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Western Star 57X Has Been Included In American Truck Simulator

You can currently drive the new Western Star 57X highway truck from Daimler Truck in American Truck Simulator.

A brand-new Daimler Truck model that emerged in the truck game and on American roadways almost simultaneously is the latest addition to American Truck Simulator.

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Thanks to a collaboration between the Western Star 57X and the game’s creator, SCS-Software, you can now include it in your fleet of American Truck Simulator vehicles. The Western Star 57X is a part of the company’s “trilogy of tough” series.

The Western Star® 57X consists of a combination of both worlds. It takes the X Series’ DNA of bold design and dependability and combines it with Daimler Truck North America’s best road platforms, which have been tested over millions of thousands to bring you the most cutting-edge and creative road truck Western Star has ever produced.

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There are various settings and combinations available for the Western Star® 57X. This consists of a day cab and a 72″ sleeper cab, three short chassis options and two long chassis options, five interior trim options, proprietary Detroit® drivetrain options, and a plethora of other enhancements and extras to make your iconic truck stand out!

In its digital rendition of the 57X, SCS has replicated many of the slick-looking high-tech features, such as the computerized dashboard and C-bracket side-view mirrors with integrated turn signals.

In American Truck Simulator, it is now accessible at any Western Star dealer. The base price for the day cab configuration is $118,765, while the level 25 minimum requirement and the base price for the sleeper cab configuration are $189,530 and $189,530, respectively.

We would like to extend a sincere appreciation to our friends at Western Star® for letting us collaborate closely with them and include this truck in American Truck Simulator just after its official debut.


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