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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Folks, it’s the Good Day once again.

Friday has arrived, meaning it is once again time to ask the question: What are you playing this weekend?

I think a lot of us are going to be trying out Cult of the Lamb, aren’t we? I hope you guys enjoy it because Ruby certainly did. She tells me she’ll be spending a bit of her weekend chasing achievements and tidying up after her review playthrough. I hope you don’t expect to see games like Elden Ring cropping up on her Game of the Year list when we get to December. I’m telling you now, with gear like Cult of the Lamb dropping every week, it’s not even going to get a look-in for Ruby.

What am I hopping into this weekend? I really want to try Arcadian Paradise, which just launched today. Who among us hasn’t thought about opening a geek business of some sort? A comic shop, a board game place, or even an arcade? This is a game that seems like it leans into that fantasy, and I’m keen to see how it executes on that. I’m also hoping to put some more time into Two Point Campus, a game I truly love. Ruby tells me she is also going to be hopping into Two Point Campus this weekend after I gushed about it earlier in the week. It’s out on Game Pass, and if you loved ThemeHospital back in the day, please give it a go. I think you’ll really love it.

But that’s just what we’re hopping into. What about you? Are you dusting off the pile of shame, or picking up something new? Making a tasteful selection from the new stuff on Game Pass and PS Plus? Hitting Fortress to get in on some weekend D&D? FFXIV crew, let me know what your plans are!

Thank you as always for hanging out with us again this week. We really do appreciate you being here. Whatever you get up to, stay safe, be well, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


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