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‘Living sculpture’ Daniel Lismore brings wearable art to London with Fashion in Motion exhibition

British artist Daniel Lismore’s monumental pieces of “wearable art”, featuring everything from rubbish to elaborate headgear studded with jewels, took center stage at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum on Friday, August 5.

Guests were invited to closely inspect the nearly 2-metre-tall pieces, one of which was worn by Lismore, who calls himself “a living sculpture”.

“I’m not a performance artist or a drag queen, I just live as art,” he said.

A man wearing an elaborate costume draped in jewelery stands on a platform lined up with mannequins wearing similar costumes.
Lismore wants those looking attending the exhibition to see themselves in him.(Reuters: Toby Melville)

The pieces — featuring brightly colored fabrics and metallic embellishments — took between two hours and eight months to put together, and were inspired by people and objects from around the world, Lismore said.

“There’s hundreds of stories in each piece,” he said.

“There’s an honorary iD magazine cover. There’s a piece that I wore to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Platinum Party. There’s pieces from everywhere you can imagine, things I find on the floor, rubbish, pieces from Bulgari, pieces from all over.”

Mannequins wearing colorful and extravagant yet haunting costumes are lined up facing the camera.
Lismore’s artworks take anywhere between two hours and eight months to put together.(Reuters: Toby Melville)

The piece he wore on August 5 was among his heaviest, he said, and featured items of personal significance.

“I wanted to put all my memories of over the years, from when I was a teen, when I was bullied and all these things that meant something to me throughout my life,” Lismore said.

“And it had mirrors, it was to kind of reflect on whoever was looking at me so they could see themselves in me somehow.”

The artist, who made his London debut with the show, presented 12 pieces from his traveling exhibition Be Yourself, Everybody Else is Taken, which opened in Atlanta in 2016.

An elderly woman with bright pink hair stands in front of an extravagant red and pink outfit on a mannequin.
British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes at Daniel Lismore’s Fashion in Motion exhibition.(Reuters: Toby Melville)