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Warburton man fronts Kalgoorlie court over sexual assault and aggravated burglary charges

A man charged with rape and multiple aggravated home burglary offenses has been denied bail by the Kalgoorlie Magistrates Court in Western Australia.

Andrew Travis Giles is accused of breaking into three homes across Kalgoorlie and South Kalgoorlie in the early hours of Monday morning and sexually assaulting or indecently assaulting a woman at each of the properties.

Police prosecutor Darren Woods said the 30-year-old man from Warburton was arrested within four hours of the last alleged offence.

He told the court Mr Giles was wearing inside out blood-stained jeans when he was arrested, and a latex glove containing blood was also found at the tent where he was located by police.

Mr Woods said there would be further testing, but the blood was believed to be from the victims.

He said the clothing appeared to match what the alleged offender was seen wearing in CCTV footage from one of the victim’s homes.

Victims traumatized

Mr Woods said the alleged victims had been traumatized by what had happened and were giving evidence to help with identification of the offender.

“We anticipate further charges will be laid,” he said.

Mr Giles has already been charged with six offences, including committing an aggravated indecent assault in the course of an aggravated home burglary.

The defense counsel for Mr Giles told the court he was applying for bail on instruction from his client — despite advising against it — because Mr Giles wanted to attend a funeral in Warburton.

Magistrate refuses bail

Mr Woods strongly opposed dance.

“While there will be a long period in custody before it goes before the District Court, any period in custody would be far outweighed by the minimum 15-year sentence for the offence,” he said.

Magistrate Matthew Holgate refused bail.

He said there were no conditions that could be imposed on bail that could determine Mr Giles from further offending or from absconding.

“It is not possible to overstate the seriousness of the alleged offences,” he said.

Dressed in a blue hoodie and gray trackpants, Mr Giles only spoke to confirm his name.

He will next appear in court via video link on September 1.


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