Woolworths supermarket shoppers’ disturbing act with Quilton toilet paper captured in new TikTok video – Michmutters

Woolworths supermarket shoppers’ disturbing act with Quilton toilet paper captured in new TikTok video

Two Woolworths customers have created controversy over their treatment of a toilet paper display at one store.

Posting on TikTok, the two shoppers shared footage that showed one of them crashing through a neatly stacked pile of Quilton Toilet Paper.

Watch the controversial Woolworth toilet paper video above

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The video shows one of the customers setting up his phone – which was recording the incident – inside a Woolworths freezer, situated opposite the toilet paper section.

While he held the freezer door open, the camera shows his friend emerging from behind the row of toilet paper packs.

The video starts with the camera pointed at the toilet paper display at one Woolworths store. Credit: TikTok

Crashing through the display, the shopper’s actions sent the stack of toilet paper falling to the ground.

The shoppers can then be seen smiling and dancing for the camera, as the packs of Quilton lie in disarray.

With toilet paper still in limited supply for some supermarket shoppers around Australia, a video showing packs being mistreated is sure to infuriate many.

Customers have taken to social media in recent weeks to complain of ongoing shortages.

“Can someone please explain why there is no toilet paper yet again?” said one Woolworths customer on Facebook.

One prankster can then be seen emerging from behind the rows of toilet paper packs. Credit: TikTok

“I have been trying for four weeks now to get toilet paper, going into the store twice a week. This is getting ridiculous!”

The incident is reminiscent of a similar incident in June 2021 which saw a female Woolworths shopper jump onto a pallet of toilet paper packs.

“She needs to be thrown out of the store,” said one TikTok user at the time.

“Pathetic,” added another.

Write a third: “Do you feel cool now?”

The shoppers then smile and dance for the camera, as the toilet paper packs lie in disarray. Credit: TikTok

Woolworths truck driver’s ‘amateur’ act.

Woolworths truck driver’s ‘amateur’ act.


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