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How to create a short video (or Short) to publish it on YouTube

short videos have become a success among users, and an example is the spectacular impact that TikTok has had. For this reason, other companies have included the possibility of creating them, such as Instagram or YouTube. We tell you how to easily create them on this latest platform. This type of content is called Short in the streaming video service that Google has, and initially there were not many creations of the aforementioned type. The reason is that creating them within the platform itself was somewhat complicated. Fortunately, this has changed a lot and now simplicity is the predominant note. Even now there is the possibility of generating short videos with new recordings or using those that already exist in the library. And, the latter, is an excellent idea because it makes it possible to take advantage of the work that many creators have done for years. Steps to create short videos on YouTube We leave you what you have to do to create a short video (or Short) on YouTube. You will see that it is not complicated at all and it takes little time as long as you already have the recording available to use it in the editor. This, by the way, is within the platform itself, so you do not have to resort to using third-party options. These are the steps you have to take to take advantage of this new option within the content that can be published on YouTube: You have to use the YouTube Studio tool that you can get as an application for your smartphone or by accessing this website. Select any video you have in the library or upload one directly using the Upload video button in the user interface. This can take a while, depending on the duration of the recording and its quality. Now, among the possibilities that exist in the editor, you must select the one that indicates that the duration that the creation will have is less than 60 seconds (so it is assume it is a Short). Then, you can include all the options you think are convenient, from music to effects. Now you just have to click on the button called Create Short. Wait for the process to finish and, then, you are done and you can decide to publish everything directly or schedule it. As you can see, the creation of short videos on YouTube has been greatly simplified, and now it is really easy to achieve it both using the web client and the existing application itself -both for iOS and Android-. The fact is that you can join the trend of the Shorts and, thus, exploit a new way of getting followers and, thus, monetize your channel in the best possible way. >

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