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Fortnite XP glitch allows players to level up rapidly

Fortnite XP glitches offer a quick and easy way to level up the Battle Pass. They allow players to gain a lot of XP by simply joining the Creative mode and performing a few actions.

The best thing about these bugs is that players can gain XP passively. After joining the map and interacting with a few objects, they can simply leave the game on and gain thousands of XP without doing anything.

In this article, we will reveal the latest Fortnite XP glitch, how to perform it and how much XP you can gain from it. Please keep in mind that using glitches can get your account suspended by Epic Games, so use them at your own risk.

Fortnite XP glitch allows a great way to passively earn XP

Popular YouTuber GKK recently released another video that reveals a new Fortnite XP glitch.The content creator is well known for posting various bugs in the popular video game, from XP-boosting variants to game-breaking ones.


To use the latest XP glitch, you will have to enter the Creative mode and enter this map code: 7018-7683-0020. When joining the map, you will have to wait 10 minutes before using any XP buttons, so please be patient.

After 10 minutes have passed, you need to interact with the green button that is found inside the tree in the northwest corner of the map. When you interact with it, you will be teleported to a new area called the XP Shop. In this area, you will have to interact with another green button. It is labeled AFK XP button and is found in the room with tomato heads.

Right after interacting with the AFK XP button, you need to interact with the big button in the middle that will teleport you back to the main area.

This time, don’t go inside the tree, but rather behind it. When you get there, you will see a wink sign in the corner; this is where you need to use any emote from your inventory. Once done, you will be able to interact with the invisible button that will teleport you to another secret area.

This area is where you will finally start getting benefits from the Fortnite XP glitch. It has two invisible buttons, in two opposite corners of the room, that reward players with a lot of XP.

The gains vary from one player to another. Some have reported gaining thousands of XP per minute, while some acquire just a few hundred or thousand. Either way, this is a great way to passively level up the Battle Pass.

Does Epic Games ban players for using Fortnite XP glitches?

Using glitches is against the game’s Terms and Conditions. However, Epic Games doesn’t usually ban players who use Fortnite XP glitches. Despite this, it’s important to mention that there is still a risk of going after them.

If you do intend to use the Fortnite XP glitch, it should be kept as a secondary method of leveling up at best. Your primary method should always be playing matches, either in Creative or Battle Royale game mode.

By playing matches and actively earning XP, you might not have to worry about having your account banned or suspended.


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