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Bold & Beautiful: Will Sheila Return to Kidnap Steffy’s Baby?

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“It’s finally over,” said Taylor as Bold & Beautiful bid farewell to Sheila, with the Forrester family relieved to hear that this time, she’s really, most sincerely dead. “As if,” said the audience, who’ve definitely been down this road before.

Bear-ing Witness

I’ve got to give Bold & Beautiful credit for saying that the indestructible Sheila Carter had been done in by a marauding bear. Of course, before they got that news, we had to play the “drag it out as long as possible” game. It made no sense that Sanchez started his meeting with the family by saying, “We found Sheila” as opposed to immediately setting their minds at ease with, “Sheila Carter is dead, and I can prove it.”

Finn strangle Sheila B&B

Already, Finn is missing the mother/son bonding moments he and Sheila shared.

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But the best moment was when Sanchez whipped out Sheila’s middle toe (which looked, by the way, ginormous!). For my money, that was right up there with As the World Turns presenting us with Shannon’s shrunken head. And like Shannon, I have no doubt that Sheila’s alive and well.

Now, all she has to do is wait for the Forrester family to let their guard down and then seek revenge. Finn and Steffy might want to keep a real close eye on Hayes, because something tells me Granny Sheila might just decide to raise that baby is the “do-over” she desperately needs!

Child’s Play

It struck me as odd that Hope, Liam and especially Thomas weren’t called in for the big “bear attack” reveal. Then again, everybody kinda seems to have forgotten that Thomas was helping Sheila keep quiet the real reason Brooke fell off the wagon. Plus, if they’d all been over at the Forrester Creation offices, who could we have had sitting around talking about Sheila as the others were getting the news?

This did, however, serve to set in motion a secondary story, and I’m always grateful for that. Did you see the way Hope’s hackles went up at the very thought of Thomas wanting to — gasp! — raise his own child? I mean, the dude has gotten his act together and is rich enough to afford a great place to live and a nanny for Douglas. But clearly, Hope is not going to be handing that kid over without a fight.

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“See, Hope, I already found the perfect stepmom… er, nanny. I meant nanny.”

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It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I mean, on the one hand, Hope did Thomas a solid by helping him out after Caroline died. And yes, they forged some kind of shared custody agreement. But come on… legitimately, she has absolutely no claim on the boy.

Taking Sides

Already, you can see that the whole Douglas thing will become the latest issue to divide Ridge’s family against himself. You know what I wish? That, just to shake things up, Brooke took Thomas’ side of her, while Taylor — however reluctantly — supported Hope. That won’t happen, of course. Each mom will support their own child, and Ridge will be caught in the middle.

Ashley, Nikki rivalry Y&R

Once they realized there was plenty of hairspray to go around, Nikki and Ashley learned to co-exist.

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Bold & Beautiful lives in a world where blended families do not co-exist well. I mean, if you look at General Hospital, the various women with whom Sonny has had children don’t necessarily like one another, but they manage to get along well enough. And while Victor’s Young & Restless exes aren’t gal pals, Ashley and Nikki (and their respective off-spring) have figured out how to get along.

Of course, the big difference is that on Bold & Beautiful, not one ever truly moves on. Victor and Ashley are a thing of the past. Sonny and Alexis know their time has come and gone. But Ridge, much like Liam, will forever exist in a world where at any moment, he could simply jump from one woman to the other. He’s a horribly narcissistic person, and the damaged women have allowed it to go on for decades.

Here We Go Again

Which, of course, is exactly where we’re heading now that Taylor and Ridge kissed in Monte Carlo. (Get used to those beautiful shot-on-location flashbacks, ’cause we’re gonna be seeing them often!) It drives me absolutely batty that World Renowned Psychiatrist (patent pending) Taylor would allow herself to be drawn back into this month, or that Steffy would literally encourage her mom to fight for a jerk like Ridge.

Steffy, Taylor sad comfort B&B

“Mom, your love life depresses me.”

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Brooke is a different story. We’ve sort of been taught, over the years, that Brooke believes she and Ridge are destiny. And sometimes, you just have to forgive the person you’re destined to be with, especially given how often he’s forgiven her slip-ups from her. Should Brooke move on? Without a doubt. But we kind of have a better understanding of why she doesn’t… especially since, at the end of the day, Ridge does always come back to her.

Random Thoughts

• Loved the little montage of Sheila’s greatest hits they threw on the end of Thursday’s episode, as if to convince us that yup, she’s really gone this time. Still not buying it, but great touch.

Bold Beautiful Brooke's guest house cottage

Here’s hoping the kids don’t get poison ivy!

Credit: CBS screenshot

• Having recently moved to a wooded area — and knowing that Brooke’s guest cottage is surrounded by nature — I couldn’t help but think, “Please tell me when Douglas and Beth come back inside, someone’s doing tick checks on them!”

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