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‘Calm down’: WA Premier Mark McGowan issues stern warning to China

China’s aggression after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan was “a bit over the top”, according to West Australian Premier Mark McGowan, who urged Beijing to “calm down”.

Ms Pelosi recently became the most senior US official to visit Taipei in decades and met with President Tsai Ing-wen, but it sparked outrage from China that does not recognize Taiwan as a nation.

Mr McGowan repeatedly clashed with the Morrison government – ​​and especially former Defense Minister Peter Dutton – over their rhetoric towards China, which is WA’s biggest trading partner.

While he refused to say whether Ms Pelosi’s visit was appropriate, Mr McGowan said he was “obviously” concerned about tensions in the region.

“The reaction has been a bit over the top and I think there needs to be a calm down on the part of China,” Mr McGowan told reporters on Monday.

“I don’t know the circumstances as to why she went there… but I don’t think the reaction should have been as strong as it was.”

Since Ms Pelosi’s visit last week, the Chinese military has conducted sea and air exercises to show its ability to launch an attack on Taiwan.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong has condemned China’s actions.

Meanwhile, Mr McGowan has backed WA Defense Industries Minister Paul Papalia in pushing for a greater military presence in the state.

It comes after retired Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston and former defense minister Stephen Smith were chosen to review the Australian Defense Force’s capabilities.

Mr McGowan said having more army and air force teams in WA was appropriate “just in case in the long-term future something happened”.


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