Two young women dressed beautifully for their formal

Thrifty school-formal theme as students borrow, swap and op shop for outfits in name of sustainable fashion

Can you imagine wearing the same suit your dad wore for his 21st birthday to your formal school?

In regional Victoria, some students have borrowed, swapped and op-shopped to make a statement about fast fashion and climate change.

After missing out on many school-age rites of passage through the pandemic, one school put on a dance with a difference.

Year 11 Emmanuel College students trawled through op shops, their parents’ and grandparents’ wardrobes, and swapped outfits for their first-ever Recycled Dance.

The thrifty theme invented by the students was also about tackling fast fashion, a growing threat to the environment.

Students trawled through op shops and their parents’ wardrobes, and swapped outfits.(Supplied)


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