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Let’s All Rate The Cable Management In Henry Cavill’s Gaming PC

We love it when Henry Cavill is doing nerdy shit around here. And lo, today, we are blessed with an update to the Great Henry Cavill PC Build of 2020.

Sitting at home like the rest of the world in 2020, Cavill began indulging his inner geek. He picked up an obsession with the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargame continues to this day. In many ways, he’s Games Workshop’s perfect customer: Cavill is an influential figure who can bring others to the game. But he also has a movie star’s pay packet, making him one of the few people on earth who can afford GW’s eye-watering prices.

Cavill also caused a stir online when he bought parts for building a gaming PC, strapped a GoPro to his head, and constructed his new rig on a livestream. Unfortunately, his all-in-one liquid cooler from him did n’t survive the recent British heatwave.

Cavill took to his Instagram to flex his replacement cooler, the set of new fans he’d bought, and his in-game temps.

Get your parts comparisons ready

But what’s interesting about this post is it provides maybe one of a handful of closeup looks at Cavill’s gaming PC. The finished PC isn’t flashy by any stretch, but it seems he’s taken great care with its construction. His cable management looks quite good; he’s making solid use of the features of his NZXT tower. It’s a little dark in there, perhaps; difficult to make out some of the detail.

What do we think about the fans? Part of what makes liquid cooling attractive to experienced PC builders is that it helps remove fan noise. The competing argument, of course, is that PC fans are cheap and easy to replace. Cavill’s fans are the Noctua NF-12 PWM fans in what I think is the 120mm. They’ll run you about $30 each, which is pretty reasonable for a quiet fan. Noctua is an Austrian company, and by most accounts, it seems they make a fine fan. Do you think Cavill should have gone for a more complete liquid cooling solution, or, like him, would you be happy to split the difference?

Let’s all appraise his battle station in the comments. Is Henry on the right track? Would you do it all differently? Sound off below.

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