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Blockade Australia shut down Sydney with climate change protests. Now they’re fighting arrests in court

In a white-walled room inside a community center in Sydney’s inner west, about 20 people are sitting in a circle.

One of them, a young man in a beanie, starts reading from a pamphlet:

“Corporate and institutional power is driving the climate crisis and blocking climate action.”

He’s a member of Blockade Australia, the protest group which shut down parts of Sydney in late June.

Today — June 26 — is the day before that happened.

“The very system we’re in is one of domination, so to resist that we have to be able to organize in a different way — organizing non-hierarchically and co-existing non-hierarchically.”

Sitting on a floor of rough gray carpet tiles, the small audience is nodding in agreement as the young man in a beanie continues.

“Blockade Australia is a coordinated response that aims to develop a culture of effective resistance through strategic direct action.”