Weekend Sundries: July 30-31, 2022 – Michmutters

Weekend Sundries: July 30-31, 2022


Eagle Nebula

The dark patch in the middle is the so-called “Pillars of Creation”. You can see the comparison with the famous Hubble picture (shot in infra red). The longer pillar is about 4 light years in length. ‘


A very rushed shot of Saturn earlier this week. Hopefully I’ll have more opportunity next week if the skies stay clear.


‘For the Italophiles on the list, this was my favorite Alfa, a ’74 Spider 2000’

‘I had that one for 15 years or so, until I rolled it :-(

The missus had a little BMW M series at the time.’

‘M series engine with auto gearbox – an absolute slug around town. Over 80km/h it went harder than the spider…

When I rolled the Spider, I got this Gulia instead’

‘It was a cracker – like brand new in the panels (it spent 1970-2006 in the desert). 3 months later, whacked by a taxi and written off…

I still have this little beauty.’


‘Gavin’s economic indicator, worthless unregistered car dumped. No bumps or scratches, just a bird deposit.’

Geoff McVeigh

Sunrise at North Broulee

Ermington Plumbing

‘I almost hit the 32mm gas pipe to the pool heater with the bar yesterday digging down to make a new drainage connection for an outdoor bbq area.

And I cut my thumb,…’

‘Knocking down my old high school,…Marsden High’

Ritualized Forms

Sunrise Queenscliff, late July 2022

Geetroit Sunset

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