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TCL’s new C835 4K Mini LED QLED TV elevates your home entertainment experience

The 2022 TCL C835 65-inch 4K Mini LED QLED TV is packed with new features that are designed to enhance your home entertainment experience whether you’re watching a movie, bingeing your favorite TV show or playing a game.

Colour, contrast and brightness have all been improved on the TCL C835 and the sound has gone to the next level with Onkyo Audio, Dolby Atmos and a built-in subwoofer so out of the box customers will be suitably impressed.

And, of course, it’s a connected smart TV running the Google TV operating system with access to all your favorite streaming apps.


The TCL C835 has a slim and sleek design with an edge-to-edge screen.

The stand is located mainly behind the TV and takes the weight so all you see from the front is the flat base.

And the stand also has room inside the detachable back cover to help manage your cables and maintain an uncluttered look.


This is where it’s at with the 2022 TCL C835 TV. There are lots of technologies working together to provide a high quality 4K picture.

4K resolution is four times higher than full high definition so you’re able to see even more detail.

You can really see the difference when watching 4K movies on disc or streaming 4K content through Netflix, Booth, Apple TV+ and Disney+.

And it starts with the backlighting which has improved immensely thanks to the new Mini LED Full Array back panel technology.

These Mini LEDs provide hundreds of local dimming zones to improve the contrast across the screen even more precisely.

The result is enhanced picture quality, even brighter whites, impressive inky blacks and rich accurate colours.

Quantum Dot technology also comes into play and this layer of light emitting nanocrystals really does a great job in boosting the warmth and vibrancy of the color so all you see is accurate true to life images that makes you think you’re looking out a window rather than at a television.

The onboard HDR (high dynamic range) is also working in real time controlling color and contrast frame by frame to optimize the detail and smooth out the color for a stunning overall result.

At the heart of the TV is the AiPQ engine – an audio-visual processor that calls the shots and combines the built-in features and performance in real time while taking in your viewing environment and upscaling the picture and audio to suit the room.

This processor can also automatically upgrade and optimize the image according to the content you’re watching so skies are blue, grass is greener and skin color looks like skin colour.

It can even dynamically adjust volume to eliminate distortion and provide the most accurate listening experience no matter what volume you’re listening to.

What adds to the smoothness when watching sport another fast-paced content like action movies is the 200Hz clear motion rate.

Also onboard is 144Hz VRR (variable refresh rate) which is sure to delight every gamer so the TV panel response can match the frame rate of the game you’re playing to keep things smooth and clear.

Without this, games will experience things like screen tearing and judder which takes them right out of the action instead of immersing them into the experience.


Audio plays a huge part in the overall enjoyment of your movie or game so it’s important to back up the excellent picture quality with great sound quality as well.

And that’s exactly what the TCL C835 provides with Onkyo-tuned speakers to provide clear audio whether it’s a room-shaking explosion or important dialogue.

The built-in subwoofer, located on the back of the TV, also offers deep bass to give your entertainment that added punch.

Altogether, the audio on the TCL C835 is impressive right out of the box and offers quality that’s so high you won’t have to spend any extra money on a soundbar.


The Google TV interface offers a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, so you can quickly find what you want to watch.

Once you’ve logged in to streaming services, Google TV will offer recommendations from all these services.

Even when you conduct a search either onscreen or with your voice, the results are ranked based on the services you’re signed in to.


The remote control is slim and light and has shortcut buttons to Netflix, Stan, Prime Video, Disney Plus and YouTube.

All the most often-used controls like volume and channel up and down, source and home are located comfortably in the center of the controller.


The 2022 TCL C835 65-inch 4K Mini LED QLED TV is priced at $2,395. The 55-inch model with all the same features is priced at $1,595 and if you wanted to go even bigger the 75-inch TCL C835 is $3,195.

* This editorial was supported by TCL

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