

Get real.

Overwatch 2 skins could set you back as much as $45 USD, a new report suggests.

Twitter’s Porterguage has shared a survey that a friend received—so perhaps take this with a grain of salt—that queries users as to how much they’d be prepared to spend on the free-to-play sequel.

One question in particular asked, “How likely would you be to purchase a Mythic Skin at a price of $44.99?”

Other price-related questions involved weapon charms priced at $9.99 USD or a Legendary Skin set at $24.99 USD. Bundles with three sprays were potentially set at $4.99 USD, while a pack with a Legendary Skin, weapon charm, player icon, victory post, voice line, name card and spray could potentially set you back $29.99 USD.

This notion of free-to-play titles with big microtransactions certainly isn’t new; Devil Immortal has been raked through the coals over the notion that a single character requires $150,000 AUD of real-world money to be maxed out. Another new free-to-play game, MultiVersusoffers up a single Batman skin for a whopping $30 AUD.

Needless to say, fans over on Reddit weren’t thrilled.

“[Not goint to lie,] I was ready to comment, ‘oh $30 for the highest tier skins is normal in the industry,’ but goddamn they just kinda blew past that, huh,” wrote one user.

Overwatch 2 goes free-to-play on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Switch on 5 October 2022 here in Australia. We went in depth on what to expect from it here.

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