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The Gorgas Face Backlash Amid Teresa Giudice Wedding Drama

Teresa Giudice & The Gorgas


Teresa Giudice & Joe and Melissa Gorga

The major Bravo news on August 5 was that Melissa Gorga and Joey Gorga would not be attending Teresa Giudice’s wedding this weekend amid rumors of a major fight at “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” finale party that was filmed this week.

In the aftermath of the news breaking, it seems as though the RHONJ couple and Melissa Gorga’s family opted against laying low over the weekend and instead posted several loaded messages on social media.

According to their Instagram Stories, Melissa and Joe Gorga attended a big get-together with Melissa Gorga’s family. One of the photos posted to social media by Melissa Gorga’s older sister Lysa Simpson showed the family posing by the pool with the caption, “This is us.” Joe Gorga shared the photo on his Instagram Story of him and added the fiery caption, “Blood does n’t make you family.”

Joe Gorga's Instagram Story

InstagramJoe Gorga’s Instagram Story

It wasn’t the only veiled reference to Giudice and her weekend nuptials to Luis Ruelas as another video made the rounds on social media which seemed to show one of Gorga’s family members yelling, “This is what a real family does.” That video has been saved by the Instagram account bestofbravo.

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Fans Ripped Joe Gorga & Melissa Gorga for Their Social Media Posts About the Weekend

Joe and Melissa Gorga were both ripped on social media for their comments, with a thread on Reddit filled with criticism for the RHONJ couple. “This is weird, even if you’re not going just lay low and don’t try to upstage a wedding lol,” someone wrote. Another added, “However you feel about Teresa, this is a f***** up thing to do on the eve of her wedding. Solidifies how terrible they are.”

One person commented, “It’s petty on kind of a malicious level. How as a mother and family are you gonna be like yeah, let’s publicly tease and try to cause a stir on Three’s weekend and ruin it for her. Even if they’re your true sworn enemy for some good reason like WHY?” Someone said, “She’s showing how much she cares by pretending how much she ~doEsN’t CaRE- Jennifer Aydin was right, Joe Gorga is a little b**** boy.”

Someone commented, “It’s giving major ‘look at how much fun we’re having?! See?!’ You vibes. While they probably s*** talked Teresa’s wedding all night. Super pathetic and try hard on them.” Another agreed, “Exactly. So bitter.” Someone else wrote, “We all know this ‘party’ is only happening to try to shade Teresa. So pathetic and sad.” On Twitter, someone wrote, “It’s one thing to not go because you’re in your feelings but publicly shady your sister’s wedding the night before… trash.”

There Were Rumors of a Major Fallout at the RHONJ Season 13 Wrap Party & Melissa Gorga’s Cousin Hinted at a Possible Subject

The news of Joe and Melissa Gorga skipping Giudice’s wedding was reported by Page Six, who said a source shared that “There was a very tense ‘Housewives’ finale filmed earlier this week.” The ladies attended a Roaring 20s-themed party at the home of Dolores Catania’s boyfriend for the finale, according to several of the cast members’ Instagram photos.

Page Six’s Eileen Reslen later tweeted“The #RHONJ finale blowout fight that caused Melissa and Joe not to attend Teresa’s wedding was due to Teresa pushing a rumor about Melissa that would ’cause drama’ in her marriage to Joe, a source tells me.”

None of the RHONJ ladies or Joe Gorga have addressed the rumored fight publicly at this time but one of the Instagram Stories posted by Melissa Gorga’s cousin Nicholas Marco hinted at the rumor as he posted a photo of himself kissing her cheek during the party and wrote as the caption, “I’m the only other boy this girl kisses” with a wink emoji and the hashtag “that’s a wrap.” Here is the clip:

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