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Four Ultra Beasts Coming To Pokemon GO Fest Finale Event


The Pokemon GO Fest Finale is a few weeks away and Pokemon Presents just dropped some news about the Ultra Beasts coming to the event.

Earlier today during the Pokemon Presents stream, it was announced that four Ultra Beasts will become more widely available to Pokemon GO trainers. Each Pokemon GO Fest event this Summer has focused on a different Ultra Beast, and it looks like the Finale will bring together all four that have been released so far.

The Pokemon Go Fest Finale event will take place on August 27 from 6 AM until 10 PM local time and will feature wild Pokemon that aren’t usually seen out in the wild. The details were a bit sparse as far as which Pokemon will appear, but like past events, it’s expected to be revealed before the big day arrives.

Additionally, Shaymin’s Sky Forme will be coming to the game during the GO Fest Finale as a part of the Special Research for the event. The Land Forme was previously released as apart of the other Go Fest events.

As for the main event, the Ultra Beasts that debuted in Pokemon GO during the global GO Fest and the creatures from the other events in Seattle, Berlin, and Sapporo, will become available to players around the world who take part in the Finale.

The four Ultra Beasts included here are Nihilego, Pherosma, Buzzswole, and Xurkitree. This will be the first time that all of these Pokemon (besides Nihilego) will be available globally instead of just locally for trainers at the in-person GO Fest events.

You can check out the official reveal of these details in the video down below along with the rest of the other announcements made during today’s Pokemon Presents.

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