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New GTA 6 Report Confirms Leak From 2018

A new report associated with GTA 6 seems to have just confirmed a leak associated with the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game that came about all the way back in 2018. Even though Rockstar Games only just confirmed earlier this year that it is in the process of making Grand Theft Auto VI, the game itself has been in the works in some capacity for a prolonged period of time. And with that in mind, it sounds like the core of GTA 6 was first being developed as far back as four years ago.

Just a few days back, a high-profile report from Bloomberg detailed new information associated with GTA 6. Namely, the game is said to center around two protagonists, one of which will be a female. In addition to this, the setting of GTA 6 is set against the backdrop of a fictional version of Miami. Previously, though, the scope of the game was planned to be much larger and would have allowed players to travel between different cities in both North America and South America. This ended up changing though as Rockstar Games seemingly decided that this would be far too large of an undertaking.

So how does this tie in with what we heard in the past? Well, back in 2018, Inside Gaming leaked some first details about what GTA 6 might contain. At the time, it was said that Miami (or potentially Vice City) would be the setting for the title and also suggested that locations in South America would be traversable as well. At the moment, fans didn’t know whether or not this leak was accurate, but this week’s new report seems to have corroborated that this was all very much true. As such, Rockstar Games has been working on GTA 6 in some manner dating all the way back to 2018.

All of this just goes to show that even though we often hear a lot of rumors related to Grand Theft Auto, sometimes, those leaks end up being spot-on. It remains to be seen if any other rumors or reports tied to Grand Theft Auto VI will end up ringing true in the long run, but it’s fascinating to look back on this information in retrospect.

GTA 6 still doesn’t have a release window of any sort, but the game is said to likely not be releasing until 2024 at the earliest. Whenever we get new information on the project, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop here on