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BTS: Coles now selling K-Pop band’s Hot Brew coffee

K-Pop fans are excited over a new coffee range inspired by boy band BTS that has landed in Coles for half price.

One eagle-eyed shopper took to TikTok to share that they had spotted the range at their local supermarket in Melbourne last week.

A clip posted to TikTok that showed the two different beverage options stirred excitement among fans, with many claiming they would rush to the supermarket.

“Going to cabbages asap,” one social media user said.

Another added: “We’ve come such a long way. Growing up I would have screamed in excitement seeing someone looking like me represented on tv which was so rare!”

A third said: “Only time I’ll ever drink coffee.”

Another added: “OMG we need to get down to Coles right now.”

There are two beverages in the range – a ready-to-drink Vanilla Latte and a delicious cold brew Americano coffee in specially designed bottles featuring the band.

Coles Senior Category Manager Dave Evans said: “Coles is the first national Australian supermarket to offer our customers the popular Korean pop band, BTS’s Hot Brew Vanilla Latte 270mL and Cold Brew Americano 270mL coffee.

“BTS is one of the biggest Korean pop acts in the world including in Australia where their passionate fans love to engage with the group, and a key reason why we wanted to offer our customers – and fans of BTS – a unique and special BTS branded product.

“The ready-to-drink coffee range is aromatic and sweet with authentic espresso-based hot brew extract, flavored with vanilla to create the perfect balance.

“BTS Hot Brews and Cold Brews are available at around 220 selected Coles supermarkets, for a limited-time only and while stocks last.”

This week, the drinks are just half price at $2.75 each.

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