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Here Are The Cheapest Copies In Australia

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It’s been roughly eight years since we last saw her (no, Smash Bros.. doesn’t count), but everyone’s favorite S-Tier goth is back in Bayonetta 3. Once again, you play as the arse-kicking Umbra Witch, Bayonetta, as she faces off against bioweapons known as Homunculi, which are threatening to destroy the multiverse.

Announced in 2017 as a Switch exclusive, a date that feels like it was much longer ago than it actually is, Nintendo and developer Platinum Games were pretty close-lipped about details for Bayonetta 3. We weren’t given a proper look at the game until a Nintendo Direct in September 2021, and then nothing until a recent trailer revealed the game’s release date, 28 October.

Along the way, you’ll also team up with various alternate versions of Bayonetta and play as Viola, a witch-in-training who wouldn’t look out of place in a Devil May Cry game.

There are also two new skills, the Demon Slave and Demon Masquerade, the first of which allows Bayonetta to summon and control an Infernal Demon, while the latter lets her combine with the chosen demon to unlock powerful new abilities.

Bayonetta 3 will also introduce a new display mode called “Naive Angel”, which turns off the game’s nudity and tones down the designs of certain enemies. No more awkward conversations when nana unexpectedly drops by.

If you’ve played the previous Bayonetta games, then you’re most likely already in the bag for this one. According to the game’s executive director, Hideki Kamiya, newcomers shouldn’t have any problems picking up Bayonetta 3 without having played the first two games. But you should absolutely play those previous installations anyway because they’re two of the best hack-and-slash games ever. There’s a good reason why Bayonetta is Platinum Games’ flagship title.

Where can you get Bayonetta 3 for cheap?

bayonetta 3 cheapest copies australia
Image: Platinum Games/Nintendo

Currently, there aren’t a lot of places to grab a copy of Bayonetta 3 in Australia. At the time of writing, both JB HiFi and amazon australia are offering the upcoming game for $69 (down from $79.95), with the latter including free shipping.

Here’s where you can pick up a cheap copy of Bayonetta 3 in Australia:

EB Games is also offering the exclusive Bayonetta 3: Trinity Masquerade Edition. This set includes the game along with a 200-page artbook and three game sleeves that can be combined to create a panoramic artwork. the Trinity Masquerade Edition is currently priced at $144.95but knowing scalpers, you can expect that figure to rise once EB’s pre-orders run out.

Bayonetta 3 is exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch, with a release date of 28 October.

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