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WWE news 2022: Legend Virgil claims he’s had sex with one million women

WWE legend Virgil has made the starting claim that he has slept with one million women.

The 60-year-old, real name Michael Jones, was a star of the squared circle back in the 1980s and 90s.

But during an appearance of The Breadstick Diaries podcast, host Vinny Vegas read out questions from viewers – one of which received an astonishing response.

The former professional wrestler was asked: “What’s your number Virgil, how many girls?”

To which he incredibly replied: “I don’t know, maybe like… worldwide? Probably a million.”

Host Vinny immediately questions Virgil’s claim, saying: “Virgil, come on, a million?”

But the former WWE star doubles down on the number, adding: “Yep, you’ve got like how many people in the world?”

A gobsmacked Vinny then says: “So you’re claiming right now, you’re telling me, your estimated number of women you had sex with is a million?”

And Virgil concludes by insisting he may well have done.

However, social media was not convinced by the ludicrously high number.

And one person replied to the clip by breaking it down mathematically.

They said: “Okay, I did the math: Virgil was born April 7, 1951.

“For him to have been with 1,000,000 women, that’s an average of one women every 37.5 minutes of his entire life since birth.”

While another added: “I did the math as well over 40 years of wrestling. About 60 or so a day lol.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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