Eight shot in Detroit dispute over parking: ‘It’s blood everywhere’ – Michmutters

Eight shot in Detroit dispute over parking: ‘It’s blood everywhere’

Sofhia Steen was surrounded by chaos, but she couldn’t move from her front porch.

“I’m still standing there as the bullets fly by me. It’s blood everywhere. It’s bullets everywhere. I couldn’t move,” Steen said. “Everyone around me was running, hiding.”

Steen was at her home on Coyle Street with family, celebrating her sister’s birthday Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday. They had a great time, Steen said — until the gunfire started.

“This has scarred me for the rest of my life,” Steen told the Free Press outside of her west-side home Monday.

Detroit resident Sofhia Steen, 34, talks about a shooting that killed two people and injured six, including several of her family members while they were celebrating her sister's birthday at her home on Coyle Avenue near Plymouth Road in Detroit on Monday, Aug. 1, 2022. “It feels so heavy in there – my cousin is still cleaning up blood,” said Steen.  “I haven't slept since it's happened.  Every time I close my eyes I see everything.”

Two people were killed and six others injured when a gunman with a high-powered weapon opened fire, apparently over a parking dispute, according to police and witness accounts.

“I haven’t slept since it happened,” Steen. “Every time I close my eyes… I see everything.”

The shooting suspect lives right across from Steen on Coyle Street, according to police.

Gail Beamon, who lives next door to the suspect, said the two people killed were close friends of her children. The pair weren’t there for the party across the street, Beamon said. They were at her home of her visiting her children of her when the suspect got into an argument with them about where they had parked — near his driveway of her.

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