Woolworths supermarket checkout worker surprises Melbourne mum with newborn with kind act – Michmutters

Woolworths supermarket checkout worker surprises Melbourne mum with newborn with kind act

A Woolworths shopper has been left scratching her head after having an unexpected experience with an employee at her local store.

Sharing on Reddit, the Melbourne mum revealed that the incident happened while she was attempting to pay for groceries at the self-serve checkout.

After her payment failed to process, the customer was referred to the Woolworths Service Desk so she could finalize the transaction.

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With her newborn baby “kicking off”, the Woolies worker told the mum to go home with her groceries – saying that she would pay for the items herself.

In her post, the shopper said she was left “grateful” but also “mortified” over the experience.

“I just got back from Woolworths where I tried to pay with my phone on self checkout,” she said.

The shopper was attempting to pay for her items at the self-serve checkout. File image. Credit: Facebook

“It wasn’t working so they printed me a barcode and took me to the service desk to pay, but my phone payment still didn’t work.

“After trying a few times and my newborn kicking off, the staff member said, don’t worry it’s on me.

“I was really taken back and asked if I could transfer her the money. She said no and then said, seriously it’s on me.

“My baby was screaming the place down by this point. I was so grateful and also mortified.”

The Reddit user then went on to ask for advice about the incident, worried that the worker could get in trouble for her kind act.

“What I want to know is can Woolworths staff do this? Or is it a dodgy?” she said.

“I want to go back and give her something to say thank you, but don’t want to get her in trouble if she’s done something she’s not supposed to have done.”

File image of a Woolworths store. Credit: LUKAS CAR/AAPIMAGE

Many said that it wasn’t uncommon for supermarket workers to carry out kind of acts like this.

“She will have paid for it, she would want you to accept it as the gift it was meant to be,” said one.

Added another: “My partner works at a supermarket and has paid for people before. It feels good. Pay it forward.”

Write a third: “I’ve done it a couple of times. I don’t see how it’s dodgy? The customer was struggling and I just tapped my own card to pay.

“I’m 99% sure they will pay it for you. Not all of us retail employees are lazy c-word even though we are treated like lowlies on daily basis.”

One more said: “Accept the kindness, and remember it next time you see someone else in need.”


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