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Tower of Fantasy worldwide launch times

Open-world exploration game Tower of Fantasy is launching soon, and bringing with it a healthy dose of anime, gacha collectables, and fantastic bosses to fight through. While often compared to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy eschews magical fantasy for a mixture of sci-fi and magic instead. Enemies will often be a mixture of man and machine, and future technology will be everywhere as you try to solve the riddles of your past.

Tower of Fantasy will be launching at a specific time worldwide. Below you will find the launch times for Australia:

Australia: Thursday, August 11 at 9am ACT.

On launch, all players will earn the following rewards as part of the pre-registration campaign rewards:

• 10 Black Cores

• 20 Gold Cores

• 10 Red Cores

• 500 Dark Crystal

• 14,000 Gold

• Limited title and avatar frame

• Limited Jet pack skin

•Limited Costume

•Limited Vehicle

• Several pieces of food

Players will be able to use these resources to recruit Simulacrum, which are the rare gacha units that grant players unique abilities to use in the game. In addition, players will also receive additional bonuses for log-in and new player campaigns, granting all players several chances to get a rare Simulacrum.

Tower of Fantasy follows a young character who suffers from amnesia as they try to discover who they were and what their place in the world is. Along the way, they will meet up with several survivors in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, explore an alien world full of strange flora and fauna, and fight a whole assortment of difficult, larger-than-life bosses.

Tower of Fantasy will launch on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PC (Epic Games Store and Steam).

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.


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