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HyperX DuoCast Microphone Review

HyperX DuoCast Microphone Review – HyperX DuoCast is an excellent, mid-range USB microphone with affordable price. The more premium model, HyperX QuadCast S comes with a few extra premium features but it’s about A$80 extra.

If you are just starting your content creation channel and career, you can definitely save some money by getting the also-excellent DuoCast and use the spare money for lighting or other things. But obviously, if you are just looking for something to make your voice clearer to your team while you game, that’s fine too.

HyperX DuoCast Microphone Review – Unboxing and Packaging Contents

HyperX DuoCast Microphone Review – Design & Review

HyperX DuoCast Microphone is a USB microphone that’s designed and built for gaming, working, and content creation. It comes with both options of using the microphone on the desk (with an included stand) or if you want to use it on a boom arm (with a mount adapter included) like the RODE PSA1 or PSA1+.

If you don’t have a boom arm or not thinking to invest in one just yet, you can use the microphone straight out of the box. Simply plug the USB cable into one of your PC’s spare USB slot and you’re done. Sure, you can install HyperX NGENUITY software to customize more stuff and tweak some settings but you can use the DuoCast without.

HyperX DuoCast has two polar patterns (hence, the “Duo” reference): Cardioid and Omnidirectional. The Cardioid polar pattern is great for gaming, podcasting, streaming, voiceovers, and instruments. But if you sometimes want to do an interview, a multi-person podcasts, or conference calls, then you can switch to Omnidirectional by pressing the Polar Pattern selection button on the back. It’s the same knob used for the Gain Control Adjustment.

There is a huge surface with a “Tap-to-Mute” sensor on the top of the microphone. It’s easily and instantly accessible at all times, which I really like. You don’t even need the accuracy of a finger pointing to turn it off because you can simply use your whole palm to do so. During live streaming where instant muting is crucial to avoid embarrassing moments (such as when your mom suddenly calls you for dinner or to take a shower), it’s great.

The RGB light ring will show whether you are currently on mute or live. And speaking of RGB, the light is also customizable through the NGENUITY software.

On the desk, you can tilt the USB microphone vertically on the stand to get the perfect angle that faces directly to your mouth. I like how easy it is to adjust as everyone has different body heights, tables, and chairs.

Sound quality wise, I was surprised to find how good it is – coming from someone who was using the HyperX QuadCast S and RODE PodMic. My friends couldn’t actually tell the difference when I switched microphones while playing Overwatch and also during a Microsoft Teams meeting.

It supports Hi-Res 24-bit/96kHz recording, has an internal pop filter, and a low-profile shock mount. The voice is clear and crisp, plus the shock mount does a great job too. There’s a headphone jack at the back in case you need it for audio monitoring.

Here is a short recording test with the HyperX DuoCast USB microphone:

HyperX DuoCast Review Conclusion

Before you make the purchase, you probably need to weigh your options first. Do you need the SoloCast, DuoCast or QuadCast in terms of polar patterns? Or do you think you are going to need one someday? HyperX DuoCast offers both Cardioid and Omnidirectional patterns, which are good flexibilities for content creators like podcasters, YouTubers, streamers, etc. If you just want to use it for gaming though, you might never use the Omnidirectional polar pattern.

HyperX DuoCast comes with a design that we are already familiar with with other HyperX USB microphones – and it also comes with a customizable RGB light ring and LED indicator that you can customize through the HyperX NGENUITY software. With the desktop stand and mount adapter included in the packaging, you are given two options straight out of the box: use it on the desk right away, or mount it on a boom arm.

HyperX DuoCast is an excellent all-rounder USB microphone with a nice, subtle RGB touch and great audio quality. HyperX DuoCast retails for A$159 and available now at retailers around Australia.

Disclosure: HyperX DuoCast review sample was supplied for reviewing

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